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Coldplay Go Hip Hop?
FMQB reports: Are Coldplay going Hip-Hop? Uber-producer Timbaland tells GQ he will visit the band in the U.K. in April and discuss ideas for their fourth album. However, a spokesperson for the band told the NME that Coldplay is not scheduled to actually work with Timba on their next record, which they have already announced will be produced by Brian Eno.[see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 

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Elton Bigot Rant
hecklerspray.com reports: Elton John is a man who knows all about persecution; not only is Elton John gay but he's a middle-aged tubby bald gay with gap teeth, bad eyesight, a ginger wig, a voice like a dying walrus and the world's oddest sense of style - so Elton John knows. 

But for now let's just concentrate on the gay thing. Elton John turns 60 this weekend and, instead of marking the occasion by dressing up as a big duck and going to a poncey rah-rah party with a bunch of sycophantic tossers, he's decided to do something useful and speak out against all the anti-gay bigots in the world in an article for the New Statesman. By penning such an important and potentially inflammatory article that'll be felt around the world, Elton John will be drawing attention to a cause that many millions of people feel strongly about. And also drawing attention to the fact that Elton John's back catalogue will be available to download from iTunes for the first time on Monday a bit too. But that's probably just a coincidence.[see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 

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Foxy Warrant
TMZ reports: TMZ has learned there's a warrant out for the arrest of Foxy Brown.

Brown failed to appear in Broward County court today on battery charges -- the result of a big hoo-hah at a Florida beauty supply shop. Brown was applying beauty products in the store's bathroom when the owner tried to close up shop. Brown allegedly threw a tantrum and threw hair glue at the owner, then allegedly spat on him.

After it became apparent that Brown was not going to appear, Judge Lazurus issued a bench warrant for her arrest.- Click Here for the Full Story 

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Kid Rock Sues Accuser
TMZ reports: Kid Rock has struck back against a woman who claimed he threw her into a snowbank -- with a lawsuit.
TMZ obtained the lawsuit filed by Rock's attorneys against Kelly Ann Kozlowski, the woman who last week accused Kid of assaulting her. The musician is seeking undisclosed monetary damages for invasion of privacy, defamation, and for trespassing the Rock residence. 

In a police report, Kozlowski had claimed that Kid (whose real name is Robert Ritchie) grabbed her by the neck and threw her into a snowbank, charges that Rock denied -- and that were ultimately unsubstantiated. According to the Rock lawsuit, after meeting the rap-rocker at a local bar, Kozlowski and her boyfriend tagged along to listen to some tracks Rock had recently recorded, but "began placing drinks on [Rock's] recording equipment and was otherwise acting improperly." [see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 

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Publishers Sue XM
Reuters reports: The National Music Publishers' Association (NMPA) filed a lawsuit against XM Satellite Radio Holdings Inc on Thursday for providing radios that allegedly let users reproduce and distribute copyrighted music without paying appropriate royalties. 

The publishers said the suit alleges that XM engages in massive copyright infringement with devices that provide its service known as "XM + MP3," which lets listeners store songs they hear on XM's service and arrange them into playlists. [see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 

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Linkin Shoes
FMQB reports: etnies sneakers and Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington are launching the Club Tattoo collaboration shoes for fall 2007. All of the shoes will feature traditional tattoo artwork and are available in two vulcanized styles, the etnies Bernie and Fakie, for both men and women. The shoes will be available in stores this June and can be viewed at etnies.com.[see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 

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Radio Exec Indicted
FMQB reports: A federal grand jury in Phoenix has returned a 33-count indictment against CBS Radio Executive Brian Ongaro and eight other men for mail fraud, conspiracy and money laundering for allegedly misrepresenting their company, CORF Licensing Services (CLS), which issued licensees to establish outpatient facilities. The indictment states that from May 2001 through June 2003, four of the men involved in the scheme - David Goldfarb, Richard Ross, Paul Woodcock and Milton Guenther - contracted with over 300 licensees to establish facilities providing pulmonary respiratory therapy and physical therapy services. [see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 


Fishbone Return
CMJ reports: Long-running L.A.-based ska-punk outfit Fishbone have announced a string of April/May dates that will coincide with the April 24 release of their new LP, Stuck In Your Throat (Sound In Color), their first album of new material in six plus years and ninth overall. More dates are coming in addition to the confirmed ones listed at the full story link.- Click Here for the Full Story 

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Great White Hope
Blabbermouth reports: Jessica Selby of the Kent County Daily Times reports that philanthropist Alan Shawn Feinstein is coming to the aid of the Station Fire Fund.

Feinstein said he was so moved by an article that appeared in the Providence Journal on the anniversary of the Station Fire [which started at a GREAT WHITE concert] that he was inspired to create a "$100,000 Challenge" matching grant.

The article in the Journal outlined the declining support for the Station Fire Fund and its forced change in focus as a result of that decline. Ed Walton, assistant director for the Alan Shawn Feinstein Foundation, said Feinstein was so taken aback by the waning support for a group with "such a wonderful cause" he felt compelled to act[see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 

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Shinedown Lose Member
TuneLab reports: Shinedown and bassist Brad Stewart have reportedly parted ways. An official statement from the band regarding the departure has yet to be released.[see full story for more music news]- Click Here for the Full Story 

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Maiden Speed Ban
KNAC reports: Iron Maiden drummer Michael "Nicko" McBrain has been banned from driving in the UK after being caught speeding on the M74 motorway near Lockerbie, Scotland.

Authorities say McBrain was clocked doing 116 mph. 

The 54-year-old from London pleaded guilty to the offence by letter. He was banned from the roads for six months and fined £500.[see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 

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Shadows Fall In Stores
SMN reports: Shadows Fall will be making the following in-store appearances in celebration of the release of "Threads of Life":

April 3 - Hartford, CT: HOT TOPIC - 4PM

April 4 - Boston, MA: Best Buy - 4PM

[see full story for more details]- Click Here for the Full Story 

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Europe Gets Stoned
Jam! reports: The Rolling Stones will headline Britain's Isle of Wight Festival as part of their 27-date European tour this summer. 

The tour will begin June 5 in Werchter, Belgium. It will end Aug. 21 with a show at London's Millennium Dome, re-branded the O2 Arena, it was announced Thursday. [see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 

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More Ozzfest Bands
Blabbermouth reports: 3 INCHES OF BLOOD and DAATH have been confirmed for the second stage at this year's Ozzfest. The festival billing is now shaping up as follows:

Main Stage:

[to be announced]
[see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 

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Arch Enemy Reunited
Lambgoat reports: Arch Enemy are pleased to be able to announce the return of original guitarist Christopher Amott. The band, having finished an intense 18-month touring cycle all over the world promoting the Doomsday Machine album and Live Apocalypse DVD, are currently busy working on songs for their new studio album.

Christopher surprised many by departing Arch Enemy at the end of the Doomsday Machine recording sessions in 2005, having been in the band for 10 years (starting with Arch Enemy at age 18). Christopher followed his urges to see the world and find what else is out there apart from music. Having done that, the time is now right for him to return to the fold with a newly injected desire and focus and to resume his career. [see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 

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2&2: Grace Slick
PR reports: Morley spoke with rock legend Grace Slick this week about a variety of topics including her art exhibits this weekend in Southern California. Here is just a sample of this intriguing interview: antiMUSIC: When you hear that some people are painting who have been in music or other fields, you just kinda go, yeah right. I mean, there's some people out there that when I see their paintings I just wonder what they're thinking showing them to people. ** Grace: A whole bunch of musicians and actors and so forth do that. Like Jane Seymour, Jonathan Winters, Anthony Quinn, Tony Bennett, Marty Balin, let's see, the guy who shows in the same galleries as me, is one of the Rolling Stones [Ronnie Wood] Joni Mitchell, and you know�and Myles Davis and some of these people are really good. Jerry Garcia was good. He drew and unlike me, he's a multi-tasker. I'm not. So he used to take his paints and stuff on the road. But I've seen some of his stuff and some of it's good. But I think it's kinda normal because it's all the same part of the brain. The arts. But you don't want any of us doing your accounting or fixing your television set, right? Because we uh suck in those areas. (laughs) Pretty much. Some don't. Gene Simmons is a musician but he doesn't do any drugs. His addiction is sex. I don't what he's doing any more, but I know my ex-husband was the lighting director for KISS for a while and we went over to talk to Gene about something or other. Money or, you know, the tour or something and he asked, "Do you want to see my Polaroids?" And he shows Polaroids of every woman he's ever screwed. ** antiMUSIC: Yeah right, the famous scrapbook. ** Grace: And I'm just going, 'Ah, Jesus do I have to look at this?' I so don't care, you know. My ex husband pretty much cared because he was kind of a sex addict or you know whatever they call they call that kinda stuff. But you know, a woman (pfff) I could care less. But Gene's very good at business. Frank Zappa was pretty good at business. And Frank Zappa didn't do drugs either. Drugs really get in the way of paying attention to what your accountant's saying because it's so boring. Jefferson Airplane, when we first started making, you know, big money, we brought in a financial advisor who advised that we buy train, cargo cars for trains in the south somewhere, and we looked at him, like, 'Are you f***ing serious? Do we give a flying�?' You know, so we didn't do that and consequently, you know Paul Kantner is having trouble. He has to go around the country pretending he's Jefferson Starship and so does Mickey Thomas�and basically I own the name along with our manager. And so it's illegal for them to be doing it but I don't care. They have to make money. As long as they don't do product. Once they do product, then I'll step in and say, 'Okay we get a percent. You know, you can't do that'. So you know it's a little gnarly, but I don't care if they use the name. I didn't care for Starship anyway. Like the '80s version of Starship was just all�songs were written by other people and ah, God, it was just dumb. [You have to check out the rest of the interview, it's worth the click over, plus get the details on the art exhibits and check out some photos of her amazing artwork! It all can be had at the full story link] - Click Here for the Full Story 

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