Day in Rock Report for 11/23/2015

Foo Fighters Giving Away New 'Saint Cecilia' EP

(Classic Rock) The Foo Fighters have released a free five-track EP called Saint Cecilia. It's available via the band's website after a countdown clock, started earlier this month, finally reached zero.

The five-track title was recorded in the Saint Cecilia Hotel, Austin, Texas, while the band were on the last US leg of their Sonic Highways world tour. And they've dedicated the release to the victims of the Paris massacre, which led to the cancellation of the Foos' remaining European dates.

Mainman Dave Grohl says: "The Saint Cecilia Hotel, named after the patroness saint of music, is known as 'A lush retreat from the world.' That it is - 14 rooms and a small bar, tucked away in the trees within a bustling, neighborhood.

"As our van pulled up in the wee hours of September 30, 2015, I was struck with a rather impulsive idea: to record some songs on our days off, to give the world as a 'thank you' for the last two years.

"Returning to the city where the entire Sonic Highways concept was born, loading in one last time to a room that was never designed to be a recording studio a la Sonic Highways, and making some music! Fate? Destiny?

"The office was transformed into a control room and the bar was littered with microphones and cables. Amps were in the kitchen. Drums in front of the fireplace. Margaritas were made, friends came to visit, the sun went down, and before long we started making enough noise to drive the neighbors to start drinking along with us." Read more here.

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Five Finger Death Punch Cancel Show Over Terrorist Threat

A Five Finger Death Punch, Papa Roach and Devil You Know concert in Milan, Italy on Sunday night, November 22nd, was postponed after a rumor surfaced that the show would be targeted for a terrorist attack.

Five Finger Death Punch released the following message to fans explaining the cancelation, "As some of you may be aware, there were many rumors today that the Milan, Italy show on Sunday, November 22nd will be targeted in a next wave of terror attacks like we saw in Paris last week.

"We did our best in a very short amount of time to work with the local promoter and authorities to ensure that security would be adequate. Unfortunately, we did not receive confirmation in time to satisfy our requirements and to ensure that our fans would be safe at the event. Therefore, we were forced to postpone the show to a later date."

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Lamb Of God's Randy Blythe Explains Tour Cancelation

Lamb Of God frontman Randy Blythe posted a lengthy message to fans explaining why the band pulled out of their European tour in the wake of the terrorist attacks in Paris on November 13th.

Blythe posted the following on his Randonesia blog, "At the request of management, I have agreed to write a post concerning our recently cancelled tour of Europe. I wouldn't have bothered to do this on my own, since a rather self-explanatory general statement has already been made explaining our reasons for leaving and that seems more than sufficient to me- the basic gist of the post was that something specific occurred that made some of us in the band feel that it was unwise to continue on with the tour, potentially putting ourselves, our crew, and large numbers of defenseless people in harm's way. Simple enough. And I won't elaborate on the details of that occurrence here, since I have no wish to add to the atmosphere of speculation and fear that currently surrounds terrorist activities in Europe- there are way too many ill-informed running mouths across the globe making an already tense, highly complex, and extremely fluid situation on that continent even worse. I feel pretty ridiculous even writing this (who knew deciding to cancel a tour after venues you have played start getting blown up would require any sort of explanation to anyone?), but since I have been asked nicely to do so by the people I employ to manage my band, I will.

"And as one of the band members who said 'I am done here,' I will speak solely for myself, not my band as a whole. I have no problem with this because, well, because frankly I don't give a rat's ass what most people think of me in general- historically, other people's opinions of what I should or shouldn't do or say hasn't made much of an impact on my decision making process, and it's not about to start now. Besides, I'm already more than used to being the bad guy, so I won't lose any sleep over the inevitable pissy internet comments. That kind of stuff just isn't significant enough to keep me up at night, and I don't pay much attention to it anyway- I'll leave that to the hand-wringers and gossipmongers who have nothing better to do. So here is what I have to say, and it's all I'm going to say on this matter, PERIOD- those with just half of a functional brain in their heads will easily understand, the restů well, who really gives a f*** what you (don't) think anyway? Certainly not me." Read the rest of his post here.

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Jimmy Page Does Surprise Led Zeppelin Jam

(hennemusic) Jimmy Page performed the Led Zeppelin classic "Rock And Roll" with an all-star lineup of musicians in Seattle last Thursday night and video of the jam has been posted online.

Page was on hand at the Experience Music Project to receive a Founder's Award and, despite assurances that he would not play, the guitarist joined a cast of fellow rockers for the final song of the evening, according to Rolling Stone.

Page hopped on stage to deliver the Zeppelin tune alongside vocalists Paul Rodgers, William DuVall of Alice In Chains and Moke's John Hogg, eight guitarists including Soundgarden's Kim Thayil, Cheap Trick's Rick Nielsen and EMP founder and Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, bassists Duff McKagan (Guns N' Roses/Velvet Revolver) and Tesla's Brian Wheat and former Screaming Trees drummer Barrett Martin.

In addition to Page's honor, the benefit event was a fund-raiser for the Seattle museum's youth-arts education efforts. The evening featured a lineup of guests performing tunes from Page's career, including former Black Crowes guitarist Rich Robinson and Nirvana's Krist Novoselic. Check out video here.

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Def Leppard Offshoot Delta Deep Stream Christmas Song

(hennemusic) Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen's blues project Delta Deep has released a lyric video for the seasonal track "Take Me Home for Christmas." Available November 27, the song sees Collen joined by singer Debbi Blackwell-Cook, Stone Temple Pilots bassist Robert DeLeo, and drummer Forrest Robinson.

"Delta Deep has this great Christmas song reminiscent of the 1940's jazz era," explains Collen. "We didn't plan it that way but that's just how the song came out. We love it because it's not like your traditional Christmas song. It's a track that can literally be played year round simply because it's mellow and full of that smoky blues sound that's a part of all of us."

Delta Deep released their self-titled debut album earlier this year. The set includes guest appearances by Def Leppard vocalist Joe Elliott, Whitesnake's David Coverdale, Sex Pistols/Manraze drummer Paul Cook and Girl/Manraze bassist Simon Laffy.

Def Leppard's new, self-titled album recently debuted at No. 10 on the UB Billboard 200. Read more and stream the new song here.

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Guns N' Roses Reunion Would Be Great For Music Says Ex-Guitarist

(Classic Rock) Former Guns N' Roses guitarist Gilby Clarke hopes that rumors about a reunion featuring Axl Rose and Slash are true. He says he doesn't know any more than the band's fans - but wants to see the classic-era lineup take the stage again.

Rumours have begun circulating once more after guitarist Slash revealed he and frontman Rose had settled their long-standing differences. Clarke tells California Rock News: "I hope it happens. I honestly have no information, but I hope it happens.

"It's great for music. It's great for rock music. It was a great band. Everybody's alive, healthy. It should happen." Clarke joined GnR after Izzy Stradlin's departure in 1991, then joined Slash's Snakepit in 1994 before focusing on solo work two years later.

He recently admitted that he was unlikely to be invited to return, saying: "I've got to be realistic - the fans want the original five guys, and I do too. It would be great to see that." Watch the full interview here.

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Cop Fired After Joining Vital Remains On Stage

(Classic Rock) The chief of a Florida police force which fired a police officer after he sang with a death metal band while on duty says he didn't want the public "to be in fear of" the officer.

Officer Andrew Ricks of the City Of Sanford Police Department joined Vital Remains onstage at West End Trading Co venue in Sanford and helped introduce their track Let The Killing Begin. A video was sent to Chief Cecil B Smith who reacted by bringing the officer's impending resignation forward.

Now Smith says that Ricks' stunt was the latest in a string of incidents which cumulatively resulted in his sacking. But he adds that Ricks' actions were inappropriate, especially in the wake of the Paris terror attacks.

He tells The Daily Beast: "'Let the killing begin' is not an appropriate response to anything, considering the tensions between law enforcement and the communities, and considering the circumstances of things that have taken place in Paris and around our country. The last thing I want to do is have anyone be in fear of one of our police officers.

"For folks to believe that he was terminated because of the circumstances isn't true. What would have probably happened if Officer Ricks had remained on the job, is that we would have completed the internal investigation, for which he would have most likely received some form of discipline." Read more and watch the performance here.

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Eagles Of Death Metal's Jesse Hughes Speaks Out About Terror Attacks

(Classic Rock) Eagles Of Death Metal frontman Jesse Hughes has spoken for the first time since the Paris terrorist attacks. The singer says he believes many of the 89 killed at the Bataclan venue where the band were playing on Friday, November 13, died because they refused to leave their stricken friends.

In total, 130 people were murdered in the French capital by gunmen and suicide bombers. Extremist group IS has claimed responsibility for the attacks.

In a brief trailer for a longer interview due to be released next week, Hughes tells Vice: "Several people hid in our dressing room and the killers were able to get in and killed every one of them, except for a kid that was hiding under my leather jacket.

"People were playing dead and they were so scared. A great reason why so many were killed is because so many people wouldn't leave their friends. So many people put themselves in front of people."

Hughes is joined by bandmate Josh Homme in the interview. Homme was not with the band in Paris. Watch the full interview here.

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Bring Me The Horizon Give 10K To The Ghost Inside Bus Crash Fund

(TeamRock Radio) Bring Me The Horizon have donated $10,000 to a fund set up after The Ghost Inside were involved in a fatal bus crash. The Sheffield outfit have diverted money made on merch on their current That's The Spirit tour to the GoFundMe campaign set up to pay for The Ghost Inside's medical expenses and for the funeral of the tour bus driver who lost his life.

BMTH say: "Yesterday as we came offstage we heard that our good friends in The Ghost Inside were involved in a terrible collision whilst on their tour bus in America.

"Unfortunately the drivers in both vehicles sadly passed away, and a large number of the band and crew have sustained serious injuries and are currently in care. Our thoughts are currently with the band, crew and families of all involved in this horrible accident.

"We first toured with The Ghost Inside in 2008 and have remained good friends with them since. Proceeds from our merchandise on this tour have been donated to a GoFundMe account set up to help with medical bills. We urge our fans to get involved and help with whatever you can donate too." Read more here.

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The Used Confirm Split With Quinn Allmann

(TeamRock Radio) Quinn Allmann has left The Used by "mutual understanding," the band have reported. He announced a temporary hiatus in February, with his colleagues saying at the time that they were looking forward to his return in 2016.

Now the band has confirmed that his stand-in, Justin Shekoski of Saosin, will be staying on in a permanent role as the group gears up for a 15th anniversary tour.

The Utah outfit say: "Nothing can ever detract from the magic of the relationships that helped create the music that is The Used. For these beautiful memories we will be forever grateful.

"Quinn will not be returning to the band and Justin will be taking his place. The journey so far has been amazing, and we continue to feel very positive about what lies ahead." Read more here.

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Disturbed Release 'The Light' Music Video

(TeamRock Radio) Chicago chart toppers Disturbed have released a video for their track The Light. The song features on David Draiman and co's comeback album, Immortalized, released in August.

The album was their first studio material since 2010's Asylum. The band will head out on a US tour in 2016 and have also been confirmed for next year's Download at Donington Park on the weekend on June 10-12.

Draiman recently revealed the band struggled to get noticed in their early days, saying they were "blacklisted" for not being cool enough in their native Chicago. Watch the video here.

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Primus Release Video For Willy Wonka Themed 'Candy Man'

(Classic Rock) Primus have released a video for their take on Willy Wonka track Candy Man. It's taken from latest album Primus & the Chocolate Factory - Les Claypool and co's 2014 reimagining of the soundtrack to 1971 film Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory.

The typically eye-catching promo is directed by Ivan Landau, Edgar Alvarez and Webster Colcord and features the journey of a boiled sweet as it's picked up off the street by a boy.

Claypool tells Bass Player: "When we finished up the last album cycle, I had this idea of taking on some sort of sacred cow, either with my band or with Primus. And then when Herb came back, we were all excited about Primus.

"I always had the creepy Candy Man idea in my head, so it kind of stemmed from there. Every year, we do a New Year's show with a theme, so last year we decided to do the Wonka theme and play some of the songs from the Wonka soundtrack in our own way.

"Next thing I knew, we were doing the entire record. It just fell together so nicely. It's one of the smoothest undertakings I've done in a long time." Watch video here.

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AC/DC Receive Hall Of Fame Induction In Australia

(hennemusic) AC/DC were inducted into The Age Music Victoria's Hall Of Fame in Victoria, Australia on November 20. The Age reports the 10tth anniversary event at the Palais Theatre in St. Kilda saw the band honored as one of 10 inductees including the Seekers, Olivia Newton-John, the late radio DJ Stan Rofe, the Palais Theatre and Archie Roach.

In a statement, AC/DC lead guitarist Angus Young said it was "an absolute honor" to be recognized in the 10th year of the Hall of Fame. "Victoria has a special place in our hearts, especially the early years of the band. Thank you for the induction into The Age Music Victoria Hall of Fame."

Music Victoria chief executive Patrick Donovan said AC/DC became "a sensation on Ripponlea-based Countdown as soon as the show exploded colorfully onto national TV" and soon launched themselves on the world.

"Two of the world's best axemen, Angus on lead and Malcolm on rhythm, forging some of the biggest, baddest riffs we'll ever know," said Donovan. "They moved to Melbourne, sharing a rental house in Landsdowne Road, St Kilda where they jammed and practiced, played blues records and wrote songs through the day and night." Read more here.

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Wolfmother Streaming Two Songs From Forthcoming Album 'Victorious'

(hennemusic) Wolfmother are streaming two tracks from their forthcoming album "Victorious." The Australian rockers are sharing "City Lights" and the title track to their fourth album and first since 2014's "New Crown."

Both tunes are available as instant downloads with pre-orders of "Victorious", which was recorded at Henson Studios in Los Angeles with producer Brendan O'Brien.

Due February 19, "Victorious" sees sole original member vocalist/guitarist Andrew Stockdale also handle bass duties and joined on the project by drummers Josh Freese (Nine Inch Nails, Bruce Springsteen, A Perfect Circle) and Joey Waronker (Air, Beck, REM).

Stockdale began working on the record this past January at his Byron Bay studio in New South Wales, writing on every instrument and embracing the same creative approach he used on the band's debut album a decade ago.

"Back in the early days, I'd play guitar, bass, and drums and then present the ideas to the band and we'd work on the arrangement together," says Stockdale. "I thought it would be cool to get back to demoing ideas by myself and playing everything. It's a good way to do things because it can make the style more cohesive.

"We wanted to get back to that big sound. The album is a balance of garage-y energy and big production. It's wild, energetic and perfect for a festival main stage." Check out the songs here.

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Entombed AD Announce New Album 'Dead Dawn'

(Classic Rock) Entombed AD have confirmed their next album will be released in February of next year. The Swedish metal veterans issue Dead Dawn on February 26 via Century Media. It's their second album under that name, having released their first record as Entombed AD - Back To The Front - in 2014.

Entombed added the AD to their name after they split with guitarist Alex Hellid. A single from the album is due in December. Guitarist Nico Elgstrand says: "After festering an eon inside the belly of the beast, it finally disposed of us. I'm not gonna tell you out of which orifice we were spawned, but I will tell you it was demeaning in the true sense of the word.

"From this horrible experience came the urge to express ourselves through sound and so we did. Now, it's done and we can only look proudly back on what we have created - a damn sinister sounding record. You might not be able to comprehend it, but you won't be able to deny it either." Read more here.

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Tesseract Tap Nordic Giants For Upcoming Tour

(Classic Rock) Nordic Giants will support Tesseract on their 2016 UK tour, it's been announced. The duo, who released their debut album A Seance Of Dark Delusions earlier this year, will join previously confirmed band The Contortionist for the dates across the country in February.

Tesseract bassist Amos Williams says: "We are always very keen to take unusual, unique, and creative acts out on tour with us. Bands like The Algorithm and Chimp Spanner have, in the past, allowed us to create a diverse and entertaining package.

"Continuing in the fashion, we are excited to announce that Nordic Giants are joining us and The Contortionist for the UK leg of the Polaris World Tour.

"Nordic Giants are a blissful mix of post rock, electronica prog. And along with The Contortionist will help us create a fantastic evening of boundary breaking noise." See the tour dates here.

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Monster Truck Stream New Song 'The Enforcer'

(Classic Rock) Monster Truck have premiered their latest lyric video with TeamRock. The Enforcer is taken from the Canadian outfit's upcoming album Sittin' Heavy, due for release on February 19 next year via Mascot Label Group.

The track is a tribute to ice hockey's hardmen, known as 'enforcers.' Guitarist Jeremy Widerman says: "We wanted to write a raucous and anthemic tribute to our favorite sport, hockey.

"A rock'n'roll salute to enforcers everywhere who live by the unspoken code that demands retribution for a fallen teammate. Something that could serve as the soundtrack to a highly anticipated game and as the victory song after a crowd raising fight or goal."

On the album, frontman Jon Harvey adds: "Rock'n'roll should be a celebration. We try to do that as much as we can. Everything in life should be a celebration." Stream the song here.

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Peter Gabriel To Receive Festival Award

(Classic Rock) Peter Gabriel is to receive an award for his work co-founding the WOMAD festivals. He helped launch the World Of Music, Arts And Dance series in 1982, setting out with the aim of being "enthusiastic about a world that has no boundaries in its ability to communicate through music and movement."

The first festival pushed Gabriel close to financial ruin, leading to his one-off reunion with Genesis for the Six Of The Best show later that year. Since then WOMAD has continued to grow, with five events on its current schedule, including a return to Charlton Park, Wiltshire, on July 28-31.

Gabriel's efforts will be recognized when he's presented with the Outstanding Contribution To Festivals Award at the UK Festival Awards & Conference 2015, at London's Roundhouse on November 26. Read more here.

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Slaves Postpone Tour Dates Due To Isaac Holman Injury

(TeamRock Radio) Slaves have postponed all of their November tour dates as Isaac Holman recovers from a shoulder injury. The drummer and vocalist dislocated his shoulder during the British punk rock duo's recent gig in Norwich. The November shows have been moved to new dates in January, but Slaves say their December shows will go ahead as planned.

Meanwhile, an appearance set for November 25 at Wolverhampton's Wolfrun Hall has been cancelled due to refurbishments taking place at the venue.

Holman says: "As some of you may know I dislocated my shoulder whilst performing the other night. I went to hospital and they put it back in for me but I am now in a sling and do not have much mobility in my arm.

"The doctor said I can't drum for the next few weeks or there is a good chance it will come out again and cause some serious long-term damage. Therefore, we are going to have to pull out of the remaining shows of our November UK tour and they will be rescheduled to the dates below in January." Read more including the rescheduled dates here.

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Ghost May Record New EP If They Can Find the Time

(TeamRock Radio) Ghost want to record another EP between albums - but they're struggling to find the time. And they'll only do it if they can be certain it won't be too similar to their 2013 covers collection If You Have Ghost, which followed the launch of second album Infestissumam and came ahead of latest work Meliora.

One of the band's Nameless Ghouls tells AMBY: "We have a list of songs that we want to record. But the album took a lot of time and the recording ended up being a procedure that allowed for very little extra material.

"Whereas many bands go into the studio and record 17 songs, choose 13 and then leave the rest as an extra topping later, we never really got to do that. So we're trying to figure out: should we record an EP? When are we supposed to do that? We're basically on tour from now until December 2016." Read more here.

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Asia Guitarist Sam Coulson Releases Solo Album

(Prog) Asia guitarist Sam Coulson has released his debut solo album "Electric Classic," which is an effort that features his own takes on 10 famous classical works.

It follows Asia's 2014 album Gravitas, recorded after he replaced Steve Howe in the veteran outfit. Electric Classical is available now in CD and digital formats.

Coulson says: "I'm very proud of my first solo album. It's 10 of my favourite classical pieces, played on a couple of Fender Stratocasters. I really enjoyed recording them - I hope you enjoy listening." Check out a promo video here.

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Kiama Release Final Teaser Video For Sign Of IV Album

(Prog) Kiama have released a final teaser for their upcoming debut album. The short clip is from the track Slip Away - taken from the album Sign Of IV, which will be released in January via Tigermoth Records.

The band includes Magenta mainman Rob Reed as well as Andy Edwards from Frost*, Luke Machin of Maschine and The Tangent, and Dylan Thompson from Shadow Of The Sun.

Kiama feature in the latest issue of Prog magazine, in which they explain their blend of prog and classic rock styles. Edwards says: "Rob and I came up with the idea when we were recording Magenta's The Twenty Seven Club.

"We were doing the drums in Rockfield Studios, which is where Rush recorded A Farewell To Kings and Queen did Bohemian Rhapsody. We started talking about the bands we grew up listening to and why those albums were so good for being recorded in that way.

"So it started with the idea of forming a band, writing together and then going into a room and recording together." Watch the video here.

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