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UK Copyright Battle
CMJ reports: Next week, UK finance minister Gordon Brown is expected to address�and likely deny�the emerging requests from veteran artists and music industry executives to extend copyright protection for sound recordings. As it stands, intellectual property rights in the UK cover a recording for 50 years. Music-rights holders have taken a stance against this time limit and have begun arguing for extended protection up to 95 years, as is present in the US. 

Cliff Richards, one of the most outspoken debaters on this subject, is one of the older artists at risk of losing the rights to his early recordings. His first hit, "Move It!" was recorded in 1958 and is scheduled to enter public domain in 2008. Richards and others calling for copyright revision have argued that the laws are unfair for performers. Songwriters, for example, receive coverage for their entire lifetime, plus 70 years. [see full story for more... free Beatles!]- Click Here for the Full Story 

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Rare Lookout
CMJ reports: Rare and out-of-print releases from the early days of Lookout! Records will receive digital re-release through the label's new Vinyl Vault Series. Pot Valiant, Gene Defcon, Skinflutes, Common Rider [one of Greenmuse's favorites], the Splash Four and other lesser-known acts from the Lookout! roster will soon find their previously unavailable recordings retailing through the Lookout! section of the iTunes store. [see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 

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Jessica Simpson Flubs It
FMQB reports: Jessica Simpson had to re-record a performance of Dolly Parton's "9 To 5" at this past weekend's Kennedy Center Honors, after she flubbered her initial take on the song. Reports say that Simpson was "overcome with emotion" singing the song live and forgot some of the lyrics, leaving the stage to no applause. [see full story for more news]- Click Here for the Full Story 

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Radiohead Preview
FMQB reports: Producer Nigel Godrich is set to launch his online music show, From The Basement, on December 18. The debut episode will feature Radiohead's Thom Yorke playing two of the band's new songs on the piano. "Videotape" and "Down Is The New Up" debuted on Radiohead's tour earlier this year and are slated for inclusion on their next studio album, due out in 2007.[see full story for who else will be on and other breaking news stories of the day]- Click Here for the Full Story 

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A Santa Cause Sale
PR reports: A Santa Cause II is having a huge sale! If you buy it now digitally from the Immortal store, you can get A Santa Cause I for HALF OFF This makes for 46 Christmas songs for only about 15 bucks!

With this offer you will get songs from bands like Fallout Boy, Blink 182, Saosin, New Found Glory, Something Corporate, Matchbook Romance, A Change of Pace, Haste the Day, It Dies Today, From First to Last, Sugarcult, The Format and MANY MORE!!

Oh and the music is compatible with ipods, zunes, burned cd's and whatever other music device you want, so buy it hear to help a good cause and take it wherever you go! [see full story for the sale]- Click Here for the Full Story 

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Anyone Can Rap
PR reports: On Monday, December 11, 2006, SMASH on Yahoo! Music makes its way to Southern California with another mind-blowing edition of "Mic Pass: San Diego." This batch of hip-hop "heads" and lyrically gifted rappers were hand picked by Yahoo! Music after submitting their own video versions of "Mic Pass" to the site. Yahoo! Music was so impressed by the content received that they gave the entire group of up-and-coming rappers the official "Mic Pass" stamp of approval. "Mic Pass: San Diego" takes hip hop fans into the underground world of rap to get a taste of what San Diego has to offer. 

SMASH on Yahoo! Music brings together some of hip-hop's brightest stars such as super group G-Unit, Jibbs and Chamillionaire to freestyle on "Mic Pass." This unique segment is part of the original content initiative that also includes "Another Side Of," "Cover Art" and a "Featured Performance" that can only be found on Yahoo![see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 


The Gospel According To Levi
PR reports: There is absolutely no holding back now. Pop artist and brilliant stage performer LEVI KREIS has a lot on his mind. His career highlights include touring in the national cast of RENT as Roger, being featured on Donald Trump's The Apprentice and conquering much of the country last year with his debut record "One Of The Ones." Now, LEVI KREIS' sophomore album "The Gospel According To Levi" presents itself to the world on Tuesday, January 30th, 2007. Judging by the title and Levi's history as Christian preacher turn openly gay singer songwriter, this album promises to shock but more importantly, open minds. - Click Here for the Full Story 

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Europe Showdown
PR reports: THE SHOWDOWN have been confirmed to tour Europe in early 2007 alongside Norma Jean and He Is Legend, so be prepared for a live delicacy guaranteeing fresh, extreme and intense sounds! 

In November 2006, Century Media Records reissued THE SHOWDOWN's 2004 debut album "A Chorus Of Obliteration", licensed from the band's US-label Mono Vs. Stereo, featuring an exclusive European bonus track as well as a video enhancement. 

16.01.2007 Academy 3, Birmingham (UK)
17.01.2007 Academy 3, Manchester (UK)
[see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 

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Alabama Thunderpussy Preview
PR reports: ALABAMA THUNDERPUSSY has debuted the first new track from their upcoming full-length album Open Fire exclusively at their Myspace page (see full story link). ATP drummer Bryan Cox introduces the song: "The name of this song is "Words Of The Dying Man" and it's the first thing that we want you to check out from our new record, Open Fire. I can't express in mere words how happy I am with the way the record turned out. We're a stronger, more cohesive group than we've ever been before. Kyle Thomas, our new singer, did nothing less than knock our socks off on every track and he's truly the singer that we have been wanting for for a looong time. There will be more updates coming in the near future but for now, it's "Words Of The Dying Man." Thanks for tuning in; we hope that you dig it!" 

Open Fire was recorded at The Etching Tin Studios in Richmond, VA with engineer Ian Whalen and will be the first ALABAMA THUNDERPUSSY record to feature new vocalist Thomas (ex- EXHORDER / FLOODGATE). Open Fire is expected to see a March 2007 release. - Click Here for the Full Story 

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Unexpect Want Violence� oops Violinist
The End reports: Montreal's rambunctious and truly unique act UNEXPECT - who released their debut album for THE END RECORDS titled 'In A Flesh Aquarium' this summer -- have posted the following update on their official website: "After ten years of enjoyable companionship, we now officially announce that our violinist, le bateleur, will be leaving unexpect for good. We'll always keep strong ties with him but it seems that extensive touring don't fit well with his future life plans. We wish him the best and hope he'll get the most out of life! Thanks Charles�

�.so from this moment, we'll be on the look out for another violinist! We'll set up some auditions as soon as possible. [see full story for info on joining]- Click Here for the Full Story 

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VH1 reports: Beginning today VH1 Mobile is transporting viewers into the minds of celebrities with its new, original, made-for-mobile series "Celebhead." Each episode is a hilarious, short-form parody that uses the technique of first person camera to capture a celebrity's distinct point-of-view. The average person has no idea what it's really like to be inside celebrities' heads in an "US Weekly" meets "Being John Malkovich" world, until now. 

The series is launching on VH1 Mobile with "Celebhead: Paris Hilton." Each episode will feature a single star's likeness from a wide range of today's most talked about personalities. Upcoming episodes will parody the daily lives of famous actors, artists, and politicians. If they're headline regulars, chances are they're perfect fodder for some gentle spoofing on "Celebhead." The series was specifically imagined for the small screen of mobile devices - the combination of viewing it on handheld screens and shooting in first person camera creates a unique comedic effect that sets "Celebhead" apart. [see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 

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Ho for Xmas
PR reports: Self-proclaimed "inappropriate song boy," Dan Finnerty, is bringing his trademark obscenity-laced humor to the holidays with The Dan Band's eight-track original Christmas album, "HO," available now exclusively on iTunes. Ranging from the pun-filled slow jam, "HO HO HO, to the debaucherous country-tinged, "Get Drunk and Make Out This Xmas," The Dan Band truly brings a new meaning to holiday cheer through such subjects as prostitution and alcohol. The video for "Ho Ho Ho," available on YouTube (see full story), featuring Dan and his merry men telling the tale of Santa helping out a hooker in the holiday spirit, plays out as a bad community theatre stage production.

This festive release follows last year's holiday offering, "I Want to Rock You Hard This Christmas," a foul-mouthed video and digital single that portrayed Florence Henderson getting cozy with Santa while Finnerty and crew rocked a rowdy group of retirement home residents.- Click Here for the Full Story 

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The Almost Tour
MSO reports: The brainchild of Underoath drummer/vocalist AARON GILLESPIE--who sings and plays virtually every note on his forthcoming solo debut--THE ALMOST will hit the road for sporadic dates in December. First up is an Anaheim, CA show December 17 at Chain Reaction with A Thorn For Every Heart. Next up, the group will join The Starting Line and Max Bemis of Say Anything (who will perform acoustic) for a special gig December 28 at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia, PA. Look for all three bands to collaborate onstage during the aforementioned Philadelphia show. Then beginning January 2 in Richmond, VA THE ALMOST will launch a month-long headlining U.S. tour with Forgive Durden and Classic Case supporting. Stay tuned for an official announcement for THE ALMOST's forthcoming debut album, due out early Spring 2007.

*Sun 12/17 Anaheim, CA Chain Reaction 
+Thu 12/28 Philadelphia, PA Electric Factory 
**Fri 12/29 South Hackensack, NJ School of Rock 
***Sat 12/30 Patchogue, NY The Oasis 
[see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 

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Throne of Blood Rapture
PR reports: Recently recognized by The New York Times as "�tireless and single minded�," The Rapture has announced the formation of a new label called Throne of Blood. Based in New York, the label initially plans to release special vinyl versions of singles and remixes from the highly praised Pieces of the People We Love. In addition to bringing on board some of the most influential producers in dance music for the remixes, with Throne of Blood, The Rapture continues to demonstrate their desire to truly invest in their work and give back to their core audience. Also scheduled for availability on Throne of Blood will be vinyl LP editions of albums including Pieces which Rolling Stone calls, "�a welcome return to club-shaking catchiness."

The first release, "Get Myself Into It," originally described by the Village Voice as "�a brittle, pastel riot of glittering saxophones and perfectly placed hand-claps�" features remixes by Prince Language, Serge Santiago, and Sebastian; it hit shelves on Monday, November 13. - Click Here for the Full Story 

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Free Chemicals
PR reports: Flash Concerts 2006 presents a free, exclusive performance by My Chemical Romance. Music fans register to "Get in and Win" by sending the text message city code "LV" to "FLASH" (35274). Registrants will receive "Alerts" including: event details, exclusive free concert invites, VIP access, meet & greets and special music prizing. Text "LV" to "FLASH" or visit your local Cingular Wireless store for more details.

Monday, December 11, 2006 - Doors open at 8:00pm - House of Blues 2950 Las Vegas Blvd.
- Click Here for the Full Story 

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