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Full Report for 09/17/06
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OJ Arrested for Armed Robbery
antiMusic reports: This has nothing to do with music but we figured some of you may be interested. It looks like OJ took a break from hunting down Nicole's real killer at various golf courses to engage in a bit of armed robbery. Those that have been wanting OJ Simpson behind bars, your wish has been granted as the "Juice" was arrested in Las Vegas this weekend and is currently being held without bail at the Clark County Detention Center facing some serious time in prison on two counts of robbery with a deadly weapon, two counts of assault with a deadly weapon, conspiracy to commit a crime and burglary with a firearm.

Las Vegas police arrested O.J. Simpson on Sunday, saying he was part of an armed group who burst into a hotel room and snatched memorabilia related to his sports career, reports AP who further report that "Simpson was taken away from The Palms casino-hotel by plainclothes officers a day after the arrest of a golfing buddy who police say accompanied him with a gun in the Thursday night holdup."

OJ could get 30 years for just one count of armed robbery. Simpson claimed that he and the others involved were in the room trying to retrieve stolen items that including his Hall of Fame certificate and a picture he took with the late FBI dictator J. Edgar Hoover. He claims that there were no guns involved but police reportedly seized two firearms they believe were used in the robbery. One other man was arrested and police are on the look out for several more. We'll keep you posted if riots break out in Brentwood but for now if you want to know more about this, then AP will hook you up right- here

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Disney Bans Metal, antiMusic calls for Disney Boycott
antiMusic reports: While Disney shrugged off nude photos of a young female star from their teenybopper hit "High School Musical" they have gone into full censorship mode when it comes to heavy metal and hard rock concert on Disney properties. How this effects their metalcore darlings Atreyu we don't know but for other heavy bands, you are no longer welcome at venues on Disney lots. 

The Mickey Mouse execs have launched a war against metal, causing the cancellations of various metal shows at the House of Blues venues at their Disneyland and Disneyworld properties. According to the LA times, five metal concerts have either been moved off those properties or cancelled outright by Live Nation who run the House of Blues venues. Of course, that corporation offered up a lame excuse. John Vlautin, vice president of communications for Live Nation said in a statement last week "House of Blues offers a range of entertainment to match the audience at our venues. It was determined that the mix of entertainment at our two Disney locations should be different from our other venues."

We here at antiMusic will do our part and we will no longer carry any articles related to anything Disney including Hollywood Records until they stop their censorship. We encourage you to join us in this boycott and refrain from all things Disney. Shouldn't be too hard. - find out which bands were banned

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Fan Impaled At Concert
antiMusic reports: $5 was just too much to ask to see Papa Roach, Hinder and Buckcherry for one fan but he paid a bigger price when he got the business end of a iron spike while trying to scale a 12 foot fence to speak into the concert.

Contact Music has the story: A Papa Roach fan is recovering in hospital after impaling his thigh on an inch-think spike while trying to climb a 12-foot iron fence to gain access to the Bad Boys of Rock concert in Pennsylvania. 

Firefighters had to cut part of the fence away as the unnamed rock fan fell in and out of consciousness at the York concert on Wednesday (11Sep07), which also featured performances by Hinder and Buckcherry. The fan underwent surgery on Wednesday night.- more on this story

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Kid Rock Says A Bitch Got Slapped
antiMusic reports: Kid Rock spoke with Double R & Steve The Producer from the BJ Shea Morning Experience on 99.9 KISW in Seattle last week. He addressed the incident at the VMAs where he punched Tommy Lee (T-Bonehead didn't get any shots in). Despite speculation that the fight was centered around Pam Anderson, Rock says that isn't so and our favorite part of the interview was when he responded to Tommy Lee saying that all Kid gave him was a "bitch slap". To which Kid Rock said, "He said it was a bitch slap and I couldn't agree more. A bitch got slapped."

Steve The Producer was kind enough to send over a few more highlights for us to enjoy: Kid Rock denied that he and Tommy are fighting over Pamela Anderson. As far as he's concerned, Tommy or anybody else can have her. "The last thing I wanna do is to keep having my name associated with Pam and [Tommy Lee]." He added that divorcing Pam and getting out of that relationship was, quote, "the best thing I ever did."

Kid said the fight started because of, "Five or six years of complete and utter disrespect" that Tommy has shown him. Things really came to a head during the divorce. Pam and Tommy were throwing a birthday party for one of their kids, and Tommy took Pam's BlackBerry when she wasn't looking, and started e-mailing Kid Rock. Kid says it was, quote, "Some of the most horrendous things I'd ever heard. . . very disrespectful things." But Kid Rock didn't allow himself to be goaded into an e-mail war. He says, quote, "I'm not a talker. I just e-mailed him back and said, 'I will see you one day,' period. And when I came back from the bathroom at those awards and he was sitting right next to my seat at my table, that's it, that's enough. And I gave him the opportunity to stand up like a man, and he did not. And if you watch the tape, he doesn't start running his mouth until the security guards grab his arms."

As for Tommy's recent apology to pretty much everyone at the VMAs BUT Kid Rock, Kid says, quote, "I'm not apologizing to anyone, because whoever put us all in the room, whatever, they got what they wanted. And this has been a long time coming. . . I did what any man would have done."- Check out the full interview here

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Guilty Bizkit
antiMusic reports: Fred Durst is not only guilty of producing gawdawful music he is also guilty of a variety of misdemeanors including trying to play bumper cars with people in LA. The Limp Careered Bizkit entered a "no contest" plea to seven misdemeanor charges last week. Some of the highlights include charges of assault, battery and reckless driving. 

You see Durst, who has been known to get a pie in the face from time to time, deliberately hit two people with his car. The incident happened way back in October of last year in Los Angeles. Maybe he was frustrated with his lack of media coverage and was trying to generate some interest or maybe they gave him an honest opinion of his music? We don't know, but we do know the Limp one put himself on the mercy of the court for these crimes and got off pretty light.

He was handed the gift of a 120-day suspended jail sentence (meaning he doesn't actually have to stay at the Paris Hilton Chino).- more on this story

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Kanye Still Kicking Fiddy's Booty in Sales
Reuters reports: Kanye West has increased his lead over 50 Cent in the much scrutinized battle between the rap stars, according to preliminary sales data issued Friday. 

West's "Graduation" had sold about 600,000 copies and 50 Cent's "Curtis" 430,000 copies, according to data reported to tracking firm SoundScan by eight leading accounts through close of business Thursday.

West's margin of 170,000 units marked an improvement on his first-day lead of 127,000 units.- more on this story

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Monster in the Machine Tour
antiMusic/PR reports: Monster In The Machine is hitting the road starting September 26 to spread the word about their ethereal debut album, BUTTERFLY PINNED, which was released August 21 on Emotional Syphon Recordings, the independent label owned by Korn guitarist James "Munky" Shaffer. [we have a review going up for this CD this week and Matthew gave it 5 stars saying "The album features sounds reminiscent of many genres from rock to alternative and many of the songs have David Bowie styled vocals though there are traces of the Beach Boys, Chris Cornell, and Interpol as well. As a whole it flows surprisingly well for being so diverse" We're working on setting up a Monster in the Machine week as well.] 

The band will be performing three acoustic shows with Riders On The Storm (featuring Robbie Krieger and Ray Manzerek of The Doors) before heading out with Israeli band Rock Four on a three-week tour sponsored by KCRW-FM (the prestigious and groundbreaking Los Angeles radio station) starting October 6. 

Accompanying Crawford on the jaunt will be Lats (bass, formerly with Memento), John Chase (guitar) and Jay Curry (drums). Doug Ardito (bass, who performed with Crawford in Cellophane) and Josh Freese (drums) appear on BUTTERFLY PINNED, but will not be part of the touring line-up due to prior commitments with other musical projects.- more on this story

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McCready Gets a Year in Jail
antiMusic reports: Mindy McCready will now be signing the blues of the jailhouse variety. BBC has the story: Country singer Mindy McCready has been sentenced to a year in prison after breaking her probation following a drugs conviction in 2004. 

McCready, best known for Guys Do It All The Time, has been in custody since July when she was charged with battery and resisting arrest in Florida. 

The 31-year-old singer was on probation at the time for fraudulently obtaining prescription painkillers in 2004.- more on this story

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PJ Harvey Delay
antiMusic reports: PJ Harvey's new album White Chalk has been pushed back, according to Filter. Instead of hitting stores on September 25th, fans will have to wait just a tad bit longer for October 2nd to get your hands on her first studio album in three years. 

That's the bad news, the good news is PJ is planning two US shows in October. She'll first hit NYC's Beacon Theatre on October 10th and then LA's Orpheum Theatre on the 15th. 

Can't wait? Filter will give a bit of a preview of what is come, they have her latest single "When Under Ether" in their Media section. Check that out right- here

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Sevendust Announce Ladies Get Out Of Jail Free Tour Dates
antiMusic reports: Sevendust have finally gotten around to giving us the Ladies Get Out Of Jail Free Tour 07 dates. We told you about the tour last month when we covered the upcoming retrospective but now the band has made it official and it looks like the outing will kick off on October 19th in Maplewood, Mn. 

10 Years, Operator and Neverset have signed up as support acts. Some are reporting that Black Light Burns will be on the tour but we do not have any confirmation of that at the moment. What we do know is they are doing the VIP ticket thing for this tour (VIP meaning extra $$$). According to their website, Sevendust, in conjunction with Ticketmater, is offering a ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME additional purchase option to the typical concert experience. Purchasers can obtain a 'Premium Package' containing a concert ticket to the event, DVD & Compact Disc or digital download of Sevendust's new album "Retrospective 2" delivered to their home on or just after the official retail release date of Tuesday, December 11, 2007. - more including the dates

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Gorerotted Hire Filthy Guitarist
antiMusic reports: Back in May Matt 'Robin Pants' Hoban announced that 6 years of vomit was enough for him and he departed Gorerotted. Since then the band has been playing around as a four piece and also got locked out their Myspace account. But if you find their new Myspace they announced they have hired a filthy new guitarist. 

They write earlier this month: After playing the Summer Festivals as a four piece we are pleased to announce our new guitarist is Gian Pyres of ex-Cradle Of Filth fame. Says Tim'Rotted: "He is a great guitarist and I've been playing with Gian in our project The Fear for a while now so he was natural choice to step into Matt's piss soaked shoes." Gian played with Cradle from 1996 to 2002 and has also appeared on Christian Death And Extreme Noise Terror albums. Says Gian "Its f***ing great to hook up with such a bunch of proper wankers, it will be Ace!!"

Gorerotted are well into writing their 4th full length album "Get Dead Or Die Trying." Recording is scheduled for next spring with a release date planned for summer 2008. Songs set to be included, alongside the title track are: The Howling., Angel Of Meth., It's Like There's A Party In My Mouth And Everyone's Being Sick., Coping With A Botched Strapadictomy., Fear And Loathing In Ipswich Town Centre., Kissing You With My Fists., The Body Tree.- Their new Myspace

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Talking God With Lambs
PR reports: The latest episode of "Talking Metal" features an interview hosts Mark Strigl and John Ostronomy conducted with Lamb of God drummer Chris Adler. Topics include Tattoo artist Paul Booth, the Download Festival, Modern Drummer Magazine, being a vegetarian, and the Talking Metal podcast.

The episode also features an interview Strigl conducted with Throwdown vocalist Dave Peters. Topics include Mudrock, Maynard James Keenan, being straight-edge, and Orange County. 

Additional podcasts topics include New York Sight Seeing, 42nd Street, Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy Camp, Paul Stanley, Glenn Hughes, and Frank Ferrer. The podcast can be downloaded at this- location.

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The Hank Williams Legacy Coming to Hall of Fame
PR reports: The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum's major new exhibition, Family Tradition: The Hank Williams Legacy, Presented by SunTrust, which opens on Friday, March 28, 2008, for a near two-year run, will explore the connections between country music's most iconic figure and his creative heirs - both biological and musical - and examine the ways in which American music continues to be measured by the standards Hank Williams set.

Presented with the full cooperation and assistance of the Williams family, the exhibition will use artifacts, instruments, song manuscripts, costumes, photographs, computer interactives, moving images and more to explore the connections between Hank Williams and his progeny, and his enduring impact on popular music. Additional support is being provided by the Museum's official Family Tradition media partners: Great American Country Television Network, Cumulus Broadcasting and The Tennessean.- more on this story

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