Voldar - Music from Video Games that Never Were
by Joannie Foney

Can sheer novelty & weirdness sell CDs? Voldar hopes so. With the release of, "Music from Video Games that Never Were", Voldar exposes his intended audience to the ancient days of video games before they included actual music for soundtracks. People hoping to find a CD full of different musical styles might be disappointed with the electronic bleeps & bloops within. This retro 'soundtrack' is from obsolete systems from the days of 16 bit graphics & blocky characters. Even the tracks that almost sound like songs include sound effects from an earlier time. 
Who is the intended audience? It's doubtful that today's hard core vid game fans would like this CD, as today's vid games have more sophisticated ways of musically enhancing gaming. People who like electronically generated or techno music probably won't find too much in here to like, as these songs don't really lend themselves to that genre too much. A casual music fan who buys it thinking the title is a clever joke rather than absolute reality will probably be disgusted with himself for being so gullible. 
Maybe this album is an incredibly brilliant resume for Voldar to seek employment at Nintendo, Sega, et al. To go to Voldar's website is to enter the world of a guy with entirely too much time on his hands. Rather than allowing the CD to gain an audience based on how it sounds, like most CDs, an entire reality has carefully been constructed for each and every song. On this site you can read what each video game would be like had it ever been made, complete with graphics & characters. Weird. Is there a market for this? How many vid game designers of today would be interested in songs from a bygone era? How many people today have the time or desire to sit around listening to this CD while reading what game it should grace & day dreaming about what it would be like to play such a game? If that is in itself a game, it sure isn't very interactive. Sometime brilliance cloaks itself in such eccentricity it appears inaccessible, pointless & stupid. Given that, this is a brilliant CD.  

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Voldar - Music from Video Games that Never Were
Rating for sheer novelty & weirdness

Visit the official website to check out the CD and purchase it. Plus get more info on these games that exist only in the mind of Voldar

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