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Finch Break Up, Members' New Group Release First Song

Finch have broken up for a third time after frontman Nate Barcalow has once again quit the group. The news comes as the new band featuring three members of Finch along with Senses Fail's Buddy Nielsen release their first single.

The new group, called Speak the Truth... Even If Your Voice Shakes, was announced back in May and features Finch's Alex Pappas (drums), Alex Linares (guitar), and Daniel Wonacott (guitar). Late last week they revealed their first single "Crash My Car", which can be streamed here.

Finch released the following statement last week about their break up, "Within the last 10 years Finch has only released ONE full length album... That can't be understated. In 2009, Nate walked away from an album and quit. Yesterday, Nate quit again, for the third time in the bands history (2004, 2009, & 2016).

"We all knew it was coming, it was not a shock. In 2015 we wrote a batch of songs, but did not have a completed album. We entered the studio with a producer friend of ours to work on some material that would complete the album and begin pre-production on the songs we already had. Nate was a no show for the majority of these sessions and chose to stop communicating with the band in January 2016.

"Throughout 2016 there have been tour offers we've had to pass on, festival appearances we've passed on because we were unable to reach Nate. I think it is important for Finch fans to know that we've always had the best intentions, we always strove to create the best songs we could, but you cannot control other peoples' behavior. Nate's choice to quit again is disappointing, but not unexpected.

"We're really proud of the last two songs we recorded as a band. In Nate's mind the stylistic change was enough to throw away his career. We just thought they were great Finch songs. We've posted both them on the Finch youtube channel, and hope you enjoy them. Cheers everybody! We'll see y'all next year for the What It Is To Burn 15 year anniversary tour! -Grizzly, Daniel, and Pappas" Check out the songs here.

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All-Star Beatles' Revolver Tribute Revealed By Howard Stern

(Classic Rock) Released in August 1966, The Beatles' Revolver revolutionized rock, marking the point where songwriting nous and sonic experimentation collided in the mainstream for the first time. To celebrate the album's 50th anniversary, the Howard Stern show commissioned a host of names to record tracks from the album. Amongst those contributing covers were Joe Bonamassa, Cheap Trick, James Taylor, Gov't Mule, J. Mascis, Living Colour and Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats.

"The music of the Beatles has withstood over a half of a century and still surpasses any followers' attempts of recreating those sounds, and especially those songs," Joe Bonamassa tells the show. He recorded a version of the album's opening track, Taxman.

"We're all obviously big Beatles fans," adds Gov't Mule's Warren Haynes. Revolver in particular was among their many milestones in the way that it represents their changing from a pop band to a rock band. Subject matters were changing with their songwriting and they were on the forefront of what was changing with, not only music, but pop culture.

"Gov't Mule has performed songs like She Said She Said and Tomorrow Never Knows in our live shows but had never offered up a take of And Your Bird Can Sing until this recording. We wanted to put our own slant on it and it came together rather quickly and turned out great. We've since added it to our live repertoire and really enjoy playing it." You can hear the full album here.

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Avenged Sevenfold Two-Disc Compilation Album Announced

Avenged Sevenfold's time on Warner Bros. Records will be the focus of a new two-disc set entitled "The Best Of 2005-2013", which will be released on December 2nd.

The set will include the band's cover of the Black Sabbath's classic "Paranoid", as well as tracks that the band composed for two video games: "Carry On" (Call Of Duty II) and "Not Ready To Die" (Call Of The Dead).

The other material for the album will be drawn for the studio albums that the band released on the label including City Of Evil, Avenged Sevenfold, Nightmare and Hail To The King. See the tracklist here.

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Deep Purple Finish Recording New Album

(Classic Rock) Deep Purple bassist Roger Glover has confirmed that he and the band have finished recording what will be their 20th album. He confirms the mixes are done on the follow-up to 2013's Now What?! and says they're eyeing an early spring release next year via earMUSIC.

Glover says in a video message: "I have a little bit of news for you - not a lot, but some. I know a lot of you have been waiting for this new album of ours. Well, it's nearly there.

"We recorded it in Nashville in February and we've been working on it and the mixes were finally done a couple of months ago. It'll be out sometime next year - early spring. I'm in Hamburg and it's the first playback to some of the distributors and the record label chiefs and it's very exciting."

He continues: "I know you've been very patient - and so have we. We tour a lot and it's difficult to actually get some time in the studio sometimes. But the album is finished.

"We haven't got a title yet. We're still arguing about that - as we do about everything. But for you, who have been waiting for so long, it won't be much longer." Watch the video here.

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Phil Collins Would Have Quit Genesis To Join The Who

(Prog) Phil Collins has revealed he would have quit Genesis to join The Who after drummer Keith Moon's death if he'd been asked. Collins held a webchat with fans via the Guardian - and when quizzed whether he'd have considered a move to The Who following the death of Keith Moon, Collins responded: "Absolutely would have joined The Who."

He added: "I would have left Genesis to join The Who. But they've got a great drummer now in Zak Starkey, he's fantastic. Someone with the balls that Keith Moon had."

This week Collins announced a comeback tour for next year and also released his biography Not Dead Yet. And he says while writing it, he discovered much about himself.

Collins continues: "I was reminded harshly about how much I worked. Which didn't seem to be quite like that much when you were doing it, but looking back at it in a lump, yes, it was quite intimidating. You miss out on family.

"The only saving grace is that as my kids have gotten busier themselves, professionally, they have realized that that comes with what you do. They've realized that." Read more here.

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Danny Worsnop Explains Reunion With Asking Alexandria

(Metal Hammer) Danny Worsnop has opened up on his decision to rejoin Asking Alexandria. The band confirmed Worsnop's return on Saturday after weeks of speculation over their future. Guitarist Ben Bruce said they had split with Denis Stoff (aka Shaforostov), who only replaced Worsnop 18 months ago.

Now Worsnop has released a statement about his decision to return to the band and he insists We Are Harlot - the band he formed before leaving Asking Alexandria in the first place - will continue, as will his solo career.

Worsnop says: "Two weeks ago, I was approached with a question, if I would consider touring with my former band, Asking Alexandria, for their upcoming tour 10 Years In The Black.

"Now, keep in mind that outside occasional, 'Hey, man, how've you been?' texts, Ben Bruce and I hadn't spoken since my departure - and the rest of the band, not at all.

"It was a long week pondering the decision and figuring out what the right thing to do was. After all, my solo album, The Long Road Home, is about to release, which is, of course, my primary focus.

"I'm also working on the new We Are Harlot record, and trying to book in as much acting work as possible. Eventually, the pivotal hour came about and it was time to make a decision. I took this last year off from playing and touring to find myself (pretentious) and re-evaluate my life (cliche), which I NAILED (badass).

"So, now, after almost two years, I shall be going on tour again with Asking Alexandria." Read more here.

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Foreigner Biography Announced By Founder Mick Jones

(hennemusic) Foreigner founding member and guitarist Mick Jones has announced that he will be publishing the band's first official biography, "A Foreigner's Tale", in 2017.

"A Foreigner's Tale" will see Jones share rare and candid photos from the band's career alongside Foreigner artwork and memorabilia from his personal archives.

The book will be sold exclusively online at Foreignerbook.com via Rocket 88 Books; fans can register at the site for updates and the chance to have their name printed in the biography. here.

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Crowbar Streaming New Song 'The Serpent Only Lies'

(Metal Hammer) Crowbar have made the title track from their upcoming 11th album The Serpent Only Lies available to stream. The follow-up to 2014's Symmetry In Black is released on October 28. Crowbar previously made new tracks Plasmic And Pure and Falling While Rising available to stream.

Frontman Kirk Windstein recently described the new material as "more meat and potatoes" than previous outings. He added: "I intentionally went back and listened to a lot of old Crowbar stuff, like the self-titled and Broken Glass albums, to get a feel for what my mindset was 20-plus years ago.

"I also went back and listened to the bands that influenced Crowbar in the beginning, like Trouble, Saint Vitus, Melvins, and the first Type O Negative record. So it was kinda me doing my homework.

"Having this be our 11th record, we're very fortunate because so many bands don't last this long. My whole outlook on music as a career is the Motorhead outlook, which is that slow and steady wins the race.

"If you continue to put out killer records, continue to kick ass onstage every night and continue to treat your fans with respect, that's the stuff people will remember." Stream the song here.

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Katatonia Expand The Great Cold Distance For Anniversary Reissue

(Metal Hammer) Katatonia have announced a 10th anniversary version of 2006 album "The Great Cold Distance". It will be released in a four disc deluxe hardback 40-page book edition on January 20 next year, while a double gatefold vinyl version arrives earlier, on December 9.

The 4CD version includes three bonus discs featuring b-sides and bonus songs, a new 5.1 remix of the album by Bruce Soord and a live album of Katatonia playing The Great Cold Distance in its entirety with the Plovdiv Philharmonic Orchestra in Bulgaria in September 2016.

Guitarist Anders Nystrom says: "Looking back at our set lists from a historic perspective, it dawned on us that there's been no other album from which we played more songs than The Great Cold Distance, so in the light of its 10th anniversary this year, it's with much pride and joy to announce the ultimate edition featuring all the scattered bits and pieces related to this album."

The Great Cold Distance was Katatonia's seventh studio album and was recorded and mixed at Fascination Street, Orebro Sweden, produced by Nystrom/Renkse on and co-produced, mixed & engineered by Jens Bogren & David Castillo. Read more here.

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Scott Ian Gave Anthrax Ultimatum Over Joey Belladonna

(Metal Hammer) Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian has revealed he forced the band to choose between him and singer Joey Belladonna in 1992. And he says they should have given the frontman a chance to prove himself as they moved towards a different sound, rather than deciding they needed a replacement.

John Bush took over from classic-era singer Belladonna, who returned to the band in 2010 and has since recorded two further albums with them. Ian said last year that the lineup change was a result of his own "immaturity," adding: "I never had a problem with the way Joey was singing the words I was writing. Once we got to Persistence Of Time it wasn't working for me any more."

He recently told WTF With Marc Maron: "I just truly didn't have the patience any more. I was writing the words and I couldn't deal with the fact that someone else was singing, but I couldn't sing.

"I couldn't stand it any more - 'These are my words, these are my feelings, and you're not me.' My solution at the time was turning around to the rest of the band and saying, 'It's either him or me.'" Read more here.

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Orchestra Show Inspired Megadeth Wine

(Metal Hammer) Dave Mustaine's foray into making wine and beer started out as an attempt to make sure fans of heavy metal and classical music could all get along together, he's revealed.

And the co-creator of Megadeth's beer has explained why he insisted it should have the lowest alcohol content his brewery have ever made. The drink, called A Tout Le Monde after the band's 1994 track, was launched Friday (October 21).

Mustaine decided to release his own wine as he worked on a show with the San Diego Symphony Orchestra in 2014. He tells Forbes: "You've got people wearing leather jackets who'd probably never worn leather other than belts and shoes.

"And you've got headbangers who've gone out and rented tuxedos. It was a cute kind of thing, and the wine was a social lubricant." The experiment led to the creation of Mustaine Vineyards, and later he began working with Unibroue brewer Jerry Vietz to create the 4.5% beer. Read more here.

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Living Colour Announce Tour With Alter Bridge

(Classic Rock) Living Colour have announced that they'll support Alter Bridge on their upcoming European tour. The band had been scheduled to hit the road with Glenn Hughes throughout November and December - but were forced to pull out due to what's been called an "unforeseen conflict."

With that situation apparently resolved, they'll play with Alter Bridge - a run of shows which kick off in Bilbao, Spain, on November 4. Vocalist Corey Glover says: "We're excited to be touring Europe with Alter Bridge. They remind us of the many great rock bands we came up alongside in the 80s.

"We'd love to be getting to more cities and countries while we're there, but we'll return for a more extensive tour when our new album drops in 2017." Read more including the dates here.

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Bruce Dickinson Serves Iron Maiden Beer To Fans At Club

(Classic Rock) Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson surprised patrons at a rock club in Wales when he turned up to serve pints behind the bar. Dickinson visited Fuel Rock Club in Cardiff to check out the venue's latest addition to its offering of draft ales - Iron Maiden's new Trooper Red 'N' Black beer.

The singer was in the Welsh capital to see his son Griff's band Shvpes play nearby and decided to sample the beer in the Fuel Rock Club. But rather than enjoy a drink himself, Dickinson got behind the bar and got to work serving pints of Trooper Red 'N' Black.

Fuel owner Rob Toogood tells Wales Online: "When I bumped into him backstage at a show in Barcelona he told me to let him know when I had the new beer in and he promised to pull a few pints for us.

"His son Griff was playing across the road with his band Shvpes so we guessed he might be about. He stayed most of the night just mingling, chatting, and posing for pics." Read more and check out video here.

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Metallica's Kirk Hammett Reflects On Timeless Solo

(Classic Rock) Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett has described why his guitar solo on 1991 song The Unforgiven has such a timeless appeal for him. The guitar work on the Black Album track was voted no. 30 on Classic Rock's 100 Greatest Guitar Solos by a panel of critics - with Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page clinching the top spot with his work on Stairway To Heaven.

Hammett tells Classic Rock: "I enjoy playing the solo on The Unforgiven because it's such a dynamic solo. And a lot of times live, I'll change around my guitar solo because I end up not liking what I recorded, or I get bored with what was recorded - or I just want to play something completely different.

"But with The Unforgiven, as a guitar solo it has changed very little over the years. It's probably one of the only guitar solos that I play just like the album."

Other solos to feature in the list include Eagles classic Hotel California, Black Sabbath's Paranoid and Prince's Purple Rain. See the top 10 here.

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Flotsam & Jetsam Announce European Headline Tour

Flotsam & Jetsam have announced that they will be launching a European headline tour next spring that will feature support from Dew-Scented and Izegrim.

The 'Forbidden Territories of the World' tour will be kicking off on March 23rd in Strasskirchen, Germany at the Plutonium and will wrap up on with an appearance at the Vienna Metal Meeting festival on April 8th.

The band had the following to say about the trek, "We're looking forward to bringing our headline show to Europe next year, with us doing at least 80 minutes a night of Flotsam classics, as well as fan favorites, off the new album.

"We're known to change our set list up from show to show, so if a city has enough requests for a certain song, we'll play it for you to make your show a little more special. Looking forward to seeing all our friends at these shows." See the dates here.

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Soundgarden Release Classic Live Performance Video

(Classic Rock) Soundgarden have released a video of them performing Searching With My Good Eye Closed in 1992. The performance was captured during the band's show at the Paramount in Seattle that year and will feature on Soundgarden's upcoming 25th anniversary edition of 1991 album Badmotorfinger, set for release on November 18.

Last month Soundgarden guitarist Kim Thayil reported that they were 12 songs into their next album - which they were juggling with Chris Cornell and drummer Matt Cameron's Temple Of The Dog reunion.

He said: "Over the past year we've had a number of songwriting and jam sessions, getting together to exchange ideas and document and record them. We have some rough demos of a dozen or so songs.

"We'll continue to do this as everyone's schedule opens up, and hopefully by next year we'll find ourselves in the studio fleshing out these ideas." Watch the video here.

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John Lees' Barclay James Harvest Announce UK Tour

(Prog) John Lees' Barclay James Harvest have announced a run of six UK tour dates in November. The shows will see the band perform classic Barclay James Harvest material from their three-decade recording career, along with selections from 2013 studio album North, which was the group's first all new studio album in 14 years.

Barclay James Harvey classic albums Everyone Is Everybody Else, Octoberon, XII and Gone To Earth were all recently reissued in deluxe editions with new 5.1 surround and stereo remixes on Esoteric Recordings/Cherry Red Records.

Lees recently spoke to Prog magazine about the band's career and recalled the clamor for tickets to their show sin the late 70s and early 80s. Read his comments and see the tour dates here.

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Singled Out: Death Valley High's Warm Bodies

Death Valley High are gearing up to release their new album "CVLT [AS FVK]" on November 4th and to celebrate we asked vocalist/guitarist Reyka Osburn to tell us about the song "Warm Bodies". Here is the story:

"WARM BODIES" was born from a bass line that mimicked a tempo that was in bed with Sex Pistols' "Sub-Mission". That is good a place as any to start a song. This beginning was a little different for us; pronounced and alluring.

After hacking out a segue into the pre-chorus, the chorus practically wrote itself. That was a good sign. Songs that write themselves are normally a good omen.

Out of that vertebrae, I drew up the skeleton on soft synth tissue and virtual drums. When we can get away with it, we favor a schizophrenic beat over a straight forward one, and the bass lines were perfect for an offset rhythm.

I had no idea what the song's actual theme was leaning towards. An obvious love song would never do... But what about bodies? Dead Bodies? Cold Bodies? Sexy Bodies...? "We need warm bodies", I thought. Vampires need warm and living blood. Every living, or undead, creature needs and lusts off of a warm entity... That's when I realized we had a song.

Even with all of these veins growing, this song still needed a pulse. In the end, what really started the heartbeat was the verse segue and its child-like, cautionary tale of "don't even bother unless you see the heart beat..."

It was a satisfying moment, basking in a Frankenstein electricity that led to this hybrid of Electro, Punk, and Deathrock. It was similar to its sibling "CVLT [AS FVK]" songs, but this one had a "tender" side. The sentiment of vulnerability was predominant in its need for living, breathing, responsive coconspirators; or on the other hand, a simple vampiric supplement for vitality. Vitamin "B"... Vitamin "Bodies"... Vitamin "Blood".

As stated in the song, "nothing is good to us dead... to keep us warm".

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!

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