The Day In Rock July 20, 2003: File Traders Beware, Jackson 5 Reunion, Dead Kennedys, Ozzy�s Dead Dog 

07-20-03 Keavin Wiggins
Here are some of the biggest stories from yesterday-- July 19, 2003.  It was a Saturday, so not too much to report.

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File Traders Beware, The RIAA Is Coming For You. 
From BillBoard - The music industry has issued at least 871 federal subpoenas against computer users this month suspected of illegally sharing music files on the Internet, with roughly 75 new subpoenas being approved each day.

The effort represents early steps in the music industry's contentious plan to file civil lawsuits aimed at crippling online piracy� The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has said it expects to file at least several hundred lawsuits seeking financial damages within the next eight weeks. U.S. copyright laws allow for damages of $750 to $150,000 for each song offered illegally on a person's computer, but the RIAA has said it would be open to settlement proposals from defendants. - Click Here for the Full Story From Billboard.com

Metallica's Frantic
From Blabbermouth: METALLICA will film a video for the track "Frantic" in the suburbs of Montreal, Quebec early next week, according to Journal de Montreal. 

The band, who are scheduled to perform at Parc Jean Drapeau Sunday night (July 20) as part of the Summer Sanitarium Tour, will spend a couple of extra days in the city to film the clip with director Wayne Isham (Rolling Stones, N' Sync, Ricky Martin, Britney Spears). 

With Isham directing can we expect to see the guys on puppet strings, dancing in a classroom hallway in Catholic School Girl uniforms? Don't laugh, it might actually make so a fun video. Imagine Lars in a skirt.    - Click Here for the Full Story at Blabbermouth

Dead Kennedy Vocalist
Looks like yet another vocalist change for the current Jello-Free version of the Dead Kennedys. 

Punkbands.com reports: Seminal punk rock band Dead Kennedys announced today that via mutual decision, lead singer Brandon Cruz will exit the band and vocal duties will now be handled by former Vaz Hoil & Stupid Ferrets member Jeff Penalty. Penalty toured with Dead Kennedys for their first-ever tour of Norway in May 2003. - Click Here for the Full Story

Ozzy�s Dead Dog
Has it gotten to this point that the death of Ozzy�s dog makes the wire services? Yes, it has and we are contributing to this madness by reprinting this story here. We usually leave this kind of crap to US Weekly and People Magazine (reportedly Sharon�s favorite pubs). But it was a slow news day and thought we throw it in. And out of respect, RIP to the pooch. (and no Ozzy didn�t bite it�s head off) 

From AP Music: Sharon Osbourne tells "Us Weekly" in its July 28  issue that her black Chihuahua, Lulu, was recently killed by coyotes that jumped a low fence at her home. "It's so heartbreaking," she says. 

Osbourne tells the magazine the Osbournes' Pomeranian, Pipi, was attacked earlier this month, but was saved by her husband, Ozzy. 

"Ozzy heard the screams and fought and got Pip out of the coyote's mouth," she says. (They should have just played Kelly's CD, that would have scared em off)- Click Here for the Full Story

Jackson 5 Reunion On The Way
While not a rock related story, I�m sure there will be interest among some of our readers about this one. If anything maybe you can watch for hanging babies from Hotels windows along the tour route?

From NME.com:  THE JACKSON FIVE are to reform for a reunion album and tour complete with MICHAEL JACKSON.

Jermaine Jackson told the BBC's Liquid News the new album would be released to coincide with the tour. The last time the original members performed together was at a one-off concert in 2001. - Click Here for the Full Story

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