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(antiMusic) We recently had the opportunity to catch up with Matthew Wicklund to find out his reasons for leaving Himsa as well as discuss what he is up to now with his new band Angels to Ashes. Here is a little from the interview and be sure to check the full story link to read it all!

antiMusic: Can you tell us a little bit about your new band? How it came together, who is involved?

Matthew: My new band is called Angels to Ashes. After quitting HIMSA, I got on the phone with my friend Martin Powell who had just left Cradle of Filth. It turned out that we both shared the same kind of musical vision and goals. We have been hard at work ever since and we are very pleased with the results. In the near future, I will be issuing a proper press release with all of the names of everyone involved. We have a really eclectic bunch of minds and some familiar faces to the metal community involved. I am really excited to get this stuff out there!

antiMusic: Sonically speaking what can fans expect from Angels to Ashes?

Matthew: We are very dynamic. There are a lot of very heavy parts, fast parts, thrashy parts, and mixed in to all of this a hell of a lot of melody and hooks. You'll find guitar solos a plenty and thick orchestrated choruses. The vocal approach is very tonal. There is real singing here! Don't let that fool you though....the raw aggression and metal energy is never sacrificed!
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