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(antiMusic) Rock n Women returns! We kick off with Shut Up Marie: antiMusic's editor Keavin Wiggins saw Shut Up Marie play several months back [at the Raven's Heart Benefit] and was really impressed with the band and especially the vocals of the singer Annette. This LA group has been creating a buzz for their energetic live shows. Their latest CD Gimmie is an entertaining set of songs that incorporate a few different musical looks from the band, while still retaining a common identity (mostly the passionate vocals from Annette). She took time out of her hectic schedule to speak with Morley. antiMusic: What's on tap for Shut Up Marie in 2006?

Annette: Shut Up Marie is in the process of signing a management contract with Brainwash Entertainment. Brainwash is interested in creating a functioning record label and securing distribution and building the organization with Shut Up Marie as the main product for the label to blossom into something big enough to eventually support several acts. They believe in S.U.M. as a viable product, and see that there are lots of possibilities with crossover, music licensing, radio airplay, and regional touring. This relationship is one that I think is really god for Shut Up Marie, and we will be announcing our signing with them once all the details are worked out. This is a small company created by motivation and passion, and that's why I think it's a good company to help build Shut Up Marie into something bigger & better than what it is now, and move the project to the next level. Brainwash CEO Barbara Farash is a self-starter, and an all-around wonderful person; I am really excited about the relationship!

Another really exciting development that will help put S.U.M. in the forefront this year is my new gig as host of a great new TV show, "Live On Sunset". This is a program that showcases bands playing in & around L.A.; the rock & roll capital of the world! It's produced by the Go Music Network, and they are currently negotiating contracts with satellite TV networks all around the world. [read the full MorleyView and the CD review at the full story link]
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