Lamb of God - Killadelphia DVD Review
by Kevin Wierzbicki

They've been around in one form or another for about a decade and formerly called themselves Burn the Priest. But it's been a few years of constant touring as Lamb of God that has turned these metal thrashers into legends in-the-making.

 The live performance portion of this flick was shot at the Trocadero nightclub in Philadelphia last October and the show was a good one. The boys start off with "Laid to Rest" from their Ashes of the Wake disc and then pretty much split the set list equally with material from Ashes, As the Palaces Burn and New American Gospel. 

Lots of cameras take in the action, using quick cut edits to hop from member to member, giving all five guys lots of screen time. No effects are used---the high energy act doesn't need any---with the exception of a fish-eye lens used at times on Chris Adler. The drummer has such a huge kit with two kick drums and a whole row of cymbals that the lens was probably the only way to squeeze everything into the shot.

 The concert is killer, but the off-stage and candid footage is very well done as well as very telling. Sure there are scenes featuring typical on-the-bus lunacy and shots of the band skydiving, but the real story is how the quintet manages to hold it together night after night. At one point the tour manager and the rest of the band do their best to keep guitarist Mark Morton and singer Randy Blythe separated but the pair end up brawling in the street. The bear-like Morton leaves Blythe bloodied on the sidewalk; later in the film Blythe uses a $100.00 bill to light a fat cigar for a Moet et Chandon sipping Morton. When each band member has a chance to look straight into the camera they all echo the same sentiment---this is what we do and it's not always pretty. You can watch the film with the candid footage interspersed or just watch the concert performance. Either way, it is nothing short of riveting. 

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Lamb of God - Killadelphia DVD


Track Listing:
Laid to Rest
As the Palaces Burn
Now you've Got Something to Die For
11th Hour
Terror and Hubris
The Faded Line
The Subtle Arts of Murder and Persuasion
What I've Become
Black Label

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