The Day In Rock 7/22: Coldplay Cold-cock, Aerosmith Vs. Photographer, Rolling Stone�s Liar-Writer, Ripper Rips Priest, Metallica Dismiss Deftones. 

07-22-03 Keavin Wiggins
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Sorry for the missing yesterday�s update; Sun night was the antiFEST �One Off Punk N� Roll Bash�. So I wasn�t available to post an update. Wow what a night! We�ll have details and photos up for that soon�. Now on with the news from Sunday and Monday.  aG should have some new regular news stories for you on Tuesday, after he gets over his hangover. 

Coldplay Cold-cock
From the Associated Press: Chris Martin, the lead singer of pop band Coldplay and boyfriend of Oscar-winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow (news), allegedly clashed with a photographer on a popular tourist beach and will appear in an Australian court, newspapers reported Monday� 

The Daily Telegraph, a Sydney tabloid, reported that 47-year-old freelance photographer Jon Lister followed the singer to nearby Seven Mile beach Sunday where Martin, 26, went surfing. The frontman allegedly emerged from the water furious, demanding Lister erase the photos from his digital camera, Lister told the paper. 

The incident allegedly resulted in the windshield of Lister's car being broken and the air let out from his tires. 

Police refused to confirm the Coldplay singer's involvement. However, a police spokeswoman said a 26-year-old Englishman had been given a notice to appear in Byron Bay Local Court on Oct. 8 to answer an allegation of malicious damage.

(ok, there wasn�t a cold-cock, but Coldplay Cold-cock made for a good headline) - Click Here for the Full Story

Aerosmith Frontman Attacks Photographer. 
Coldplay isn�t the only band fighting off photographers. The New York Daily News reports that Aerosmith�s Steven Tyler had an alleged run in with a photographer in New York last week. 

According to an eye witness report in the New York Daily News story, last Thursday Tyler was on Prince St and a female photographer was following him. He suddenly turned around and took the photographer�s camera. The witness said, �He's shouting at her, and grabs her by the wrist, saying, 'Let's see how you like it. You're going to stand there until I tell you not to.' The girl is standing there completely humiliated, and he's taking pictures and pictures, and all the bystanders were laughing their ass off." - Click Here for the Full Story

Rolling Stone�s Liar-Writer.
The New York Times isn�t alone in hiring writers who partake of questionable means to submit stories. Rolling Stone Magazine has given a new assignment to a writer who was fired from another magazine for making up stories and previously submitted a bogus story to Rolling Stone which landed them in court. � One Bitten, Twice Shy? Not if you�re Jann Wenner.  Imagine that, fabricated stories in the New Republic and Rolling Stone. You mean their stories aren�t supposed to be fiction?

The Associated Press reports: Stephen Glass, a writer who was fired from the New Republic magazine in 1998 for fabricating stories has been assigned a story By Rolling Stone on Canadian marijuana laws, Stu Zakim, a spokesman for the magazine, said Monday� A previous story that Glass wrote for Rolling Stone resulted in a lawsuit. D.A.R.E, an anti-drug program, sued the magazine in 1999 over Glass's story about the group, part of which he admitted making up. 

Zakim said Rolling Stone owner Jann Wenner felt it was worth giving Glass another chance. Wenner himself was not available for comment. - Click Here for the Full Story

Ripper Rips Priest.
Blabbermouth ran excerpts of an interview by John Petkovic of the Cleveland Plain Dealer with former Judas Priest vocalist Tim "Ripper" Owens. For those who didn�t hear, Priest reunited with Rob Halford. 

Here are some tidbits from that interview: 
"There had been talk of Halford rejoining for a while," Owens said. "There had been so many big-money offers for them to reunite." 

"I knew [the reunion with Halford] was going to happen," he continued. "I knew this wouldn't last. Rob is the original singer, and so he should also be the one there at the end." 

"When I joined, they had been broken up for about five years," he says. "The band had lost a lot of momentum, and it was hard to make up for lost time." 

"Some people were disappointed, but they can't blame me," said Owens. "My vocals are right on. I just sang the songs they gave me." 

"I had no control over decisions," he said. "At the same time, I couldn't pursue other projects because I was the lead singer in JUDAS PRIEST. It was frustrating, especially when we stopped touring this year." 

Owens says he's already received offers from five bands, and he's currently pursuing a solo career and a collaboration with a musician he would not disclose. - Click Here for the Full Story

Metallica Vs. The Deftones � Hetfield Laughs Off Comments.
MTV reports that the Summer Sanitarium tour is doing great and all of the bands are getting along just fine. They even go on to say that the bands on the tour, like Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park, have nothing but praise for Metallica. That wasn�t the case with Deftones frontman Chino Moreno, who made headlines when he bashed the tour in the August Issue of Revolver Magazine. 

From MTV.com: He was especially critical about Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park. "A big problem for me was opening for them � two bands that wouldn't exist if it weren't for me." But Moreno also took a stab at Metallica: "Metallica have a vast catalog, but live? Motherf----ers just stand there and play." Metallica frontman James Hetfield takes such jabs in stride.

"It's words on paper, that's all it is," he said. "You don't know where that came from or how out of context it was. It's stupid stuff. I think you don't take something like that personally. When someone talks smack like that, maybe it's insecurity or maybe something else is going on. And then you get on the stage and you play and it's kinda like forgotten about."  - Click Here for the Full Story

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