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Foo Fighters Reportedly Planning To Record New Album

(Radio.com) The Foo Fighters don't seem to have much planned by way of North American live shows in 2017, and that could have something to do with their next album.

In early January, the Foo Fighters hinted they would be playing in California. That gig turned out to be their co-headlining slot at BottleRock 2017. Their appearance at the Napa Valley festival might mark their only North American show this year and fans will be interested to learn why.

Speaking with the Napa Valley Register, Latitude 38 CEO Dave Graham, who helped organize the festival, said, "The Foo Fighters are in the studio all next year recording a new album and BottleRock may be their only show in 2017 in North America." Read more here.

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U2 Plan Epic 'Joshua Tree' Anniversary Show?

(Radio.com) U2 wished fans a Merry Christmas last week and in their quirky holiday video message the band eluded to a series of special 30th anniversary Joshua Tree shows.

"Next year's gonna be a big year for the U2 group," Bono said in the video message. "We have Songs of Experience coming… and to honor the 30th anniversary of Joshua Tree, we have some very special shows. Very special," he said. It now appears we may see the band reveal significant news about these shows as soon as next week.

On Wednesday, fan site AtU2.com reported that U2 and concert promoter Live Nation will partner for a joint announcement Monday, January 9. If the news is accurate, U2 will announce a show on May 20, 2017 at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA. Read more here.

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The Doors Expand Debut Album For 50th Anniversary

(hennemusic) The Doors will release an expanded, 50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition of their self-titled 1967 debut album on March 31. Packaged in a 12 x 12 hardcover book, the 3CD/LP set will include remastered stereo and mono mixes of the original record alongside a live recording from a March 7, 1967 performance at The Matrix in San Francisco, CA.

Remastered for the first time in nearly 30 years, the stereo mix of "The Doors" makes its return to CD after a decade while the mono mix makes its CD debut and also appears on the LP included.

The Matrix concert recordings deliver eight songs from the band's debut that were sourced from the recently discovered original tapes, which were previously thought to be lost; the upgrade tops a 2008 release of the material taken from a third-generation source. Read more here.

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Black Country Communion Begin Recording New Album

(hennemusic) Black Country Communion have entered the studio to begin recording their fourth album. The group connected for a series of writing sessions in September with producer Kevin Shirley.

"The gang is all here," tweeted guitarist Joe Bonamassa on Wednesday alongside a photo of the band in the studio. Bassist/vocalist Glenn Hughes added on his social media sites, "Here we go. BCC4 recording in Hollywood."

The lineup of Hughes, Bonamassa, keyboardist Derek Sherinian and drummer Jason Bonham revealed plans last year to reunite after they disbanded in early 2013. Read more here.

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Megadeth Hopeful The Band Will Finally Receive Grammy

(hennemusic) Megadeth bassist David Ellefson remains hopeful the veteran thrash band will eventually win a Grammy Award after recently receiving their 12th nomination in the Best Metal Performance category as part of the 2017 ceremony.

The title track to the group's fifteenth album, "Dystopia", will compete for the honor alongside tracks by Baroness ("Shock Me"), Gojira ("Silvera"), Korn ("Rotting in Vain") and Periphery ("The Price Is Wrong").

"It's recognition by your industry and by your peers for the work that you've done," Ellefson tells FeMetal TV. "And I assume it's nice to win [laughs] - hopefully we'll know one day. It's always nice to be nominated.

"And I think being nominated for a metal band, that says a lot. Because if you're a pop act, if you're Nashville, or an urban act, a Grammy can really put a lot of wind in your sails - to sell records, to bring notoriety, touring… on all aspects. I remember Norah Jones, the little girl with eleven or whatever Grammys she had, it changed her life. Whereas a metal band, we've been around many years - we've done the ground work, we've done the leg work, we've toured, we have a very intrinsic connection with our fanbase already."

Megadeth received their first Grammy nomination for the title track to "Rust In Peace" in 1991, and the "Dystopia" nod marks the band's fifth in the past seven years.

Given the scope of music recognized by The Recording Academy, Ellefson has come to appreciate that metal is included - even if it barely registers a mention on the annual broadcast, let alone have a heavy rock act actually perform on the Awards.

"The Grammy thing is obviously wonderful," the bassist explains, "But I think we are a genre… And there's a lot of genres there, because there's something like a hundred categories; they only televise, like, twelve or fourteen of 'em on TV, but there's another, literally, sixty [or] seventy categories that they give away from 1 p.m. 'till 5 p.m. before the televised section starts - Tejano music, things that I barely even have heard of. And they're honoring that.

"And that is the thing that I think is cool about the Grammys - they have really widened themselves out to honoring all of these different genres, and deservedly so. There isn't just one-size-fits-all in music, so it's cool that they honor that, and it's great that metal is one of those." Read more and watch the full interview here.

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Red Hot Chili Peppers To Appear in Ryan Gosling Film

(Radio.com) What do Ryan Gosling and the Red Hot Chili Peppers have in common? They're both set to appear in Terrence Malick's forthcoming feature film, Song to Song.

Gosling will star opposite Rooney Mara, Michael Fassbender and Natalie Portman, while the Red Hot Chili Peppers mark just one band among many that will appear in the film. The musically-driven Song to Song was originally titled Weightless and was filmed on location at Austin City Limits in 2012.

The synopsis sounds like a cross between a film noir and the Austin music scene. According to IndieWire, "In this modern love story set against the Austin, Texas music scene, two entangled couples -- struggling songwriters Faye (Mara) and BV (Gosling), and music mogul Cook (Fassbender) and the waitress whom he ensnares (Portman) -- chase success through a rock 'n' roll landscape of seduction and betrayal." It marks Gosling's second musically-driven film in less than a year. He starred opposite Emma Stone in 2016's La La Land.

Besides the Red Hot Chili Peppers, other artists and bands like Florence and the Machine, Patti Smith, Iggy Pop, Lykke Li, and the Black Lips will appear. Song to Song hits theaters on March 17th. Read more here.

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Sleater-Kinney Releasing Their Very First Live Album

(Radio.com) Sleater-Kinney have announced that they will be releasing their first live record, Live In Paris, on January 27. The album was recorded March 20, 2015 at the historic La Cigale theater in Paris, France, when the indie-rockers were touring to support their eighth album and first in nearly a decade, No Cities To Love.

The lineup featured guitarists/vocalists Corin Tucker and Carrie Brownstein (also of Portlandia fame) and drummer Janet Weiss. Sub Pop Records made announcement with the following tweet:

"It's Official: 2017 begins w/@Sleater_Kinney: 'Live In Paris' (out Jan 27). See/Hear 'Surface Envy' and preorder at… twitter.com/i/web/status/8'— Sub Pop Records (@subpop) January 03, 2017"

Check out the tracklisting and a fan-filmed video of the Live In Paris track "Surface Envy" here.

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A Look Back At Yes' 'Fragile' Album 45 Years Later

(Radio.com) This week (January 4), Yes's classic fourth album, 1972's Fragile, celebrates the 45th anniversary of its U.S. release (it hit stores in England a few weeks earlier, on November 26, 1971) and Brian Ives takes a look back at the landmark album.

Fragile was the album where Yes truly found their identity; it featured their most celebrated lineup, one of their signature radio songs and even saw them begin to form the visual imagery that they'd use throughout their career. As this anniversary comes just a few weeks after the announcement that Yes will finally be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, it's a good time to look back at the album which, more than any other in their catalog, is responsible for their legend.

Fragile was the perfect record for its time: blues-based rock music had gone pretty far, but Yes was bringing something new, fresh and different. They were one of a handful of bands that created the much-maligned and often-misunderstood art form known as progressive rock. Perhaps a few years down the line, the epic-length songs and rock star excesses made Yes the poster children for what music critics and punk rockers absolutely hated. But really, what Yes and their peers (Genesis, Emerson Lake and Palmer, King Crimson) were doing was bringing new flavors to rock music: classical and jazz influences permeated the music in ways that rock and roll hadn't seen before. Lyrically, Yes was finding different kinds of stories to tell; their words were more inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis than Willie Dixon and Jerry Lee Lewis. And they were certainly happy to stretch the lengths of rock songs: but not through jamming, like the Grateful Dead and the Allman Brothers. Instead, like classical composers, they created epics that contained multiple movements.

As long as the songs got, Yes never forgot the importance of the song. They also knew the importance of each individual member, all of whom were virtuosos. In fact, the nine track album really just has four "Yes" songs; the other five tracks are mostly solo pieces by individual members. And it was their newest member that brought Yes to their highest highs: keyboardist Rick Wakeman. Read more here.

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Stone Temple Pilots Addressed New Singer Report 2016 In Review

(Classic Rock) Stone Temple Pilots made headlines in November when a report claimed that they had hired former X Factor contestant Jeff Gutt as their new singer. The report was based on information from an unnamed "source", but the band maintained that they had not reached a decision yet.

Entertainment Tonight is reporting that 40-year-old Michigan native Gutt is the Stone Temple Pilots' new frontman after the band launched a worldwide search to replace Chester Bennington.

ET says a "source" has told them that STP have begun rehearsals in Hollywood, Los Angeles, this week, and that they are expected to tour in 2017, playing old classics and new material.

But in a statement, a representative of Stone Temple Pilots says: "The band has been rehearsing with several singers over the past few weeks. They haven't made a decision yet."

Bennington left the group last year to concentrate fully on his work with Linkin Park. Original singer Scott Weiland was fired by STP in 2013 and he died last year of a drug overdose.

Announcing their search for a singer earlier this year, STP said: "We've already heard from many talented people, but want to make this an opportunity for many more so we've set up a way for you to do just that." Read more here.

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Jimmy Page Accused Of Spying By Popstar Neighbor 2016 In Review

(Classic Rock) Led Zeppelin icon Jimmy Page was back in the new in November he was accused of spying on next-door neighbor Robbie Williams, the pop star claimed. It's the latest chapter in an ongoing disagreement between the pair after Williams began refurbishing his Kensington home four years ago.

Page, the Led Zeppelin icon, has objected to the development on a number of occasions, suggesting that the heavy work could have "catastrophic consequences" for his nearby 18th-century property.

Work has proceeded after the local council overruled the rock icon's objections - although Williams recently took a pot-shot by adjusting the lyrics of a Led Zeppelin song on stage, in apparent reference to the feud.

The singer made his claims in a radio studio when he thought he wasn't being recorded. The audio was released online but later deleted - but not before The Sun published a transcript.

The paper reports Williams as saying: "Our next-door neighbour isn't happy with us trying to renovate our house. It's caused a problem and it'll probably continue to cause a problem.

"But what's great about this whole thing is - it's Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin. It's not Jimmy the accountant from Chelsea. So at least we've got a good story.

"Jimmy has been sitting in his car outside our house with the windows down, four hours at a time, with recording equipment. He's recording the workmen to see if they're making too much noise. About two weeks ago the builders came in and he was asleep in his garden, waiting." Read more here.

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Guns N' Roses Beat Adele, Beyonce For Top Tour Honors 2016 In Review

(Classic Rock) The Not In This Lifetime reunion tour netted Guns N' Roses over $5.5m per show, which has placed them at the top of Pollstar's global concert chart, it was revealed back in November.

Axl Rose and co made more than Bruce Springsteen, Beyonce, Adele and Coldplay per show - but their average ticket price of $117 was also the highest in the top 20 list.

Trade publication Pollstar assemble their chart from information provided by promoters and venue managers, resulting in an average per-event figure for each band.

Second on the list is Springsteen, who made $5.3m per show at a ticket price of $112. He's followed by pop stars Beyonce, Adele and Coldplay, who netted $4.9m, $4.2m and $3.9m respectively. Read more here.

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When Sammy Hagar Met Eddie Van Halen 2016 In Review

(Classic Rock) Sammy Hagar recalled in a TV appearance in November the moment he first heard from Eddie Van Halen which eventually led to him replacing David Lee Roth in the band in the 80s.

He was interviewed for TV show Jay Leno's Garage, where Hagar shows off his 1982 Ferrari which appeared in The Red Rocker's 1984 video for I Can't Drive 55.

And while showing Leno the car now worth an estimated $350,000, Hagar reveals if it wasn't for the vehicle, he would never have met Van Halen. Hagar says: "I was just coming home from my tour and this car was getting its first major tune up. It was sitting in the shop and Eddie comes in with his Lamborghini and he goes, 'Whose car is this?' They said, 'It's Sammy Hagar's - you should call him and get him in the band' - because David Lee Roth quit a day or two before.

"And Eddie says, 'You got his number?' He goes into the damn office, picks up the phone and calls me right from there and says, 'I'm looking at your car right here, man - why don't you come down and let's jam and join the band. After five minutes with those guys, and I went, 'Yeah, this is good.'" Read more here.

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Five Finger Death Punch's Ivan Moody Had Another Stage Meltdown 2016 In Review

(Metal Hammer) Ivan Moody suffered another onstage meltdown in late November while performing with Five Finger Death Punch, he appeared to suggest that his mother is dying - while his sister says she's not.

The concert in Worcester, Massachusetts, was cut short after a set in which bassist Chris Kael took over Moody's lead vocals on occasion. It followed a dramatic episode in 2015 when the frontman's drunken antics led his colleagues to abandon him on stage. He later attended rehab and the band adjusted their touring behaviour to help him control his issues.

Moody apologised to the crowd for his under-par performance on Friday night, saying his "mother" was "passing along today." After helping the frontman off stage, Kael told the audience: "As you can see, tonight is a very emotional night. We tried to put on a show for you guys, but sometimes things are heavier than even we can imagine.

"We need to get back there and be with our frontman. We've to get back there with our brother. Take care of the family." Read more here.

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Black Sabbath May Continue After Farewell Tour 2016 In Review

(Classic Rock) Tony Iommi said in November that it's "possible" that Black Sabbath could record another album and make festival appearances after their farewell tour finishes.

The metal icons' The End trek will be completed with two shows in their home city of Birmingham on February 2 and 4, bringing their career on the road to an end after 49 years of action.

One of the main reasons for calling a halt is the guitarist's health concerns after his battle against cancer. Iommi tells Talk Is Jericho: "I've been asked, 'What are you going to do after this?' Well, I don't know. As long as it's not world touring, I'm all right. It's just the traveling that gets me. Since I was ill, it really does affect me now."

He adds: "I don't want to stop playing. For me, it's the touring now. There's a day when you've got to go, 'Look, we've done it for almost 50 years. It's time to re-look at it."

Asked about the chance of festival appearances in the future, Iommi says: "I wouldn't write that off, if one day that came about. That's possible. Or even doing an album, because then you're in one place. But I don't know if that would happen." Read more here.

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Rock Icon Leon Russell Dead At 74 2016 In Review

(Radio.com) November brought the sad news that Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and iconic musician Leon Russell died at the age of 74. He died in his sleep at in Nashville, according to his official Facebook page and his widow Jan Bridges.

Bridges released the following statement: "We thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers during this very, very difficult time. My husband passed in his sleep in our Nashville home. He was recovering from heart surgery in July and looked forward to getting back on the road in January. We appreciate everyone's love and support."

Claude Russell Bridges was born in Lawton, OK on April 2nd, 1942. He began work as session musician in the 1950s and went on to work with artists including Jan and Dean, Frank Sinatra, the Beach Boys, several Phil Spector records and the Byrds.

In 1969, he joined Delaney and Bonnie and Friends, a loose collective that occasionally featured Eric Clapton and George Harrison. In 1969, he co-produced Joe Cocker's Joe Cocker! album, and co-wrote the hit "Delta Lady."

He then put together the band for Cocker's legendary "Mad Dogs and Englishmen" tour. During that time, he wrote "Superstar," sung by Rita Coolidge and which was later covered by the Carpenters. In 1970, he released his self-titled debut, which featured one of his most popular songs, "A Song for You." Read more and watch Elton John's speech about Russell at his Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction here.

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Cliff Burton Would Have Been Very Against Softer Metallica 2016 In Review

(Classic Rock) Cliff Burton Would Have Been Very Against Softer Metallica was a top 16 story of November 2016: Metallica frontman James Hetfield believes late bassist Cliff Burton would have been resistant to the path the band eventually followed, especially on their Load and Re-Load albums.

Burton died in 1986 as Metallica were on the road in support of that year's classic album Master Of Puppets. And the follow-up ...And Justice for All, released two years later, is notorious for how then bassist Jason Newsted's bass is so low in the mix.

Hetfield is confident Burton wouldn't have allowed that to happen and he also thinks Burton would have had something to say about later albums Load and Re-Load, which he describes as "the U2 version of Metallica."

In an exclusive interview with Metal Hammer, Hetfield says: "I certainly would have thought there would have been some resistance, for sure. When I go back and I listen to ...And Justice For All, it couldn't have stayed on that path.

"We needed to bring in another set of trusted ears. I think Cliff would have probably interjected some different stuff, getting his bass heard and some more musically challenging things, probably.

"I would certainly think that Load and Re-Load, I would have had an ally that was very against it all - the reinvention or the U2 version of Metallica." Read more here.

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Geddy Lee Accepts That Rush's Touring Days Are Over 2016 In Review

(Prog) Geddy Lee said in November that he had come to accept that Rush's touring days are over, following their R40 US trip earlier in 2016. And guitarist Alex Lifeson reflects that "it's okay" as they consider what to do after drummer Neil Peart accepted a description of himself as "retired" then withdrew from making further commitments after the tour.

Lee tells The Strombo Show: "There's a bit of denial that gets you through. You go, 'Ah, this won't be the last one - we'll take a break, then we'll get back together and do another one.' You don't want it to end. I think I've accepted that it's probably the last one as a tour. We'll see."

Asked about their communication with Peart, Lee says: "We send all these things, but the responses are not as enthusiastic. We talk." Lifeson adds: "It's okay. It is what it is. I've been playing a lot to keep my fingers in it, and I'm finding it's really satisfying.

"I'm going some charity gigs with other guys - old guys like me that don't have gigs any more. It's fun to get together. It's not like it's over, you know." Read more here.

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Motley Crue Sued For $30 Million By Opening Band 2016 In Review

(Classic Rock) A band that supported Motley Crue on a U.S. tour made headlines in November when they sued the now retired act for $30 million. New York-based The Raskins have reportedly filed a lawsuit at Manhattan Supreme Court.

The Raskins alleged that they were treated badly on the 2014 tour including an incident in Darien, Connecticut, where members of Motley Crue's road crew supposedly ran out on stage in monkey masks and sprayed The Raskins "with water guns filled with urine."

The New York Post reports that The Raskins put up with months of similar pranks after paying $1m to secure the support slot. The Raskins also say they were forced to play short sets in frequently empty venues as tour managers refused to open doors in time.

They also claim PA systems were turned off or interfered with during their sets and that they were denied the right to sell merchandise or to use dressing rooms. Read more here.

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Mr Robot's Rami Malek Cast As Freddie Mercury In Biopic 2016 In Review

(Classic Rock) Mr. Robot star Rami Malek was cast to play Freddie Mercury in the long-awaited biopic, Bohemian Rhapsody, it was revealed in November. The project, which has been in development for eight years, is to begin shooting in early 2017.

Malek, who this year won an Emmy for his role as neurotic hacker Elliot Alderson in Mr Robot, has signed on to play the iconic Queen frontman in the film - with X-Men director Bryan Singer in talks to direct.

Sacha Baron Cohen was previously attached to the role - but left the project acrimoniously earlier this year amid reports of artistic differences. He later claimed an unnamed member of Queen wanted the film to focus on the band's legacy following the singer's death. Read more here.

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Ozzy Osbourne Writing New Songs With Steve Stevens, Billy Morrison 2016 In Review

Ozzy Osbourne reveals in an interview with SiriusXM's Liquid Metal in November that he was already hard at work on his next solo album as Black Sabbath prepared for their very last shows.

Osbourne spoke with host Jose Mangin about his plans following the end of Sabbath. He said, "I'm not retiring, I'm gonna carry on. I've been writing with Billy Morrison and Steve Stevens. He's not gonna be in my band, he's with Billy Idol. But he's a friend of [Morrison's] and I said, 'I've got some ideas,' and we worked it out."

He also had the following to say about the upcoming farewell shows, "People are saying to me, 'Will you be emotional?' I don't know, I suppose. Going around the world five billion times and ending where you started, it's kind of [emotional]." Stream clips from the interview here.

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Bad Company's Mick Ralphs Suffered Stroke 2016 In Review

(Classic Rock) Bad Company revealed in early November that guitarist Mick Ralphs suffered a stroke. The band, who just wrapped up their UK tour last week, say the 72-year-old is currently recovering in hospital.

A statement reads: "The family and representatives of the band's co-founder, guitarist and songwriter Mick Ralphs are sad to announce that Mick has suffered a stroke.

"Mick is receiving excellent medical care and is recovering in hospital, although all his public engagements are necessarily on hold, pending his improvement.

"Everyone is wishing Mick a speedy recovery, and further news will be announced at the appropriate time." Read more here.

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Allman Brothers Band Discussed Possible Reunion 2016 In Review

Gregg Allman reveals in an interview in November that the Allman Brothers Band members have recently been discussing embarking on a major city reunion tour.

The legendary southern rockers playing their farewell show in 2014 but Allman tells the Wall Street Journal (via UCR) that he and his fellow members are looking at regrouping.

"Been talkin' about it recently. Not 'starting' - but having a tour," he told the paper. "We've been talking about it. Major city tour. Been talkin' about it, now let's get that straight. Nothing signed in blood yet." Read more here.

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Andy Biersack Speaks Out About On-Flight Altercation With Wife 2016 In Review

(TeamRock) Andy Biersack Speaks Out About On-Flight Altercation With Wife was a top 16 story of November 2016: Black Veil Brides vocalist Andy Biersack and his wife Juliet Simms have commented on the on-flight altercation they were involved in.

Simms - who was a runner-up on the US version of The Voice in 2012 - had been drinking in first-class on the American Airlines flight from Charlotte, North Carolina to Los Angeles when she and Biersack got into an argument - which resulted in her getting taken away by the FBI upon landing.

One witness, adult star Mary Carey, claimed in a video that Simms screamed that she "I lost my baby last week" during the drunken row. Now the couple confirm the "tragic" news that she'd had a miscarriage - though Simms says they'll try again in future.

Biersack says: "We are currently home and safe and trying to emotionally recover from all of this. The unfortunate event itself compounded with online stories and videos, show an isolated but difficult moment for my wife and I encourage you to read her statement on her Instagram regarding the situation - as I feel it is best that any information comes from her directly.

"Many of you know that I recently decided to live entirely sober. In the past, I struggled with the concept of alcohol and my own personal demons, and so a year ago I decided it was time to move on from it and start down the path to sobriety. I believe alcohol is one of the most poisonous and volatile substances we as a society have at our disposal and that it can truly hurt and affect people in the most negative way." Read more of his comments here.

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Avenged Sevenfold Frontman Slams 'Best Of' Album Release 2016 In Review

(Metal Hammer) Avenged Sevenfold frontman M Shadows made news in November when he said that a compilation album announced by their former label Warner Brothers was an attempt to "undercut our sales and confuse casual fans."

The band are locked in a legal dispute with Warner Brothers and last week sneak released their new album The Stage via their new label Capitol Records. But as rumors circulated that Avenged Sevenfold were about to reveal details of the new album, Warner announced a 2CD compilation called The Best Of 2005-2013, which is set for release on December 2.

A7X's 'deathbat' logo started appearing in cities around the world last month before Fozzy frontman Chris Jericho, in collusion with Shadows, posted fake details about Avenged's seventh album, saying it would be called Voltaic Oceans and that is would be issued on December 9.

Shadows says those rumors led to Warner's decision to release the Best Of and he adds that band have had no input on the compilation, which he describes as a "cash grab" on the part of Warner.

Shadows tells Metal Hammer: "They saw the tweet that Chris Jericho put up, assumed the record was coming out December 9, and tried to undercut our sales and confuse casual fans.

"We didn't find out it was happening until we saw it online. They're just trying to make a cash grab. The fans will figure it out, it's a viral world and people will know. Go on Spotify and make a playlist of those songs, it's easy." Read more here.

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