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Full Report for 10/14/2008
Gojira Week: Day 2
antiMusic reports: France isn't exactly the country you think of when you think of heavy metal but heavy rockers Gojira are out to change that perception. The band hit record stores this week with their new album ''The Way of All Flesh," and to celebrate the release we asked frontman Joe Duplantier to pick his favorite tracks from the disc and tell us a little about each one. Here is Joe with today's song:

"Toxic Garbage Island": There is a location in the central North Pacific Ocean described by scientists as "The Great Pacific Garbage Patch" or "The Eastern Garbage Patch". It's an area characterized by high concentrations of suspended plastic debris.

Last year I was walking by the sea near my home town in France and I saw a plastic bag floating under the surface of water between the waves. I first thought it was some kind of medusa struggling, but then, I understood what it was. It made me sick to think that the world's oceans are full of plastic and fuel. I'm a big supporter of Greenpeace because they do their best to fight all types of pollution. The vision of this plastic bag in the sea was stuck in my mind and a few days later I started to write the lyrics. The working title for this song was "A Plastic Bag In The Sea".

Preview songs from the album to hear Gorija's unique brand of metal, learn more about the disc and the group plus more right
- here!

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AC/DC CD Leaked
Music Radar reports: AC/DC's new album, Black Ice, won't be released for another week. But it's already a smash: as an illegal download.

The album was leaked onto YouTube and BitTorrent on October 7. While Sony's legal eagles quickly swooped in and succesfully pulled the record from YouTube, the files have remained on BitTorrent - where they've racked up 400,000 downloads.

AC/DC maintain a complete refusal to allow their music to be sold online, because they believe that their music should be sold in album form only, whereas Apple forces bands to offer sales of each single from the album individually.
- more on this story

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You Can't Vote For Fall Out Boy On Election Day
Billboard reports: The Nov. 4 release date for Fall Out Boy's "Folie a Deux" is in doubt, according to a post on the band's Web site, which cited concerns over the planned election day tie-in.

"Six months ago we thought it would be a fun idea to release our album on election day but this is not the election to be cute," the band says.

"We felt as though rather than making a commentary we were only riding the wave of the election. This seemed less and less like what we intended to do and more of a gimmick." - more on this story

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A Street Named Dave Grohl
Music Radar reports: Foo Fighter's frontman Dave Grohl has been around the block a time or two, but now he's actually getting his own street.

The former Nirvana drummer is the subject of a successful petition to get Markey Alley in his hometown of Warren, Ohio changed to Dave Grohl Alley.

The impetus for renaming the street came from Warren Police Sgt. Joe O'Grady and an area DJ named Fast Freddie.
- more on this story

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Babyshambles Crack Bust
NME reports: Babyshambles guitarist Mick Whitnall was arrested yesterday (October 12) for suspected drug offences in Blackheath, London.

A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police told NME.COM that a 39 year-old man was arrested at 4:20pm (BST) in a caf�/bar on suspicion of possession of Class A drugs thought to be crack cocaine.

Following the arrest, officers went to his home in south east London where they recovered what are believed to be rocks of crack cocaine. - more on this story

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Chris Cornell & Timbaland Instores Announced
PR reports: Chris Cornell & Timbaland are giving fans the chance to come to an in-store meet and greet in several Verizon Wireless outlets.

Visitors will be able to listen to Chris Cornell's upcoming album Scream, meet the artists, and have a chance to receive tickets to Cornell's show that night.

Scream, produced by Timbaland, will be out early 2009. - Check for your local dates now!

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Leave Ringo Alone!
Music Radar reports: The late ex-Beatle George Harrison wrote the song Don't Bother Me, but it's Ringo Starr who really means it.

In a video posted on his website, Starr says he has "too much to do" and warns he'll throw any fanmail in the bin after October 20. Why he's chosen this date is unclear.

"This is a serious message to everybody watching," Starr says in the clip. "I want to tell you that after the 20th of October please do not send any fanmail to any address you have. If that is the date on the envelope, it's gonna be tossed. - more on this story

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Feds Ignore Real Issues To Pay Off Campaign Donors
Billboard reports: U.S. President George W. Bush signed into law on Monday a controversial bill that would stiffen penalties for movie and music piracy at the federal level.

The law creates an intellectual property czar who will report directly to the president on how to better protect copyrights both domestically and internationally. The Justice Department had argued that the creation of this position would undermine its authority.

The law also toughens criminal laws against piracy and counterfeiting, although critics have argued that the measure goes too far and risks punishing people who have not infringed.

[We covered the history of this before and which congress members were bought with contributions to make this law, so we won't go over that again. But you can read more about the passing of this law over at - Billboard.biz]

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Dangerbirds of Death Metal
PR reports: Palm Desert heroes Eagles of Death Metal have officially joined the Dangerbird Management roster, effective immediately. Armed with their swaggering new album, Heart On, due October 28 on Downtown Recordings, EODM, aka Jesse Hughes and Josh Homme, are greasing up for the much-anticipated launch of their third full-length.

Spawning from The Desert Sessions' Volumes 3 & 4, Eagles of Death Metal eventually evolved into a full-fledged band, leading into two well-received full-length LPs, Peace, Love and Death Metal (2004), Death By Sexy (2006), and acclaimed tours alongside The Strokes as well as The Distillers. Their riff-filled songs have appeared in films, trailers, tv shows and commercials, while their rollicking live show has become highly revered.

Dangerbird Management is the sister company to Dangerbird Records (Silversun Pickups, Sea Wolf, Jane's Addiction bassist Eric Avery) and Dangerbird Publishing. The management division currently represents artists including The Dears and Darker My Love, as well as producers Tony Hoffer, Ken Andrews and Dave Cooley.
- more on this story

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Girlfriend of Late Def Leppard Guitarist Pens Memoir
BW&BK reports: Late Def Leppard guitarist Steve Clark's alleged manic-depressive episodes led to the rocker's drug overdose at the age of 30, according to a new tell-all book written by his former girlfriend.

Clark was found dead at his home in 1991, with autopsy reports indicating he'd fallen victim to a lethal mixture of anti-depressants, painkillers and alcohol.

And his former girlfriend Lorelei Shellist is now revealing details of his tortured past and struggle with addiction in her own memoir, Runway Runaway. - more on this story

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Weiland Collaborator Talks About New Solo Temple Pilot Effort
Blabbermouth reports: Los Angeles-based producer/engineer/guitarist Doug Grean, along with creative partner Scott Weiland, announces the culmination of their ten-year long project, Weiland's solo album "Happy in Galoshes", set for a November 25 on the duo's Softdrive Records.

"Most of this album was made just by Scott and I hanging out and experimenting in our studio," Grean reveals.

"So it's not like a traditional record where there's a 'band.' Inspiration would strike, and one of us would just play something. When you're being spontaneous, you can't call someone up and say come on over and play the bass, that just slows things down and kills the vibe. So I ended up playing a lot of different instruments on this record." - more on this story

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Hoobastank Take A New Turn
Billboard reports: Hoobastank is previewing its as-yet-untitled new album, due in January via Island, with the single "My Turn," which hits U.S. rock radio outlets today (Oct. 13). The track will be available tomorrow via iTunes.

The new album is the follow-up to 2006's "Every Man for Himself," which has sold 216,000 copies in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

In comparison, its 2003 predecessor, "The Reason," has shifted 2.3 million. Get more details about the forthcoming album
- here

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Sigur Ros Deluxe
NME reports: Sigur Ros have announced that they will release a deluxe edition of their latest album, 'Med Sud I Eyrum Vid Spilum Endalaust'.

The special version of the Icelandic band's fifth album, which translates as 'With a Buzz in Our Ears We Play Endlessly', will include a 200-page hardback book of band photos by photographer Eva Vermandel.

It also features a 'Making Of�' DVD by filmmaker Nick Abrahams, which was shot in Super-8 - more on this story

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The Hellacopters To Webcast Farewell Shows
Blabbermouth reports: The last four shows ever by the Swedish rock and roll band The Hellacopters, which will be held on October 25 and October 26 at Debaser Medis in Stockholm (the group will play two shows per day), will be webcast in high definition on MySpace.

Fan-filmed video footage of The Hellacopters' September 24, 2008 concert at the Backstage Werk in Munich, Germany can be viewed at the full story link (clip uploaded by "eblinternational").

The Hellacopters released a new single, "Darling Darling", on September 5 with exclusive B-side "Baby Come". It was made available as a CD-single and on seven-inch vinyl. - more on this story and that video

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Singled Out: House of Badger
antiMusic reports: Welcome to Singled Out! where we ask artists to tell us the inside story of their latest single. Today Amanda Kelly frontwoman for experimental electro rockers House of Badger tells us about "Vultures" from their new album "Death Birds". We now turn it over to Amanda for the story:

"Vultures" started out as a completely improvisational jam that Liam and Charlie were doing. Liam was playing drums and Charlie was messing around with his old Moog synth with some sort of trigger effect, as well as working his theremin through some delay, and playing his bass. It was sounding really percussive and cool. As soon as they got into it, they stopped after about 60 seconds, and I breathlessly exclaimed, "PLEASE don't stop!" They looked at me silently, and started the jam up again.

As I listened, I drifted away in my mind. I sat alone in the studio for days afterwards composing the keyboard and vocal parts. I began thinking of the mental illnesses that strike humanity, and the false labels we use to divide ourselves from one another, and to distinguish ourselves above others.

I think of a "vulture" as a person who takes advantage of others and sucks them dry, in the belief that we live in a world of "eat or be eaten." Often these individuals suffered massive amounts of abuse as a child; however, rather than learning to grow and evolve as a human being, they continue the cycle of negativity by perpetuating abuse upon other humans as they grow older. A "vulture" is often a narcissist. A narcissist believes that all actions taken by others relate to the narcissist. Narcissists are often paranoid in a delusional manner, because in their mind, everything, absolutely everything, relates to THEM. Therefore, the first line I say, "I've been cast away� and it's off the records now� when they're trying to get you" embodies the past hurts and present paranoia of these narcissistic vultures. They are "trying to catch you" and hurt you, like they themselves were hurt, long ago, and they will stop at nothing, for they cannot stop.

Conversely, it is arrogance to separate ourselves and to distinguish ourselves from the rest of humanity in assuming that "people with mental illnesses are inferior to 'us.'" It is the same arrogance that guides the United States, for example, to believe, arrogantly, childishly, and destructively, that perpetuating violence upon another culture is okay, because "our ideals are better than theirs," and, "the only reason that they are attacking us is because they are jealous of our culture or freedom." Therefore, the chorus of "Someday, we'll change our ways," states that as human beings, we are all the same�. And if one of us is a vulture, then ALL of us are, in some way. Also, it's a sarcastic comment. "Someday we'll change our ways," but right now, we're too lazy to care, or to take action, or to contribute to positive change. Instead, we'll sit back, and do nothing.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story before the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album - right here!

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