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Guns N' Roses Reveal Teaser Videos For Big Announcement

(hennemusic) Guns N' Roses are streaming a series of short videos that assumed to be a Not In This Lifetime reunion tour announcement scheduled for Wednesday, May 24.

Titled "The Beginning", "It Doesn't End Here" and "We're Just Getting Started", the clips trace the band's history from its origins to present day while promoting further news regarding the tour that reunites the trio of Axl Rose, Slash and Duff McKagan.

The trek launched with a series of warm-up dates that began with a rare club show at The Troubadour in Los Angeles on April 1, 2016; the event saw Rose break his foot early in the performance, requiring surgery and the use of a throne - on loan from head Foo Fighter Dave Grohl - for live shows until the injury healed.

The Not In This Lifetime tour officially kicked off at Detroit's Ford Field on June 23, 2016 and has since traveled to South America, Japan, New Zealand and Australia, among other places. Watch the video here.

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Early Van Halen Manager Releasing Tells All Book

(Radio.com) Former Van Halen manager from 1978 to 1985 Noel Monk will be releasing his new book "Running with the Devil," a memoir about his years with the band that debuts July 13.

According to his publisher, the tome promises to lift the lid on the excess and hijinks that defined Van Halen's run to stardom. "During this infamous run of success, debauchery, and drama, few people were closer to the band than Monk," writes Dey Street Books in a statement.

"Lifting back the curtain on one of the great untold stories of rock music, he details the most outrageous escapades from his time as confidant, fixer and promoter, from hotel-room destruction, outrageous backstage behavior, Eddie Van Halen's high-profile marriage to Valerie Bertinelli, to the incredible drug use and drinking that would ultimately fuel the conflict between the band members."

The book also explores underlying issues that prompted David Lee Roth's departure. Read more here.

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Linkin Park Singer Wants To Punch Fans That Call Them Sell Outs

(Radio.com) Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington is on the offensive against fans that are claiming his band "sold out." The group's crossover appeal (and mainstream success) has always been a subject of debate among fans and metal purists, but Bennington is sick of it and wants to take his most vocal critics 'outside' for a smackdown.

In a blistering interview with Kerrang, Bennington unloaded on holier-than-thou detractors who dismiss Linkin Park as a commercial product. "Either you like the song or you don't and if you don't like the song because you hear it and on a knee-jerk reaction it's like 'oh it doesn't have metal in it so I don't like it', that's fine, like whatever," Bennington told Kerrang. "But if you're gonna be the person who says like 'they made a marketing decision to make this kind of record to make money' you can f** meet me outside and I will punch you in your f** mouth because that is the wrong f** answer."

"Because guess what, calling us a sell-out for that purpose is selling out on your f** excuse as to why you don't like it," he continued. "You're a f** p*. For any band to take musical risks because you like what you're doing in spite of what you know some people will say they don't like, it doesn't matter if they like it or not-what matters is that you took the chance to do something that you felt was important to you and that's what being an artist is all about."

On the contrary, Bennington says Linkin Park has risked their reputation to make the kind of music they want to make. Read more here.

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Soundgarden Star Pays Tribute To Chris Cornell

(hennemusic) Soundgarden drummer Matt Cameron is paying tribute to the late Chris Cornell in the first public statement offered by a surviving member of the legendary Seattle band.

"My dark knight is gone," writes Cameron on Facebook "Thank you for the incredible outpouring of kindness and love." Cornell died at a Detroit hotel on May 17 following a Soundgarden concert at the city's Fox Theatre during their spring tour of North America.

The singer's death has been ruled a suicide by hanging following an initial autopsy by The Wayne County Medical Examiner's Office, with a full report to follow at a later date.

"What happened is inexplicable and I am hopeful that further medical reports will provide additional details," said Vicky Cornell in a statement. "I know that he loved our children and he would not hurt them by intentionally taking his own life."

"Without the results of toxicology tests, we do not know what was going on with Chris - or if any substances contributed to his demise," said Cornell family attorney Kirk Pasich in a statement. "Chris, a recovering addict, had a prescription for Ativan and might've taken more than the recommended dosage.

"The family believes that if Chris took his life, he did not know what he was doing and that drugs or other substances may have affected his actions." Read more here.

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Thin Lizzy Frontman Phil Lynott Biopic In The Works

(Gibson) More than three decades after his passing, Thin Lizzy frontman Phil Lynott's life story is about to get the big screen film treatment. One of Ireland's first rock stars, Lynott passed away in 1986 after a stunning career with Thin Lizzy and later as a solo artist. He's best known for Thin Lizzy classics like 'The Boys Are Back In Town', 'Whiskey In The Jar' and 'Jailbreak' as well as the seminal 1978 album Live And Dangerous.

The film, titled The Rocker: The Life and Music of Phil Lynott, will be co-directed by Academy Award-nominated Jim Sheridan (My Left Foot, In The Name Of The Father) and Colm Quinn.

Here's the interesting part. This Saturday, May 27, the producers are holding an open audition in Dublin to find an actor to play the part of Lynott. According to producer Alan Maher, "Whether you sing, play the bass or have a passion for poetry and rock n' roll, you could be our Phil Lynott. The successful Rocker will work with professional mentors and those who have influenced and worked with Phil to 'become' The Rocker." Read more here.

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Arch Enemy Announce New Album 'Will To Power'

Arch Enemy have announced that they will be releasing their new studio album "Will To Power" on September 8th and have also revealed the first round of tour dates in support of the effort.

The band will be launching the European leg of their Will To Power Tour on September 15th in Innsbruck, Austria and will conclude the trek on October 11th in Samara, Russia. Jinjer will be supporting them through October 1st.

Michael Amott had the following to say, "After many months of writing and recording in the studio we are delighted to have finally completed work on our 10th studio album, 'Will To Power'. We are looking forward to sharing new music with you soon." Read more here.

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Queen's Freddie Mercury Lost Most of Foot In AIDS Battle

(Radio.com) Queen's Brian May is set to release his photo-based book about the band, Queen in 3-D, due out May 25. In an exclusive interview with The Sunday Times, titled Queen, Debauchery and Freddie Mercury, May reveals that Freddie Mercury lost most of his foot while battling AIDS.

'The problem was actually his foot, and tragically there was very little left of it," the guitarist tells the publication. "Once, he showed it to us at dinner. And he said, 'Oh Brian, I'm sorry I've upset you by showing you that.'

"And I said, 'I'm not upset, Freddie, except to realize you have to put up with all this terrible pain.'" May further shared that Mercury didn't often address his battle with AIDS. In fact, he chose not to talk about the illness with his band. Read more here.

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Jonny Lang Announces First New Album In Four Years

Jonny Lang has announced that he will be returning with his first new album in four years with the release of his new effort "Signs" and will be launching North American and European tours later this year.

The new album, which was produced by Lang, Drew Ramsey, and Shannon Sanders, will be hitting stores in the U.S. and Canada on September 8th and Europe on August 25th.

Lang had this to say about the music on the new album, "Some of the songs are autobiographical, but not usually in a literal way. The main goal is for folks to be able to relate to what I went through. If I can't make it work using just my personal experience, I use my imagination to fill in blanks." Read more here.

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Chris Robinson Brotherhood Stream New Song and Announce Album

The Chris Robinson Brotherhood are streaming a new track called "Behold The Seer". The song comes from their forthcoming album 'Barefoot In The Head."

The band will be releasing the new album, their third in two years, on July 21st and will be launching a late summer tour of the U.S. on August 5th at the Petaluma Music Festival.

The new song can be streamed here and Chris Robinson had the following comments about the new record, "They say the only people who know true freedom are musicians and gangsters.

"And Bob Dylan said to live outside the law you must be honest. We're living in these anxiety-filled times, in an era of 'no truth,' but what our music represents is this truly honest way of communicating with people, and that's a really freeing thing." See the tour dates here.

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Franz Ferdinand Launch Tour With New Lineup

(Gibson) Franz Ferdinand just kicked off their North American tour. Before they travelled to the US, the 'Take Me Out' rock act posted an image on their social media showing the band's line-up with the addition of two new members.

Guitarist Dino Bardot and keyboard player/guitarist Julian Corrie will replace founding member Nick McCarthy who parted ways with the group last summer.

Bardot previously played with indie-rock trio 1990, while Corrie released electronic music under the moniker Miaoux Miaoux. Franz Ferdinand last released an album four years ago, 2013's Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action. Read more here.

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Metallica Win Top Rock Album Honor At Billboard Awards

(hennemusic) Metallica's "Hardwired…To Self-Destruct" was named Top Rock Album Of The Year at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas on Sunday evening.

The band's tenth studio release took top prize in the category ahead of fellow nominees Radiohead, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Lumineers and Twenty One Pilots.

"Thank you everyone who made 'Hardwired…To Self-Destruct' the Top Rock Album of the year," said the band in a video message. "Thank you Billboard, thank you fans!"

Metallica were also nominated in the Top Rock Artist category, but lost out to Twenty One Pilots. Watch their thank you video here.

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Papa Roach Rock With High School Marching Band At Festival

(Radio.com) Papa Roach released Crooked Teeth, their ninth studio album on Friday and performed the Rock on the Range festival this weekend. During their set, the group shared the stage with a high school marching band: Columbus, Ohio's Olentangy Orange High School Marching Pioneers, to be precise.

The teenage musicians have previously performed with Twenty One Pilots and Fall Out Boy, so they're no strangers to big productions. The bands played "Born for Greatness" from Crooked Teeth. "Help" from the Papa Roach album topped Billboard's Mainstream Rock chart when it debuted in April.

The festival, which Soundgarden was scheduled to headline, deeply felt the sudden loss of Chris Cornell. Tributes abounded for the late grunge pioneer, but the Papa Roach set added a patch of brightness. Watch the performance here.

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Singled Out: Inglorious' Black Magic

Inglorious just released their new studio album "II" and to celebrate we asked frontman Nathan James to tell us the story behind one of the tracks from the new effort. Here is the story:

So the song I have chosen to write about is "Black Magic" it was an easy choice because out of all the songs, this one brings back the most memories and is my closest run in with death.

I was in New Orleans on tour with the Trans Siberian Orchestra and we had 2 days off there. We stayed at the Westin right in the centre of town by Bourbon St.

Me and my best friend Jodi who also sang with TSO went out exploring. It was so beautiful and exciting. So different to anywhere else I had toured in the States.

Myself and Jodi went shopping and had beignets (thinks that's right?). We see this shop that has an upside down cross outside...obviously we go in. It was full of amazing jewelry and witchy things. Anyways Jodi picked up a bracelet from the counter to show me and this woman came out of nowhere shouting at her "put that f***ing down" "how dare you" "get the f*** out" we were in shock, I felt like I couldn't move and me and Jodi usually love an argument with a rude person. This crazy witch totally flipped out so we left to her saying "I curse you" we were like I hope not all NOLA ladies are crazy.

Next shop we went into there was a bike outside chained to a lampost and randomly me and Jodi were gazing out the door of the cute shop that sold herbs and sage and stuff and as we did we saw the bike lock come undone and fall off and then the bike crashed to the ground... it was so strange, no one was there... NOLA had me scared.

Its at this time I decided to start drinking beer to take the edge off and after a few, we met up with a friend who knew a local artist who shot awesome naked lady musical instrument pictures. We hung on his balcony overlooking the chaos of Bourbon Street and smoked the biggest joint and listened to stories. He was an amazing character, he had a cane and wore a smoking jacket. An old black guy who was friends with Lenny Kravitz. He was amazing.

After the pot we were told there was a party with free food...so off we went high and buzzed to this party. I started drinking whiskey and I ate about 10 pieces of cold fried chicken and a lot of mac n cheese. There was some sh*t hippy cabaret on and by this time remembered that earlier that morning I took 2 codeine pills to help my headache from the night before...basically...I was flying. I left the cabaret/buffet full of food and went to join my buddy and ex journey singer Jeff Scott Soto on Bourbon St singing with a bar band in a cool venue. We drank hurricane cocktails and I danced all night I got loads of beads put round my neck and I sang Whitesnake songs but I could barely stand ...after all this I went out into the St and fell on the floor...my friends tried to take me home so I ran away down the street and found some of the other crew and hung with them. I drank whiskey in an Irish bar and danced with strangers in a club before getting kicked out for falling over too much and starting a fight by accident with the biggest guy in there . By this time I couldn't see/stand/hear so this radio guy we knew put me in a cab back to the hotel. Apparently the valet took me up to my room and put me onto my bed (he told me this the next day before I tipped him 50 quid) all I remember asking him in the elevator whilst I was slumped in the corner was "are you an angel?". I woke up the next morning and couldn't lift my head off the pillow and I was still drunk so I just went back to sleep. A couple of hours later I woke up and realized I couldn't raise my head as I had covered myself in vomit that consisted of sugary cocktails, beer, fried chicken, mac n cheese, whiskey and beignets...I was glued to the bed and I was fully clothed...head to toe... it looked like a scene from the exorcist.

I stripped the bed and called downstairs for some assistance and after a very long shower I went and recorded a demo with one of the other TSO guys before writing down what became the chorus of "black magic"... NOLA nearly did take my life...what a great place.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!

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