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Carpool Karaoke Gets Metal Make-Over

(Metal Hammer) Every week on The Late Late Show with James Corden, your titular host uses his highly-popular Carpool Karaoke segment to show off his pipes to the great and good. Michelle Obama, Stevie Wonder, Elton John and Adele have all been flecked with his spittle as he croons along to the classics.

He even took his top off and had a wrestle with Red Hot Chili Peppers' Anthony Kiedis on someone's lawn. It's still one of the greatest moments of television ever made.

And now, people can't get enough of watching people singing in cars. Two Minutes To Late Night, the most metal chat show you'll ever see, have got in on the act with their own take on Carpool Karaoke. In this clip, presenter Gwarsenio Hall is in Denver en route to the recent Riot Fest, "a three-day punk and metal festival that's only little less embarrassing than Warped tour," says Hall.

"Something special is happening this year," he continues. "The original Misfits are playing: Danzig, Doyle and the bald one are getting back together for the first time in 2000 years. And to celebrate, we're going to do a little bit of copyright infringement." Read more and watch the skit here.

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Queen Classic Used In Virtual Reality Experiment

(Classic Rock) Queen and Google Play have joined forces to create a virtual reality experiment based on the classic hit Bohemian Rhapsody. The experiment allows fans to make a 3D, 360-degree journey through Freddie Mercury's subconscious mind, and recreates the feeling of being onstage with the band. It features visual and audio elements that respond to the user's movements, while the footage is accompanied by a remixed 3D version of the original hit.

"This fabulous Google clip is a new ground-breaker - perhaps the first great work of art in stereoscopic VR animation," says Brian May. "It's compatible with all VR smartphone-based systems, including my own London Stereoscopic Company OWL VR kit. A new kind of 3-D experience!"

The experiment is available as a Google Cardboard app on Android today, while an iOS version will be released soon. Read more and watch a behind the scenes video here.

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Guns N Roses' 'Use Your Illusion' Albums Turn 25

(Radio.com) Guns N Roses' dual 1991 albums Use Your Illusion I and Use Your Illusion II turned 25 today (September 17). The anniversary comes just as GNR has wrapped up a hugely successful reunion tour that saw founding members Slash and Duff McKagan back in the fold. It marked the first time that Axl Rose, Slash and Duff performed together since 1993. Absent from the reunion, however, was founding guitarist Izzy Stradlin', who quit the band in 1991.

This summer's Guns N Roses reunion could have included the entire original lineup: singer Axl Rose, bassist Duff McKagan, drummer Steven Adler and guitarists Slash and Izzy Stradlin'. Adler joined the band for a few songs at a couple of shows, but Stradlin', who has filled in with various versions of the band over the years, was a no-show. In a recent interview, Rose said Adler couldn't do the tour due to a recent back surgery. Stradlin', however, flaked out, according to the frontman. "I don't even know what to say," Rose said. "We make arrangements, and then he goes and does other things. With Izzy, you never know what to expect." Which seemed like a plausible explanation, as the guitarist has a history of not wanting to tour. But Stradlin' weighed in on the interview pretty quickly. "Bulls—," he tweeted. "They didn't want to split the loot equally. Simple as that."

After listening to the Use Your Illusion albums and reading the liner notes, one could make a good argument that Stradlin' is worth his equal share. Prior to those albums, the band split songwriting credits evenly. On the band's debut, 1987's classic Appetite for Destruction, Rose, Slash, Stradlin', McKagan and Alder were all co-writers. This started to change with '88's G N'R Lies. Of the older tracks, we learned that the nasty, dirty "Move to the City" was co-written by Izzy with Chris Weber (from pre-GNR band Hollywood Rose). Of the new songs, three were co-written by the entire band. The massive hit "Patience," however, was a Rose/Stradlin' co-write.

If you made a playlist of songs from the Illusion albums and included only songs that Stradlin' wrote, co-wrote or sang on, you'd have a pretty classic album. Check out the song by song here.

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Metallica Going Down To The Wire On Hardwired

(Metal Hammer) Metallica frontman James Hetfield says the band are still making small adjustments to 10th album 'Hardwired... To Self-Destruct' - even though there are just nine weeks to go before it's released.

He reports that the music for the double-disc title has now been completed, but says the continuing work is down to their perfectionist attitude. And he adds that the band are taking a "can't please them all" approach to the fact that some people have started criticizing the follow-up to 2008's 'Death Magnetic' without having heard it.

Hetfield tells 93.3 WMMR: "You can call us perfectionists if you want, and I will too. But there's always something - you know, 'Ah, this is a little too long-winded. Let's cut this out. Let's make this a little more potent.'

"We're craftsmen and we want to make this as sharp and potent as possible. So all the way up to the last minute, even running order, there's always something we're thinking about and trying to make it the best."

He adds: "It is, by all means, done as far as songs go. So it's just artwork and little things here and there we're still working on." The frontman describes Hardwired… To Self-Destruct as "diverse" but says that lead track Hardwired is "a summary of a lot of the feel around the album."

He continues: "That's definitely one of the shorter songs on the record. We've been known to have long songs and there's a few of those." Read more here.

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Radiohead Release 'Present Tense' Video

(Radio.com) Radiohead have released a video for "Present Tense," which is a track from their latest album A Moon Shaped Pool. Frontman Thom Yorke and guitarist Jonny Greenwood perform alone new video.

The spartan clip features the two musicians seated on a dark stage barely illuminated by orange light, with only a drum machine loop for rhythmic backing.

The video was directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, who also shot the band's clip for "Daydreaming." The video for "Present Tense" was broadcast at the Mercury Music Awards in London earlier this week in lieu of a live performance.

Radiohead were up for the Mercury Prize for the fifth time, but lost to English grime star Skepta's album Konnichiwa (they've still never won). Skepta also beat David Bowie's swansong Blackstar. Watch the new video here.

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Black Sabbath Releasing 4-Disc 'Paranoid' Super Deluxe Edition

(hennemusic) Black Sabbath will release a Super Deluxe Edition of their 1970 album classic, "Paranoid", on November 11. The 4-disc set includes the original album, a rare quad mix of the record folded down to stereo, and two live shows from 1970 - one from Montreux and one from Brussels.

The quad mix included on the set's second disc comes from vinyl and 8-track pressings made in 1974, which have long been out of print. The concerts were recorded around the time of the album's release, with the Montreux show taking place before the album was released.

"Paranoid: Super Deluxe Edition" includes a hardbound book with new interviews with all band members, photos, a poster and a replica of the book sold during the group's tour in support of the album.

Black Sabbath's second studio release, "Paranoid" delivered an entire album of classic tracks with songs like "War Pigs", "Iron Man", "Hand Of Doom" and the title track, which went on to become the band's signature song.

The project topped the UK charts and peaked at No. 12 on the US Billboard 200 on its way to sales of more than 4 million copies in the States alone.

"'Paranoid' is important because it's the blueprint for metal," writes Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford in the liner notes. "It led the world into a new sound and scene."

A full tracklist for "Paranoid: Super Deluxe Edition" can be found here.

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Rob Zombie Releases 'Hideous Exhibitions' Video

(hennemusic) Rob Zombie has released a video for the track "The Hideous Exhibitions Of A Dedicated Gore Whore" from his latest album, "The Electric Warlock Acid Witch Satanic Orgy Celebration Dispenser."

Shot by the rocker and film director, Zombie says the clip's visuals share a history with some of his past videos. "It's kind of a running theme," he tells Noisey. "Eighteen years ago, on my first record, I had a song called 'Living Dead Girl'. And that became a huge song for me, and the female portion of the audience really embraced that title. So I thought, What's the next level you graduate to after Living Dead Girl? I guess you're a Dedicated Gore Whore! And the character in the video is the same as in the 'Living Dead Girl' video."

"I like creating characters - not just in movies but in videos - that can reappear and bounce back and sometimes pop up onstage," he adds. "It's the same actress, same make-up, but I figured that if the other video it looks like it's 1920, then it's eighty years later. She's getting a tattoo. Maybe next time she'll be in space!"

"Electric Warlock" debuted earlier this year at No. 6 on the US Billboard 200 with opening week sales of 41,000 units, of which 40,000 were in pure album sales. Watch the video here.

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Dillinger Escape Plan Lyrics About Co-Dependent Creative Relationship

(Metal Hammer) The Dillinger Escape Plan guitarist Ben Weinman believes most of Greg Puciato's lyrics on their recent albums have been about their co-dependent creative relationship.

The band are gearing up to release sixth record Dissociation before they split up after a final world tour, and Puciato has stated that the imminent split didn't influence his songwriting.

Now Weinman tells Loudwire: "I didn't write the lyrics. But to be honest, I think most of the last few records have to do with the tug and pull of me and Greg.

"We rely on each other to step up so much. We make our living off each other's output and the decisions we make. If he does something it affects me - if I do something it affects him. Co-dependence falls upon couples, work partners, friends. Everyone has these deals where you tug and pull."

He describes his relationship with Puciato as "the ultimate co-dependency" and adds: "We also enjoy the outcome and the process so much. We're really close."

But he observes: "Brothers want to kill each other!" Read more here.

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Saxon Begin Recording New Album

(Classic Rock) Saxon have begun recording sessions for their 22nd album, frontman Biff Byford has revealed. He's posted a picture of the band in a studio with returning producer Andy Sneap, who worked on 2013's Sacrifice and last year's Battering Ram.

Byford explains: "As usual the brakes don't work, so we're not slowing down!" He adds that, so far, the record is "sounding great."

Earlier this year the veteran vocalist said he wasn't bothered about reaching the age of 65. He told Classic Rock: "I don't dwell on it. Some of my friends have hit 40 and they're freaking. Big deal!

"But when you get to this age you can't drink loads of booze and take loads of drugs and expect to bounce back from it. You can easily slip away in that state. You have to stay fit. I ride my bike every day, three or four miles, sometimes eight." Read more here.

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An Endless Sporadic Streaming New Album 'Magic Machine' Online

(Prog) An Endless Sporadic have made their new album Magic Machine available to stream in full with Prog. The band led by Zach Kamins issue their second album on September 16 (Friday).

Magic Machine features guest appearances from Dream Theater keyboardist Jordan Rudess and Flower Kings mainman Roine Stolt. Kamins previously said it's a concerted effort to "bring out the true intention" of his band name.

He added: "I've always had a passion for music that was part of a bigger story, where ideas can take time to develop and be presented in many different ways."

Rudess said: "Zach has an enormous musical talent that I've been aware of for a long time. It was my pleasure to play some tracks on Magic Machine, as well as to be part of this important step in his career journey. The album is filled with awesome compositions and great playing." Read more and stream the album here.

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Diamond Head Release 'All The Reasons You Live' Video

(Classic Rock) NWOBM icons Diamond Head have released a video for "All The Reasons You Live," taken from their self-titled album, which was released in March as the follow-up to 2007's What's in Your Head?

"Out of all the tracks on the album this one is my favourite," says guitarist Brian Tatler. "We spent some time searching for the right location and found The Hush House at Bentwaters Parks. It was perfect - it was a military base and just echoed the songs feel."

The album is the first to feature vocalist Rasmus Born Anderson, who joined the band in 2014 to perform in live shows. "I had no interest in doing another record," says Tatler, "but after working with Ras on the 2014 European tour that suddenly changed. I wanted to make a record with him. He's a confident singer and he's not trying to fill anyone's shoes." Watch the video here.

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Red Fang Parody 'Predator' In 'Shadows' Video

(Metal Hammer) Red Fang have once again teamed up long-time collaborator Whitey McConnaughy to create a video. The new clip for the song "Shadows" parodies everyone's second-favorite Arnie movie Predator and some kind of nerd revenge fantasy.

"It was a crazy adventure through the woods in rural Oregon," says singer/guitar player Bryan Giles. "It has stunt men, real firepower and some great explosions! We had a blast on this one."

Shadows is the sixth video to pair Red Fang and director McConnaughy; the first clip from the partnership was 2010'sPrehistoric Dog, which saw the Portland-based band challenge a local role playing troupe only to suffer the consequences. The most recent video from the band and McConnaughy is the 2013 clip featuring Fred Armisen and a horde of beer-thirsty zombies in Blood Like Cream. Watch the new video here.

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Skreamer Giving Away New Album King Of Crows

(Metal Hammer) Skreamer are streaming their new album 'King Of Crows' exclusively with Metal Hammer - and they're offering it as a free download! Skreamer previously released a video for the title track, describing it as "a harsh look at the realities of a society gone mad." And it's safe to say the new album is a continuation of that bleak outlook.

To dig a little deeper and to find out what Skreamer are all about, we spoke to vocalist Sam Morter. MH: You're giving King Of Crows away as a free download, why have you decided to go this route?

Sam: "In this instance, with King Of Crows, the whole concept is unity with all people wherever they are, some of whom cannot afford to buy the album - so we decided it would be free!"

MH: How important is it to Skreamer to give music away for free? Sam:
"It is very important to us. Getting our music out to as many as possible has always been our main goal. Being free will hopefully help us achieve that aim." Read more and check out the album

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Outright Resistance Release 'Maimed In Chelsea' Video

(TeamRock) Up-and-coming UK outfit Outright Resistance have released a video for their track Maimed In Chelsea exclusively with TeamRock. It's taken from their Me Vs I EP, which was released earlier this year. And although their latest material was only recently released, they're mulling over ideas for what will be their debut album.

The band exclusively tells TeamRock: "We're always writing, so that when the time does come to think of the next record we're ready to jump straight into the process of what we really have a feeling for.

"We do have something in mind already to be completed next though, we've got a few minor things to figure out to make sure it does work as an idea, but we're beginning to put some plans in place."

The five-piece also spoke about the lyrics for their track We Are Here which offered hope and support for people in a dark place mentally, with the band saying it was inspired by personal experience. Read more and listen to the track here.

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