The Devil Vs Axl

(Blabbermouth) Croatia's Javno recently conducted an interview with EAGLES OF DEATH METAL leader Jesse "The Devil" Hughes. An excerpt from the chat follows - Javno: You were on tour with the legendary GUNS N' ROSES last year. I read that Axl Rose called you the "PIGEONS OF ---- METAL." What happened?

Jesse: That was one of the most bizarre nights in my life. We played in an arena that seats 20,000 people and there were barely 5,000. First some strippers climbed on stage and the audience started chasing them off the stage. That was the first time I saw anybody chasing away strippers from the stage. When it was our turn, they also started driving us off the stage, screaming that we suck, but after a few songs, they evidently liked us. We played what we had planned and left satisfied. Then Axl [Rose] came on who did not actually see us play because he was an hour late for the concert. Then he began playing and after two songs he completely lost control. In the middle of the concert he fired several technicians, his personal assistant, with whom he has been friends for 25 years, and then he said to the audience "How did you like the 'PIGEONS OF ---- METAL?'" At that moment his bass player just threw the bass guitar on the floor and left the stage. Axl picked up the bass guitar and threw it at him. It was crazy. I think you can see that on YouTube.[see full story to find out what he told Axl when he asked if they would rejoin the tour] - Click here for the Full Story

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