The Day In Rock 7/25: Gramps Vs. RIAA, The GNR Race To CD, Lollapalooza Europe?, Are You Being Sued?, Rush To DVD, Rob Zombie Halloween

07-25-03 Keavin Wiggins
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Gramps Vs. RIAA
You thought it was only kids in dorms that the RIAA was going after in their crusade to stamp out online music (ok not all online music, just the illegal, fun kind). Think again, Gramps may be one of the targets from the rash of subpoenas the RIAA is dishing out of late; going after those who use online file trading services like Kazaa. 

Tinfoil.music Posted this: The Associated Press has an interesting story with interviews with two people targeted by RIAA subpoenas. One is a grandfather who was found sharing several hundred songs. He was tired of the current crop of American clone bands so much of his collection was made up of hard to get European music. Another is a father. He acknowledged his daughter had installed the software but he was unaware that it was illegal.

Outsiders are urging the RIAA to carefully select their targets as suing minors or grandparents will create a backlash against the industry.

Carry Sherman of the RIAA isn't taking that advice. He says 'The idea really is not to be selective, to let people know that if they're offering a substantial number of files for others to copy, they are at risk. It doesn't matter who they are.' - Click Here for the Full Story

The GNR Race To CD
Who will be first to land a CD in the stores? Guns N� Roses featuring Axl Rose and his long awaited Chinese Democracy? Or will it be Velvet Revolver, the band that features the former members of Guns N� Roses-- Slash, Duff McKagan and Matt Sorum, along with Stone Temple Pilots� Scott Weiland and David Kushner of Suicidal Tendencies?

It looks like the former Gunners are racing towards the finishing line, despite what Axl told antiMUSIC a few weeks back when he crashed our Led Zeppelin DVD release party, that he is hopeful that �Chinese Democracy� will be out this year (see story).

Chart Attack reports: Velvet Revolver played their first official show just over a month ago (June 19) at the El Ray Theatre in Los Angeles. Material from that show will make up the bulk of their debut EP/DVD, which is scheduled to hit stores October 13. The details haven�t yet been finalized, but the EP will likely include the entirety of the band�s six-song live set, including covers of the Sex Pistols� "Bodies," GNR�s "It�s So Easy," STP�s "Sex Type Thing" and Nirvana�s "Negative Creep," along with two originals, "Slither" and "Set Me Free." The DVD portion will feature live concert footage from the L.A. gig. - Click Here for the Full Story

Lollapalooza Europe?
Yahoo Launch Reports: Lollapalooza founder Perry Farrell has the desire to bring his reprised Lollapalooza festival to Europe, but says there are a few glitches that would make it difficult to deliver the same high-quality show American fans are currently enjoying. Farrell, who also fronts this year's Lollapalooza headlining band Jane's Addiction, told LAUNCH that there are two problems that stand in the way of taking the festival to Europe--the line-up and the technology kinks that would crop up with the interactive part of the festival. - Click Here for the Full Story

Are You Being Sued?
If only Gramps mentioned in the story above could have know how to avoid all this legal hassle with the RIAA.  What about you? Not sure if you are one of the individuals who the RIAA has targeted in their current campaign to stamp out online file sharing? With the subpoenas going to your ISP to gain your identity, your ISP might not be kind enough to inform you of what is coming. At least one online organization is there to help you see if you are a target or not.  AP reports: The San Francisco-based Electronic Frontier Foundation plans to publish � at www.eff.org � information from subpoenas to help computer users determine if they have been targeted. - Be sure to read the EFF�s How To Not Get Sued Guide 

Rush To DVD
Veteran Canadian rock trio Rush will release the triple-disc live album and double-disc DVD "Rush in Rio" in September via Anthem/Atlantic. The label is eyeing a Sept. 23 release for the sets. 

"Rush in Rio" was recorded last Nov. 23 on the last show of the band's Vapor Trails tour. The disc features 28 songs, ranging from staples such as "Tom Sawyer," "Limelight," "The Spirit of Radio" and "YYZ" to newer album cuts like "One Little Victory," "Earthshine" and "Secret Touch." Said bassist Geddy Lee on his official Web site, "It was quite an evening with another incredible crowd and we managed pull off a pretty darn good performance to boot." - Click Here for the Full Story

Rob Zombie Halloween
Rob Zombie is expanding his line of Halloween masks this year to include characters from his hit film �House of 1000 Corpses�.  

Launch Reports: The new masks, which will arrive in stores in time for Halloween, will include those for Dr. Satan, Captain Spaulding, and Tiny.

�Zombie has signed on to write and direct a sequel to House Of 1000 Corpses, which has already grossed an impressive $11 million. Beau Flynn of Zombie's management company, The Firm, will produce the sequel, and the duo hope to start work on the project this fall. Zombie says he's hoping to have the sequel released in April of 2004 to coincide with the one-year anniversary of the original. No title for the  sequel has been announced. - Click Here for the Full Story

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