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Sonic Syndicate Announce Love and Other Disasters
PR reports: Swedish metal contingent Sonic Syndicate has announced an October 14 US release date for their upcoming album, Love and Other Disasters. The album will see a September 19 release date in Europe.

The band commented on the new album, saying: "After a long, insane year we entered the studio to record our upcoming album "Love and Other Disasters," and we couldn't be happier with the result. You're definitely in for a high impact dose of adrenaline with songs like "Encaged" and the first single, "Jack of Diamonds". By the time you get to "Power Shift," you'll be running into walls, wishing you had some coffee to calm you down!" � Sonic Syndicate [we were too lazy to correct the quote issues in that statement] - more on this story

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Frankie Banali Not Keeping Quiet
antiMusic reports: Frankie Banali is not keeping quiet. In fact, the Quiet Riot drummer is involved in several different projects according to his latest update. Here is what he had to say: Earlier this summer I contributed drum tracks for a session that included Guns N' Roses man on the keys Dizzy Reed. Oddly enough, the tracks also had Alex Grossi on guitar and Chuck Wright on bass which everyone knows were both part of the final Quiet Riot touring lineup. This was a very cool session for me to have been a part of. And no, this had nothing to do with the Hookers & Blow band that Dizzy and Alex are a part of, which I am not a part of...

Most recently in the early part of July, I recorded drum tracks for a new artist, Ashes And Acid, which were a lot of fun because my rhythm section partner was none other than the great Billy Sheehan on bass. Billy is a monster, but all of you already know that... All right Mr. Sheehan! It was also very rewarding for me since the producer of the project is the talented Neil Citron who I worked with when he engineered as well as participated in the guitar tracks for my 24/7/365 The Tribute To Led Zeppelin - Frankie Banali & Friends CD. Neil was also the guitarist on the Rehab Quiet Riot release.

The last week of July, I recorded the drum tracks for the Freakshow record in San Jose, CA. Markus Allen Christopher of M!ss Crazy wrote some really great all out rock songs which were a blast to play. I love Markus' vocal style and energy and he is really a very, very good guitarist as well! The amazing Tony Franklin is the bass player on record for these sessions. I love working with Tony and he and I have a rhythm section recording relationship that dates back to the first record that we did together, Gary Hoey's Animal Instinct in 1994. Jeff La Bar will be coming in to record guitar and solos on that project later this month. Jeff is the real deal, his guitar style is as authentic as it gets and I've been waiting a very long time for the opportunity to work with Jeff. - that's not all!

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Cradle To Grave Go West
PR reports: Vancouver based metal outfit Cradle To Grave have announced the dates for their upcoming West Coast North American tour. The band will be hitting markets on the coasts of Canada, US & Mexico throughout the month of August.

Guitarist Sasquatch said: "This is the time of the year where we look forward to going down south to destroy venues with some of our American & Mexican blood brothers," says guitarist Sasquatch. "Regardless of where we play, it is always ----ing crazy and the metal community is alive and well on the West Coast. Come out and thrash till death!"

Cradle to Grave recently released their new album "Texas Medicine" through Year of the Sun Records. The album was mixed and mastered by Devin Townsend (Lamb of God, Darkest Hour, GWAR) - more on this story

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Matt White Hitting the Road
Geffen reports: Matt White is gearing up for a late summer tour hooking up with Kate Voegele on a month's worth of dates in support of his new single "Love" off his debut Geffen release Best Days. Matt recently shot the video for "Love" inside a New York City public bus.

Matt White's debut album Best Days was released on Geffen Records in the fall of 2007. Rolling Stone Magazine praised the set for "updating classic Billy-and-Elton-style Top Forty with Tears for Fears melodrama, Lovin' Spoonful sunshine, even a touch of Freddie Mercury-style falsetto theatrics." Details Magazine included "Best Days" in their "best new music bubbling from the underground" section while Elle Magazine applauded, "'Best Days' is an infectious record of blue-eyed piano-and-guitar soul that's expertly arranged." Entertainment Weekly raved Matt "echoes the bittersweet musings of Jeff Buckley." - more on this story

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The Battle for Gorgoroth Continues
Blabbermouth reports: Gorgoroth guitarist Infernus, who is involved in a legal dispute with his estranged bandmates over the rights to the group's name, has issued the following update via the Gorgoroth.info web site (which he controls):

"In the past few months there have been several news stories concerning the dispute between Infernus and his former bassist [King ov Hell] and vocalist [Gaahl]. Contrary to what the opposition might say, the trademark ownership matters are still as undecided as they were six months ago, and will not be resolved until a verdict is made in a to-be-announced trial in Oslo, Norway.

Also, due to disagreements between Regain Records and the aforementioned former bassist and vocalist, a temporary injunction has been issued, suspending the distribution of the 'True Norwegian Black Metal - Live in Grieghallen' album until the matter can be handled in a trial in Malm�, Sweden. - more on this story

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Army Navy Debut Coming
PR reports: Essentially, the music of Army Navy can be best described as impeccably crafted melody over blankets of guitar fuzz that creates a delicate balance between melancholy and joyful resignation. This Los Angeles band looks to groups from the past such as Teenage Fanclub, The Smiths, The Posies and The Libertines for inspiration while keeping a firm eye on the future.

Set for an October 14, 2008 release, the debut album will be issued on the band's own The Fever Zone record label and features a wondrous mix of modern power-pop playfulness and timeless Brit-pop elegance consistently through its 12 tracks. Produced by Adam Lasus (Clap Your Hands Say Yeah!, Yo La Tengo, etc.), the album is a never-ending barrage of touchstones from a band that references the past at every corner of the record yet is forging new musical pathways with every song they pen.

After co-fronting the band Pinwheel with Death Cab for Cutie's Ben Gibbard, Army Navy frontman Justin Kennedy moved out to Los Angeles to seek out his own assemblage of dedicated musicians. Through the relentless word-of-mouth received from Kennedy's demos, a final line-up was eventually formed, which includes Louie Schultz (Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals), Benjamin Gaffin (Bass), and Doug Randall (Drums, Vocals). - more on this story

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Bourbon Jones Announce One Off Reunion
antiMusic reports: Big news for Long Beach music fans. Here is the announcement we were sent: Chris Hanlin here. Just wanted to clue you in to something rather special.

The original members of Bourbon Jones (Anthony Arvisu, Mario Barmosca, Mikey Meyer and yours truly) will be reuniting for a one time only show this coming Saturday August the 16th in Long Beach. This will be the first time in nearly a decade that we will perform together. The venue: the Cellar, a new club located downstairs (below street level) right next door to the Blue Cafe, on the corner of Broadway and the Promenade. Go to www.thecellarlbc.com for more information.

After all these years, this band still holds a unique magic all its own. Though we have all long since moved on to other projects (and even other States) we wanted to get together one more time to give our beloved hometown some music. This is not a permanent reunion, and we probably won't be doing this again anytime soon.
- more on this story

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Darla Farmer All Mixed Up
PR reports: Darla Farmer is giving its fans and remix-extraordinaires one last chance to share their creativity and compete for a spot on the iTunes exclusive feature of the collaborative remix album, "Remixing The Electric Forest".

Remixes are flowing in from top names in the DJ and remixing community, including Tom Campesinos (Los Campesinos!), Optronix, Andrew Maury, Plus Move and more, so don't miss your last chance to appear side-by-side with the best of the best!

All submissions and requests must be emailed to [email protected] by noon on 9/11. Directions on where to get song stems will be sent to participants at that time. - more on this story

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Katy Perry Going Hot N Cold
Capitol Records reports: Katy Perry's debut is turning into the best new artist breakthrough story of 2008. As her "I Kissed A Girl" logs its seventh week atop the Billboard Hot 100 and seals its status as the undisputed song of the summer in America, major Top 40 radio stations across the country have jumped on adding her new single, the wild electronic romp "Hot N Cold."

Blender Magazine calls the track a "spunky, climate-controlled kiss-off," and Entertainment Weekly agrees, "It's damn fun." A video is scheduled for a Los Angeles shoot late in August, with official release to radio early in September. Perry will make the premiere live television performance of "Hot N Cold" on NBC's Today show outdoor concert series. - about 9 minutes left, hurry up and read more on this story

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Spinto World Tour
PR reports: The Spinto Band are looking forward to a fall tour that will be hitting the UK and Europe, then trekking across the US, joined by like-minded and highly-cordial Scotsman, Frightened Rabbit.

This Spinto World Tour (get your t-shirts now) is in support of the band's forthcoming release Moonwink, coming out Oct. 7th on Park the Van Records.

On their new album, Moonwink, the Delaware six-piece chose to team up with Producer / Engineer Dave Trumfio (Wilco, Built To Spill, Billy Bragg, Mates of State) and Mixing Engineer Tchad Blake (Tom Waits, Los Lobos, Cibo Matto, Paul Simon). The music is at once outlandish, kinetic and luminous, while still restrained in a way that pays homage to the classic pop song, bringing to mind a contemporary coagulum of, Bacharach, Beatles, Berlin, and Bowie - and their live show is a complete high-energy molotov cocktail that is not to be missed! - dates

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Pop For Tots: Push Play Added to Macy's Parade
PR reports: Push Play, who just signed on with Jason Morey (the manager of Miley Cyrus) as co-management with Sue Baran, the mother of lead singer CJ Baran, will be taking their teen sensation to one of the biggest stages in entertainment - The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

The parade is in its 82nd edition and is the "Longest Running Show on Broadway", happening this year on Thursday November 27th, 2008, and will feature some of the hottest and most well known performers in music, film, theatre and entertainment.

Recently [moronically] dubbed the "new fab four" by Newsday, this band of fresh faced boys have also been featured in the NY Times, at the Z100 Zootopia Preshow at the Izod Center, on MTV's TRL and more. - more on this story

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Ludo Warped Tour Diary: 8/1/08 Marcus Amphitheatre (Milwaukee, WI)
antiMusic reports: Ludo will be checking in with us all summer as they rock the Warped tour in support of their Island Def Jam CD "You're Awful, I Love You". Here is the band with latest entry:

Good morning, Milwaukee! Back to the Marcus Amphitheatre, where we'd just had a scintillating Summerfest experience a few weeks before. Blinking in the bright sunlight, we stumbled out of the bus, loaded in, and grabbed lunchy. Convy and I did an interview in the WLUM van twice (the first one didn't record right).

Played a hot rock show to many, many, many crazy Warped Tour attendees, then led an Idiot Parade all the way to the merch tent. What a great show! The rest of the band loaded out and then met up at merch, where we did a 4:00 signing. Tons of kids showed up, and we signed everything they put in front of us. It was a great time. Byron and Randall loaded out the merch, and the bus eventually headed south for Tinley Park.

Find out where you can see them, preview tracks from their new CD and learn more about Ludo here.

Check out past diary entries - here

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. Alice Cooper - Along Came a Spider
Along Came a Spider is not the album that will frighten parents, certainly not in 2008. What is scary is just how good Alice Cooper still is thirty years after his riotous rise to the top of the rock heap. (4 stars) - Read the full Alice Cooper - Along Came a Spider review

. Gallhammer - III Innocence
Japan's Gallhammer stinks with the foul stench of vintage crust while spitting bile most often found in early, hateful black metal. The power trio is one of the most dispirited extreme metal acts currently making waves. - Read the full Gallhammer - III Innocence review

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