Linkin Park Explain Anti-Download Stance. 

07-14-03 antiGUY
Linkin Park, Metallica, Green Day and others made headlines a few weeks ago when they refused to allow services like Apple�s iTunes to sell online downloads of their individual songs. 

Linkin Park have now pipped up about why they only want their entire albums sold via the web. 

Yahoo�s Launch Media spoke with Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington about their reluctance to sell individual songs online. He told Launch that the band wants to use the net but he wants it to be done in a way that works for fans as well as the band. 

"We're all going to have to adjust�, Bennington told Launch. �You know what I'm saying? Eventually everything is going to be purchased online. It's just a matter of how you're going to do it. You know? Do you sell albums by track or do you sell albums to download for one cost when you go in to download the music? Who knows? It's not up to me, it's up to the people to figure out the way they want to do it, and to do it in a way that's not going to destroy the bands that they love." 

Bennington sees services like Apple�s iTunes as unproven, "Bands like us that have commercial success by selling records are in a different place than the bands that are in a lower playing field, so it's hard for us to really understand from our point of view. But we do understand that there's an issue there, and until everybody kind of figures it out and there's more education on how to fix it, we're not really going to run around and preach anything that we don't know is going to work for certain." 

So it appears that until programs like iTunes have matured and proven beneficial to artists, you won�t find any individual Linkin Park songs among their offerings. 

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