From First to Last DeWarped

(punkbands) From First to Last made an announcement on their site saying they had to drop off Warped Tour due to Sonny's vocals issues. A Warped Tour official announced that From First To Last didnt drop off, but they were kicked off; due to the bands lack of respect and "rockstar, primadona attitudes".

Apparently, they were complaining about not playing mainstage and on several dates announced how poorly run Warped Tour is. This didnt make the people who ran Warped Tour happy, so From First To Last was warned that if they kept it up they would be asked to leave the tour. The next day the band said some stuff on stage taking s*** on the bands that are playing main stage and saying they should be on there. Soon after the production team from Warped Tour then asked from first to last to leave the tour (Absolutepunk). - Click here for the Full Story

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