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Deep Purple and Judas Priest Team For North American Tour

Judas Priest are currently tearing it up on the road for their spring tour but they have extended their road plans, announcing they will teaming up with Deep Purple in late summer.

The two legendary bands will be launching a North American coheadlining tour in August and September which will find them visiting 25 cities across the U.S. and Canada in support of their latest albums (Deep Purple's "inFinite" and Judas Priest's "Firepower".

The tour is scheduled to kick off on August 21st in Cincinnati, OH at the Riverbend Music Center and will conclude on September 30th in Wheatland, CA at the Toyota Amphitheatre. See the dates here.

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Guns N' Roses Star Joins Joe Perry And Friends Jam

The final Joe Perry And Friends concert late last week lived up to its name after the legendary Aerosmith guitarist was joined on stage by a member of Guns N' Roses.

Perry played the special concert at the Borgata Music Box in Atlantic City, New Jersey last Friday (April 20th) as the final of three special shows to support his recently released solo album "Sweetzerland Manifesto".

The guitarist was joined at the show by Extreme frontman Gary Cherone, his Aerosmith counterpart Brad Whitford and longtime Guns N' Roses keyboardist Dizzy Reed. Some fan filmed footage of the performance of "Walk This Way" can be seen here.

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Foo Fighters Mixing Things Up On American Tour

While most rock bands stick to a strict set list for their tours, the Foo Fighters are not just any band and frontman Dave Grohl likes to mix things up on their tours, according to guitarist Chris Shiflett.

The band recently launched a new North American leg of their Concrete And Gold tour and Shiflett told Rolling Stone that Grohl will be mixing up the set list as the tour goes along.

He said, (via Classic Rock), "Things change on a dime. When we get into that final third, Dave will start cutting, adding and rearranging songs, or he'll do stuff in a different order. You have to stay in the moment the whole time. You don't want to be up there thinking about the room service. It keeps you on your toes."

Chris then singled out the song "The Sky Is a Neighborhood" as an example, explaining, "It's evolved a little bit over the months of playing it live. Everything is a little looser and a little louder. It's gotten a little rougher around the edges, some of the parts have stretched out, the pauses are longer. We added an intro thing to it. It's just changed."

Shiflett added: "Dave tends to like to keep the show moving, but we'll play some different songs to gauge how people react. "We threw in Make It Right recently, which we haven't been playing much. We have a little jam room backstage where we can warm up and run through anything new once or twice just to get the dust off it a little bit. We play four or five new songs a night."

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System Of A Down Offshoot Scars On Broadway Return With Lives Video

System Of A Down's Daron Malakian has officially resurrected his Scars of Broadway band with the release of a brand new single and music video called "Lives".

The new song is the lead single from the forthcoming Scars On Broadway album, Dictator, which is set to be released on July 20th release and features Malakian writing, producing and playing every instrument-including all vocals-himself on the effort.

The "Lives" video was directed by Hayk Matevosyan and is streaming here. Malakian is donating a portion of the track's sales proceeds to Armenia Fund, a Los Angeles-based non-profit dedicated to worldwide humanitarian aid. here.

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Ozzy Osbourne Goes Nashville With Limited Timed Exhibit

Ozzy Osbourne has gone Nashville. But fans of the legendary Black Sabbath frontman need not worry about him jumping on the rockers tries his hand at country music bandwagon, he is simply being celebrated in Music City with a wax figure attraction.

Madame Tussauds Nashville has reportedly launched a limited timed Ozzy Osbourne attraction featuring his wax figure restyled by his daughter Kelly, according to The Music Universe.

Ozzy is quoted as reacting to his wax figure with,"It's incredible, like looking in a mirror. My tattoos look so real. I look great!" Fans can find ticket details here.

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dUg Pinnick Announces Jimi Hendrix Tribute Album

King's X frontman dUg Pinnick has announced that he will be paying special tribute to the late legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix with the release of a limited run album.

The special album will be entitled "Tribute To Jimi (Often Imitated But Never Duplicated)" and is set to be released on May 18th. Pinnick co-produced the effort with Michael Parnin and recorded it at Blacksound Studios, Pasadena, CA.

He had this to say, "I've been wanting to do this for a long time, so when Joe at Rat Pak Records brought the idea up to me, I couldn't wait to get started! We wanted to recreate the analog recording process as closely to the original recordings as possible, so we did our research and tried to use as many of the original effects and equipment that we could find.

"I'm very happy with how this turned out and I hope everyone enjoys listening to this music as much as I enjoyed recording it in memory of Jimi Hendrix!" See the tracklisting here.

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The Dead Daisies Announce Summer Tour Dates

Rock supergroup The Dead Daisies are riding high on the success of their latest album "Burn It Down" and will be taking their show on the road again this summer for some international dates.

They are currently wrapping up their European spring tour and will next will head to Japan for headline shows in Osaka (June 25th at Umedia Club Quattro), Tokyo (June 26th at Ebisu Liquidroom), and Nagoya (June 28th at Nahoya Club Quattro).

The band will then head back to Europe for the summer beginning that trek on July 7th at the Barcelona Rock Fest and playing various headline shows and some events with Guns N' Roses, Scorpions and Joe Satriani. See the dates here.

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Andrew WK Multiplies Himself In New Music Video

Andrew WK has released a new music video for his track "Music Is Worth Living For." The song comes from his recently released album "You're Not Alone".

The new clip was directed by Tim Dennesen and Andrew WK had this to say: "Music Is Worth Living For finds me and my band in the throes of a colossal vision quest. Determined to party harder than ever, we steel ourselves against alien elements, and battle a formless but formidable storm.

"Multiplying myself, I attempt to transcend the whirling void by engaging in a series of flailing spiritual manoeuvres, vainly wrestling with the emptiness of my own soul.

"Alas, I discover I had already been consumed by my own triumphantly pathetic creation. And at this moment of devastatingly poignant clarity, I realise I'm back where I started, trapped inside the hardest party of all: Being alive." Watch the video here.

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Stryper Release 'The Valley' Music Video

Stryper celebrated the release of their brand new album "God Damn Evil" this past Friday (April 20th) by sharing a stream of a music video for the single "The Valley".

The title of the album caused some controversy with retail giant Walmart refusing to carry it. Frontman Michael Sweet explained the title to All That Shreds. He said "We didn't do it just to shake things up. We have a point to prove in a statement. A few years back we thought about using this title. We didn't go with it because we felt it was a little too much at that time.

"Now, in 2018, with everything that we've seen on the news, the evil we're faced with on a daily basis to new levels and new degrees, it made perfect sense for us to have an album called God Damn Evil.

"It's a prayer request. It is what it is. It's not a swear, it's not just the shock statement, it's a prayer request, and we're asking God to damn the evil that we see."

He added: "It should be a prayer for everybody. Some people are freaking out thinking you're taking the Lord's name in vain, and it's not that at all." here.

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Amorphis Release 'Wrong Direction' Video

Amorphis have released a new music video for their track "Wrong Direction." The song comes from their group's forthcoming album "Queen Of Time" which is set to hit stores on May 18th.

Guitarist Esa Holopainen had this to say "I guess Queen Of Time turned out as a massive surprise to all of us. During the rehearsing and pre-production we didn't have any idea that producer Jens Bogren had this huge picture inside of his head about the landscape of the album.

"It's a very natural continuation to Under The Red Cloud but with steroids. The songs are more aggressive but there's more dynamics, harmonies and orchestral arrangements present.

"The result is Amorphis as something you've never heard before! Essentially, working with Jens worked really well. As a person he is very similar to us - we share the same kind of weird humour and we all like to work hard." Watch the video here.

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Night Club Announce Tour With Combichrist and Wednesday 13

Night Club have announced that they will be hitting the road with Combichrist and Wednesday 13 for the Everybody Still Hates You Tour which will also feature Prison and Death Valley High.

The band will be launching the tour to preview their forthcoming album "Scary World" which is set to be released on August 24th and they will be launching the first video from the effort "Candy Coated Suicide" on May 18th.

The band had this to say, "We're excited to get back on the road with our friends in Combichrist and play some songs from our upcoming album which is set for a Fall 2018 release. We're releasing the first single, 'Candy Coated Suicide,' on May 18th in conjunction with the start of the tour."

The U.S. leg is scheduled to kick off on May 18th at The Glasshouse in Pomona, CA and wrapping up the trek on June 30th at the Regent Theater in Los Angeles, CA. See the dates here.

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Immortal Announce New Album and Limited Edition Vinyl Single

Immortal have announced that they will be releasing their new studio album, which will be called "Northern Chaos Gods," on July 6th via Nuclear Blast and will precede the record with a limited edition vinyl single.

To get fans ready for the new full length, the band will be releasing the title song digitally on May 11th followed by a limited edition 7-inch vinyl single of the in three different colors on May 25th.

The band had this to say, "We are eternally dedicated to Immortal and our own musical past. The album is conceptual, and the first step in the reclaiming of our past grimness and attitude.

"Loyalty to the fans and our own musical history is very significant in this. Our new album will soon be available, with songs from the very gates of Blashyrkh - the realm of all darkness and cold." here.

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Cancer Bats Surprise Release Album and Video

Cancer Bats surprised fans late last week with the release of their brand new album "The Spark That Moves" and teamed up with Metal Hammer for the premiere of their "Heads Will Roll" video.

Frontman Liam Joseph Cormier made the following comments to Metal Hammer about the song featured in the new video, "Heads Will Roll is a classic Bats Biker Metal banger! Just a ripper from start to finish about being so pissed off you want to cut someones head off. We've all been there and we know we'll be there again."
He also explained the reasons for the surprise album release, "We were just tired of waiting. We spent all of 2017 working hard on this album, all while playing shows and talking with our fans, who were constantly asking, 'when can we hear new music?'"

"We figured why make anyone wait any longer, let's just drop the entire new album all at once. I know as a fan, I just want to hear everything right away, let me buy the record right now! We figured, 'Why not release our own music the way we want.'" Watch the video here.

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Razorwire Halo Recruit Magen Killz For 'Sweat' Video

Razorwire Halo have released a new music video for their track "Sweat." The song is one of the cuts that is featured on their recently released "Retaliate" EP

The new visual stars Magen Killz and it was directed by Kenn Little of "A Ghost in Every Room" on location in downtown Kansas City, MO. Singer Tak Kitara had this to say:

"Sweat is a powerfully rhythmic track that is very sexual by design. It focuses on the pure unrestrained sexual urges between two entities and we felt the video should continue on with that feeling. We wanted to show the entities crossing each other throughout the video without ever being able to interact. As though they were worlds apart but could still sense each other." Watch the video here.

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Corusco Streaming New Single 'New Year'

Texas indie rockers Corusco are streaming their brand new single "New Year" which comes from their group's forthcoming debut full length studio album "Wake".

The new album will be hitting stores on May 25th and was produced by Aaron Gillespie (Underoath, The Almost). According to the announcement the record was "inspired by the idea that each song on it's own is a piece of a larger mosaic encapsulated within the album."

The new single "lyrically tells the story of a couple attending a show on New Years Eve. While the two are full of innocence and jitters, at the stroke of midnight they share a kiss with confetti and music surrounding them. It feels as if the world around them stops and they experience a truly cinematic, picture-perfect night." Listen to it here.

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Dead Letter Circus Release 'The Armour You Own' Video

Dead Letter Circus have released a brand new music for their latest single "The Armour You Own". The band recruited Edward Golden to create the clip, which was filmed in Melbourne, Australia

frontman Kim Benzie made the following comments to The Music about the track, "The Armour You Own spawned from guiding someone important in my life through a bout of anxiety.

"The constant musing around flipping your moments of fragility into opportunities for growth. The Armour You Own is the perfect vessel for this message - it's a pulsing confident riff-monster, whilst dripping with positivity." Watch the video here.

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Witch Casket Release 'The True Knot' Video

Witch Casket have released a music video for their track "The True Knot". The song comes from their debut EP "Hatred Index", which is set to be released on April 27th.

The new video was filmed in Los Angeles and directed by the band's frontman Drogoth who offered the following comments, "Since our first music video was mainly a 'performance' video, I wanted to do something more cinematic and story driven.

The video finds the band members fleeing the city, being pursued by an unseen adversary, or perhaps being drawn to the outskirts by the call of a coven of powerful witches.

The band is taken on a journey that serves as a sort of 'origin story', following them through a transformation from crestfallen reprobates to a stronger, more unified force. The video was shot on location in Downtown Los Angeles, as well as along the Angeles Crest Highway in the San Gabriel mountains." Watch the clip here.

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