Day in Rock Report for 08/28/2015

Def Leppard Finish New Album, New Song Coming Next Month

(hennemusic) Def Leppard frontman Joe Elliott says the band's new album is essentially done and he provided more details about the effort and says that the first single will be released next month.

"Yeah, it's finished. We're just doing simple, last-minute adjustments," Elliott tells the Grand Forks Herald. "The first song is going to go to radio next month. It's a 14-track, 55-minute album. It's just called 'Def Leppard' because that's what it sounds like. It doesn't sounds like any one specific era of Def Leppard. It's got everything.

"You'll listen and you go 'Oh, that sounds like Def Leppard' or you'll go 'That is Leppard, but sounds a bit like Led Zeppelin or Queen but you can hear the AC/DC or the Crosby, Stills and Nash coming through.' We have not shied away from anything that's influenced us in our growing up periods of our life. Just because we've made the kind of music we've made doesn't mean to say we don't like all of this other stuff."

Expected to be released later this year, the UK rockers worked on the follow-up to 2008's "Songs From The Sparkle Lounge" after completing some marathon songwriting sessions last year, and Elliott says the band is proud of the results.

"We made this record as an artistic statement that we'd be happy to play in 10 or 15 years in time and go 'You know what? That is a great record. That was a great period in our career.'" Read more here.

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Motorhead Forced To Stop Concert After Only Four Songs

(Classic Rock) Motorhead ended their concert in Salt Lake City, Utah, after four songs last night (August 27) as frontman Lemmy told the crowd he was finding it difficult to breathe.

It follows reports from Los Angeles on August 22, where some fans said the 69-year-old appeared unsteady on his feet. The rock icon has been in frail health since undergoing heart bypass surgery and later suffering a hematoma in 2013.

Motorhead moved to reassure supporters that the problem was caused by the city's altitude. They said: "The people are great, but the air is just too thin. The high altitude makes it difficult for breathing, and that's what happened with Lemmy tonight in Salt Lake City.

"He feels very bad to have cut the show short, but being that high up, he had some trouble breathing well. Lemmy appreciates everyone's concern. The fans always rally round!" Read more here.

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Disturbed Ad Pulled Following Virginia Journalists Murder

(TeamRock Radio) A video ad for Disturbed's comeback album Immortalized has been pulled in the wake of an on-air double murder. TV journalists Alison Parker and Adam Ward were shot dead during a live broadcast in Virginia yesterday. The suspect, a former colleague, later shot himself as well.

Now Disturbed's label Warner Bros have removed an online promo that includes a scene from the band's The Vengeful One video, in which a monster shoots people at a TV station.

The ads, served via an automated process, were placed by marketing firm Gupta Media, who said the risk of offence was minimized because of the way viewers were chosen. Read more here.

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Former Neck Deep Star Taking Legal Steps Over Online Allegations

(TeamRock Radio) Former Neck Deep guitarist Lloyd Roberts has taken legal steps to clear his name following a series of online allegations. Roberts quit the band at the weekend after the claims - which have not been confirmed - circulated online. He has since hired a legal team and gone to the police in a bid to tackle the allegations head-on.

He tells the North Wales Daily Post: "Last weekend there were some very serious allegations made against myself and other band members of Neck Deep. I was horrified and sickened by these accusations.

"I have now instructed lawyers and contacted the police in order to clear my name and to be proactive in confronting these allegations. I took the immediate decision to take a break from the band, which was a gut-wrenching decision." Read more here.

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Blues Star Larry Miller Suffers A Stroke

(The Blues Larry Miller is undergoing "intensive rehabilitation" after suffering a stroke. The blues guitarist's management say it's too soon to speculate on his prognosis, but add that he'll not be able to perform live for the foreseeable future.

In a statement on Miller's Facebook page, his management say: "It's with shock and great sadness that we are posting this statement. Recently, Larry Miller suffered a stroke and he is now undergoing an intensive rehabilitation programme.

"If you have bought tickets in advance for any up and coming gigs, please contact the venue. They should all be aware of the situation. All CDs and merchandise continue to be available through Larry's website." Read more here.

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Iron Maiden Map Out Initial Book of Souls World Tour Plans

(Gibson) Iron Maiden has revealed their initial plans to tour in 2016 in support of their forthcoming album, The Book of Souls, which is set for release next Friday (Sept. 4).

Details are being finalized, but the band says via their website that the "Book of Souls World Tour" will open with three shows in the U.S. in late February, and will then touch down in Central America, Mexico and South America, before returning to North America for 10 more dates in the U.S. and Canada.

Beginning in April, the group will then head for Japan, China, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and Europe. The group is leasing a Boeing 747-400 Jumbo Jet for the trek. Singer Bruce Dickinson-a certified pilot-is currently in training to get a license to fly the massive jet liner. Read more here.

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Shinedown Streaming New Song 'State Of My Head'

(Classic Rock) Shinedown have released a stream of their new track State Of My Head. It is taken from fifth album Threat To Survival, which is released on September 18.

Frontman Brent Smith says: "State Of My Head was actually built around it's rhythm, inspired by the bounce of the song and the way the track moves. Usually I write with a melody in mind, but this time, it was more about the flow.

"We really didn't have the other instrumentation down - I pretty much wrote it to a drum track. We will always be rock'n'roll to the bone, but this song is a prime example of how we refused to limit ourselves on this album." Stream the song here.

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Trivium Release 'Until The World Goes Cold' Video

(TeamRock Radio) Trivium have released a video for their track Until The World Goes Cold. It appears on their seventh studio album Silence In The Snow, out October 2 via Roadrunner.

Inspiration for the follow-up to 2013's Vengeance Falls dates back to when Trivium supported Black Sabbath offshoot Heaven & Hell in 2007, before the death of Ronnie James Dio.

Frontman Matt Heafy recently said: "I'd never heard metal summarised so well like that. Afterwards, I came up with Silence In The Snow. We loved the song but it just didn't fit with the music we were making at the time.

"Perhaps we weren't ready for it. We foreshadowed our destiny back then and we've finally grown into the song. We're ready now." Watch the new video here.

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Slayer Recruit Machete Star Danny Trejo For New Video

(Classic Rock) Slayer have shot a video featuring Machete star Danny Trejo, it's been revealed. Peruvian site El Cuartel Del Metal have tweeted a picture showing frontman Tom Araya posing with Trejo at a film set on Wednesday.

The photo was captioned "El nuevo videoclip de Slayer contará con la participación del actor Danny Trejo". It's not yet known which song they were shooting for. Slayer's 11th album Repentless is set to be released on September 11.

It will be the band's first album since the death of guitarist Jeff Hanneman, who's the subject of Kerry King's title track. They return to the UK in October. See the photo here.

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Lamb Of God Billed As Christian Band For Kimmel TV Appearance

(TeamRock Radio) Lamb Of God drummer Chris Adler has poked fun at a US TV guide that described his band as "Christian heavy metal." They appeared on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live last night (Thursday) and performed 512 and Still Echoes from latest album VII: Sturm Und Drang.

Earlier in the day, Adler discovered the listing while preparing to record the broadcast. The guide read: "An interview with actor Pierce Brosnan from No Escape; actor Rami Malek from Mr Robot visits the show; a performance by the Christian heavy metal band Lamb Of God."

The drummer posted a on Facebook, saying: "So... will you be watching? #LambOfGod on #JimmyKimmel tonight." He later added: "Wonder who wrote that copy, they'll be in for a surprise, ya think?"

Earlier this wee Kiss star Gene Simmons described the band as "capable and bombastic" - but added that he'd like to know how they'd sound if Dave Grohl supplied melodic vocals over their backing music. Watch videos from their Kimmel appearance here.

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Keith Richards Feels The Rolling Stones 'Have To Record' New Music

(Gibson) Keith Richards has a dream-specifically, he would like the Rolling Stones to go straight into the studio to record new music after coming off a tour, he reveals in a new interview.

"It'll probably never happen, but [that's when] the band is really honed and toned and all the screws are in the right place," the Stones guitarist tells The New York Times, in a just-published interview.

"A lot of the earlier records we made were in between tours. We'd come straight off the road and go straight into the studio, which is why some of those records have so much bounce and hit on them--the energy."

Richards added: "We're playing South America in February and March, and I would like to get in the studio around April or May next year. It's been too long ... I can feel something in my bones saying we have to record." Read more here.

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All That Remains And We Came As Romans Announce Fall Tour

All That Remains and We Came As Romans have announced that they are teaming up to co-headline the HardDrive Live Fallout Tour of North American this fall.

They will be kicking off the tour on October 14th in Grand Rapids, MI at The Intersection and the last announced date is set for November 7th in Worcester, MA at The Palladium, but more dates are expected to still be revealed.

The tour will feature direct support from Emmure for the entire trek and the first half of the tour will include additional support from Red Sun Rising (on 10/14-10/16 10/19-10/28) and Anthem will join the tour for the last five dates beginning on November 2nd.

All That Remains frontma Phil Labonte had this to say about the tour, "ATR is excited to announce we'll hitting the road with We Came As Romans and working with HardDrive again this fall. Last time we did a HardDrive Live Tour was in 2008 and we had a great time! We expect the same this time!"

We Came As Romans singer Dave Stephens shared his excitement, "We've known ATR for almost as long as we've been a band and we're ecstatic we've finally got a chance to tour together. It's an idea we've always talked about so we figured why not finally make it happen. It's a true blessing to be on tour with these bands and be a part of the HardDrive Live Fallout Tour."

Emmure's Frankie Palmeri adds, "We are happy to hit the road again with our friends We Came As Romans and All That Remains." See the announced dates here.

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Jimi Hendrix Live 'Voodoo Child' Atlanta Pop Festival Video Goes Online

(Classic Rock) The Jimi Hendrix Experience's performance of Voodoo Child (Slight Return) at the Atlanta Pop Festival has been streamed by makers of a documentary.

It appears on Jimi Hendrix: Electric Church, which focuses on the 1970 event. It's to be broadcast on US network Showtime on September 4, then released on DVD on October 30.

Atlanta Pop is often referred to as the "southern Woodstock" and "the last great US rock happening." It took place in Georgia in front of an estimated audience of 400,000 - just weeks before Hendrix's death.

The film features interviews with Kirk Hammett, Paul McCartney, Steve Winwood and others. Soundtrack album Freedom: Jimi Hendrix Experience Atlanta Pop Festival, released today, features six tracks that don't appear in the film. Watch the video here.

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Anathema Announce 4-Disc Live Set 'A Sort Of Homecoming'

(Prog) Anathema will release 4-disc live set A Sort Of Homecoming on October 30, they've announced. Their concert at Liverpool Cathedral in March was filmed under direction from Lasse Hoile, while the audio was produced by Christer-Andre Cederberg who worked with the band on Distant Satellites, Universal and Weather Systems.

An additional 5.1 audio mix was engineered by The Pineapple Thief mastermind Bruce Soord. Mainman Vincent Cavanagh says: "I'm really happy that this night in particular has been preserved. As anyone from Liverpool will tell you, to be given the chance to play the Anglican Cathedral is monumental and a huge honour."

A Sort Of Homecoming will be issued as a four-disc box set containing a concert DVD, double-CD and additional DVD with behind-the-scenes film A Temporary Peace. It'll also be released on 2CD/DVD, Blu-ray, digital and pressed on triple 180g vinyl. Read more and check out a preview video here.

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Black Sabbath's Tony Iommi Feared The Worst From Cancer

(Classic Rock) Tony Iommi thought he'd "had it" when he was diagnosed with cancer in 2012, he's said. The Black Sabbath guitarist reflected on his experience with the disease at a Macmillan Cancer Support event in his home city of Birmingham earlier this week.

He invited passers-by to stand in an isolation box, to demonstrate how people can feel alone in a crowd when told they have cancer. Iommi told the Birmingham Mail: "It's terrible. You tend to isolate yourself and you can quite easily isolate yourself too much. As soon as they told me I'd got it, I went into shock. I thought, 'That's it - I've had it.' You think of nothing but, 'Am I going to die?'

"Some people get frightened and locked in this box, and they can't do anything. It really is a lonely time - to talk to somebody is probably the best therapy you can have." Read more here.

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Modern Baseball Cancel Festival Appearance Due To Mental Health Issues

(TeamRock Radio) Modern Baseball have cancelled their scheduled appearances at the Reading and Leeds festivals this weekend as mainman Brendan Lukens deals with mental health issues.

And they've also pulled the plug on their upcoming tour of Australia with Iron Chic as the vocalist and guitarist takes steps to get help. Lukens says in a statement: "I've spent most of my life struggling with anxiety and depression, and after the last few months it's evident that it's time to put everything else aside to focus on making steps towards positive mental health.

"Thank you to everyone who has been so understanding through all of this - the continuous support Modern Baseball and myself have received since 2011 is so amazing." Read more here.

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Leaves' Eyes Release 'The Waking Eye' Video

(TeamRock Radio) Symphonic metallers Leaves' Eyes are debuting their new video for The Waking Eye exclusively with Metal Hammer. The track comes from their new album "King Of Kings" which will be released on September 14th

Filmed at filmed at several locations in Norway and Germany, frontwoman Liv Kristine says the video is "a portrayal of Harald's mother's dream whilst he is still a child. The dream is of a garden, in which a tree is growing tall into the heavens. Its stem is golden white and the roots blood-red...

"This is followed by Harald's fathers' own vision of a young man with long golden hair - its ringlets spreading out over the entire country, Harald's parents then confront a seer with their dreams." Watch the video here.

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Abbath Releasing First Post-Immortal Album

(TeamRock Radio) Abbath will release his first album since leaving Immortal early next year, TeamRock can reveal. Immortal fell out and became embroiled in a row over the band's name last year, with Abbath (aka Olve Eikemo) confirming he was no longer a member.

He later revealed he was working under the name Abbath and that he had brought in God Seed men King ov Hell and Baard Kolstad. Kolstad has since been replaced by Creature, whose real identity remains a mystery.

The band have told TeamRock that their debut album will be issued in January 2016 and that a planned September gig in London has been moved back. The show originally scheduled for September 18 will now take place on January 23 at the city's Forum and will act as the album launch party. Read more here.

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Anvil Reveal New Crowdfunded Album Title

(Classic Rock) Anvil have revealed the title of their upcoming 16th album. The follow-up to 2013's Hope In Hell will be called Anvil Is Anvil and it's being helped in its production thanks to a pre-order PledgeMusic campaign.

Guitarist and vocalist Steve 'Lips' Kudlow said: "Considering that almost anyone aware of Anvil knows our long and sometimes brutal history, we're hoping you would be honored to help and prove us right in our belief in you.

"And we promise another top notch Anvil recording that we can enjoy for many years into the future." This is the first time the group have used crowdfunding to support their music. Read more here.

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Skyharbor Streaming First Song With New Singer 'Out Of Time'

(Prog) Skyharbor have premiered their track Out Of Time with TeamRock. It's their first material with frontman Eric Emery, who was hired after Dan Tompkins left in June.

Guitarist Keshav Dhar says: "Out of Time marks the start of a very exciting and challenging phase for us as a band. With each release, we love to explore a different facet of our music, and add that to the core musical values that define us - emotion, intensity and groove."

Dhar reports that the addition of former Concordia singer Emery along with drummer Aditya Ashok has brought "a whole new perspective" to the group as they work towards a new record in early 2016.

He adds: "We're so excited to move into the future and create something special with this next album. We are exploring some unfamiliar yet exciting sounds, but staying 100% true to what makes Skyharbor what it is." Stream the song here.

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Godsticks Release 'Emergence' Album Documentary Online

(Prog) Godsticks have released a 10-minute documentary covering the making of third album Emergence. The follow-up to 2012's The Envisage Conondrum is launched on September 4, headed up with lead track Below The Belt, which was revealed last month.

The trio made a decision to pursue a heavier sound during their studio sessions. Frontman Darran Charles explains: "We all found that the most enjoyable stuff was the heavier stuff. It become conscious after the material was written to ensure it was heavy,"

Bassist Dan Nelson admits: "I had to take a different direction. Growing up I was never into heavy music." And drummer Steve Roberts - who's since left the band - adds: "It came to what myself and Darren had listened to as kids." Watch the documentary here.

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Tedeschi Trucks Band Release Live Video Of 'The Letter'

(The Blues Tedeschi Trucks Band have released a live video featuring their cover of the Box Tops' The Letter, popularized by Joe Cocker on his album Mad Dogs & Englishmen.

It was shot during their appearance at the Gathering Of The Vibes festival in Connecticut last month. TTB will show their appreciation for the late Cocker's 1970 release by playing a tribute set at the Lockn' Festival in Arrington, Virginia on September 11.

They'll be joined by Cocker's bandmates Leon Russell, Chris Stainton, Rita Coolidge and Claudia Lennear. Guitarist Derek Trucks recently told Rolling Stone: "This show is going to be messy - but in the most beautiful way." Watch the video here.

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Joe Louis Walker Giving Away Song From Forthcoming Album

(The Blues Joe Louis Walker is giving away his version of Wade In The Water, taken from upcoming album Everybody Wants A Piece. It's released on October 9 via Provogue - but you can download the sample track in return for your email address now.

Walker has always loved the 120-year-old song. He says: "The inspirational lyric, 'The water is deep, the water is cold, it chills my body - but not my soul' is expressing my belief that the spiritual will carry you through when the physical can't."

He recently said of the album: "I'd like to think that when someone puts on one of my records they know from the first notes, 'That's Joe Louis Walker.'" Check out the album trailer and grab the song download link here.

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Robert Cray Releases 'Right Next Door' Video From New Live Set

(The Blues Robert Cray has released his band's performance of Right Next Door, taken from his 4 Nights Of 40 Years live pack. The set will be released on August 28 via Mascot in a number of formats.

The DVD and Blu-ray focuses on a 94-minute video, featuring material shot at four shows in the Los Angeles area, alongside clips from 1982 and 1987, plus interviews with Cray, Eric Clapton, Keith Richards, Buddy Guy and others. Accompanying CDs offer the same tracks in audio format.

Mascot Label Group say: "It is extraordinary for musicians to thrive over four decades, and the Robert Cray Band is just that -extraordinary. 4 Nights of 40 Years Live is a testament to the band's past success, and proof that the band is as live as ever." Watch the video here.

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Nashville TV Series Release Preview Of Steven Tyler Guest Appearance

(hennemusic) A preview of Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler's guest appearance on the ABC-TV series "Nashville" has been released. Tyler is set to appear on the opening episode of season 4, which will air on September 23 at 10 p.m. ET/9 p.m. CT.

The singer recently tweeted a picture of him and "Nashville" star Hayden Panettiere, writing "Hayden and I getting a little 'crazy' on set at Nashville. You won't want to miss this. #PatsyCline"

Tyler has been in Nashville since January working with songwriters on material for his debut solo album on Big Machine Records' affiliated label Dot Records.

The singer issued the project's lead single, "Love Is Your Name", to radio in May before delivering the debut live performance of the tune on the season 14 finale of American Idol on May 13. Read more and watch the preview here.

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U2 Release Alternate 'Song For Someone' Video

(hennemusic) U2 have released a second video for the track "Song For Someone" from their 2014 album "Songs Of Innocence." The first version, issued in July, was directed by Vincent Haycock and starred Woody Harrelson as a man being released from prison.

U2 debuted a new Matt Mahurin-directed clip on Facebook on Thursday which features a performance from Bono filmed earlier this year in Malibu. Mahurin previously directed the band's "Love Is Blindness" and "With Or Without You" videos.

"Collaboration is a great part of the creative process," said the director, "and it has been a true joy to once again jump aboard the band's mission of music, mercy and mayhem." Watch the video here.

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Video Of Motorhead Being Honored By Los Angeles Goes Online

(hennemusic) Motorhead were honored by the Los Angeles City Council on Wednesday in celebration of their 40 year anniversary and the upcoming release of their new album, "Bad Magic."

Council member José Huizar conducting the ceremony in the council chambers at city hall which was attended by the band and many of its fans and video of the event has been posted online.

Due August 28, "Bad Magic" was recorded at NRG Studios in Los Angeles with long-time producer Cameron Webb. The set includes a cover of the Rolling Stones classic, "Sympathy For The Devil", as well as a guest appearance by Queen guitarist Brian May on a tune entitled "The Devil."

The group's Stones cover follows the lead single, "Thunder & Lightning", and "Electricity" as the third track issued in advance of the album's release. Watch video of the ceremony here.

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Antimatter Stream New Song 'Black Eyed Man'

(Prog) Antimatter have premiered their track Black Eyed Man with Prog. It's taken from sixth album The Judas Table, to be released on October 9 - and mainman Mick Moss believes anyone who's ever suffered betrayal will relate to his latest work.

Moss says: "I gathered together the various personalities of the people whose callous, disrespectful, backstabbing actions caused me countless wasted years of depression.

"For years I thought the problem was with me. I was always open and tried my best - but I was used and betrayed many times. This led me to believe I was worthless and must have deserved it."

But he thinks differently now. "I realize the problem was with the psychologically soulless people who treated me that way due to their nature, not mine," he asserts. Stream the song here.

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Mantric Streaming New Song 'FaithFaker'

(Prog) Norwegian experimental metal trio Mantric have premiered their track FaithFaker from second album Sin. Ole Sveen, Tor Glidje and John Mjaland - who previously played in Lengsel and then Extol - launch the record on September 25 via Loyal Blood.

Guitarist-vocalist Glidje tells Prog: "FaithFaker is written in the now absence of anti-depressants. It has some obvious black metal guitar harmonies, with full-on harmonic choruses. It's one of the more straightforward songs on the album, inspired by bands like Yes and early Type O Negative."

He adds: "I guess unique, manic, obscure and sexy are words that some would use to describe the songs. It really has got more to it than the average metal or rock album.

"It's a bold and original mix of obscure metal, 70s prog and rock. It's neither art by accident nor the emperor's new clothes in a musical context." Stream the new song here.

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