Dio Mindcrime

(antiMusic) This week Morley spoke with Queensryche frontman Geoff Tate about the sequel to their landmark Operation Mindcrime. Below are a couple excerpts from the new MorleyView.

antiMUSIC: How did you go about assembling the story? Did you have it laid out in your mind pretty much when doing the first record?

Geoff Tate: No. No. Not at all. I started a file on my laptop years later. Actually called Nikki, and go there and do character sketches and that kind of thing over the years and it really was just a lot of random thoughts and passages, and chapters. Things like that. It wasn't until a couple of years ago that I kind of fine-tuned it and opened it up one day and realized there was a story there. A worthy story to conclude the big story.

antiMUSIC: How did the inclusion of the duet with Ronnie James Dio come about?

Geoff Tate: Simply a brainstorm. We wrote the song. And of course when you write a song like that with two voices, you have to find that other voice, so Doctor X needed a voice at that point. And Ronnie just came to mind and he'd always been one of my vocal idols, you know, and I've worked with him several times over the years in different areas, touring mostly, and he's just an incredible person, the kind of person that you want around when you're doing a project because he brings a lot of positive energy to it. So I'm glad he said yes. He was very interested in and came up to San Francisco where we recorded him and we just had a wonderful day with the studio work. He's a legend. Just an absolutely phenomenal singer. [see the full story for the full MorleyView with Geoff] - Click here for the Full Story

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