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Report for 03/13/06
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Weiland Vs Axl
KNAC reports: Velvet Revolver frontman Scott Weiland has apparently decided to get into the public brawl that extends from the court where Axl and Slash are fighting over the Guns N' Roses legacy, and it seems, has issued this open letter at www.velvet-revolver.com:

"Get in the rinGo to the gym motherf***er, or if you prefer, get a new wig motherf***er. I think I'll resist the urge to "stoop" to your level. 

Oh s***, here it comes, you fat, botox faced, wig wearin' f***! O.K. I feel better now. Don't think for a second we don't know where those words came from. Your unoriginal, uncreative little mind, the same mind that had to rely on its bandmates to write melodies and lyrics. Who's the fraud now bitch? [see full story for more Weiland whining]- Click Here for the Full Story 

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Love's Nirvana Selloff
Gigwise reports: The Hole rocker was embroiled in a bitter dispute with surviving Nirvana members Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl in the years following her husband Kurt Cobain's suicide in 1994.

However, Love � who has recently been in and out of rehabilitation following prosecution over prescription drugs offences � is now planning to sell "25 per cent of the catalogue for quite a lot of money," according to the Sunday Mirror.[see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 

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Oasis Slam Stones
Gigwise reports: In yet another outburst, Liam Gallagher has attacked The Rolling Stones and U2. 

Gallagher was speaking on the eve of Oasis heading out on their South American tour when he was asked about The Stones who have also recently played a massive show in Rio. 

He said: "They're the biggest bands in the world, without doubt. The Stones are big. They fill stadiums and they're in tune with the times. I respect them but their songs are a pile of crap." [see full story for what he had to say about U2]- Click Here for the Full Story 

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Motley TV
Blabbermouth reports: According to MelodicRock.com, MÖTLEY CRÜE drummer Tommy Lee has been in negotiations with the producers of the "Rock Star" show for the last few weeks to take on a star role in the revamped show format. The house band will be retained, with Tommy Lee taking the place of INXS searching for his next "Rock Star" lead vocalist. The winner will front Lee's next studio album and a tour (timing to be determined).[that'll top the ratings.. see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 

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Unplugged Ratt
Blabbermouth reports: Former RATT frontman Stephen Pearcy will be doing a special acoustic performance at the Key Club in West Hollywood, California on Monday, March 27. This performance will be recorded and released on CD on May 9, 2006 by Sidewinder Music and will feature all of RATT's classic hits. [see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 

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Tesla Box & Covers
Blabbermouth reports: TESLA guitarist Frank Hannon has posted the following message on the band's official web site: "TESLA is working out some bugs and Tom Zutaut, our original A&R guy and the man who helped us in the beginning, is back with us in full force as our manager working on the long-awaited projects like the box set and covers CD."[see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 

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Adema Tries Again
Blabbermouth reports: Vocalist Bobby Reeves of the Los Angeles-based band LEVEL has been named the new singer of ADEMA. 

"Bobby's definitely got his own voice," ADEMA bassist Dave DeRoo writes in a posting on the United Sites of Adema forum. "He's super-talented; a well-rounded musician who writes great lyrics, and can jam the drums, guitar, bass, as well as produce (in other words, just like the three of us...lol!).[see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 

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Europe Disturbed
TuneLab reports: Disturbed have rescheduled their European dates with Nevermore. The dates are:

September 14th in Munchen, GER @ Zenith
September 15th in Furth, GER @ Stadthalle
September 17th in Berlin, GER @ Huxleys
[see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 

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Buried Covers
TuneLab reports: Between the Buried and Me will be releasing a cover album entitled 'The Anatomy Of' in June via Victory Records. Songs set to be covered on the effort include:

Pantera - "Cemetery Gates"
Sepultura - "Territory"
Soundgarden - "The Day I Tried to Live"
Motley Crue - "Kickstart My Heart"[see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 

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Earshot Hire Mike
TuneLab reports: Earshot have announced the addition of guitarist Travis Arnold. Arnold replaces previous guitarist Mike Callahan.[see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 

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Sony Settles
tinfoil reports: The settlement process has begun in The Electronic Frontier Foundation class action lawsuit against Sony BMG for the flawed digital rights management(DRM) that Sony BMG released in millions of CDs over the last several years.

Music fans who bought the affected CDs can submit claims for clean music. Many customers are also eligible for extra downloads or a small cash settlement.[see full story for more including a link to find out how to get in on it]- Click Here for the Full Story 


DevilDriver Headlining
The PRP reports: DevilDriver are planning a spring headlining run with Bury Your Dead, Darkest Hour, If Hope Dies and Remembering Never, dates and venues have yet to be announced.[see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 

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Pantera in Flames
The PRP reports: Phil Anselmo of Pantera/Superjoint Ritual, etc. fame was one of the guest vocalists for Alice In Chains' recently taped performance for VH1's upcoming tribute to Heart. Anselmo performed the tracks "Them Bones" and "Would?" with the group, which was rounded out by Duff McKagan of Velvet Revolver/Guns N' Roses fame.[see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 

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Double Bad
punkbands reports: On the Bad Relgion: Live at the Palladium DVD, Brett said the next album is going to be a double disc set! I hope he's not kidding. Decide yourself if Brett's kidding with us or not. His exact words were something like "we're working on a double album right now." [see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 

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Emanuel Crash
punkbands reports: Emanuel was involved in an accident in Texas two nights ago. Their van and trailer are reportedly totaled. All the guys are supposed to be ok though. They'll be missing the next week of shows with 30 Seconds To Mars. - Click Here for the Full Story 

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Morrissey Army
Punkbands reports: Tiger Army will support Morrissey this spring on four weeks of the iconic singer's UK tour and select US dates. Tiger Army will also perform a number of headlining shows in the Southwest as well as a week of gigs in the UK following the Morrissey dates[see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 

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Ozzy Vs Maiden
SMN reports: The following are some "highlights" from today's Howard Stern show featuring Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne:

Sharon said that Ronnie James Dio was a midget.

Ozzy said that he told Sharon, "don't put them on the tour because they are f***ing trouble," refering to IRON MAIDEN.

In between disgraceful attacks on the legendary band, Sharon revealed that IRON MAIDEN were paid $185,000 a night.[see full story for Ozzy's BS excuse for attenting the Crock Hall induction]- Click Here for the Full Story 

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