Ozzy-less Fest

07-14-03 antiGUY
Some fans that showed up for Ozzfest in Sacramento last Wednesday and Seattle last Saturday hoping to catch the tour�s namesake walked away disappointed. 

2nd Stage band, Hotwire, tells us in their latest antiMUSIC Ozzfest Tour Diary, �Ozzy cancelled cause he strained his vocal chords at the LA show, so everybody got bumped back 30 minutes from their regular set times.� 

Korn saved the day at both events by taking the headliner slot. Promoters in Seattle offered fans that went to see Ozzy a refund, but only had a little over a hundred takers, according to press accounts.

The Ozzy camp issued a statement last week explaining that Ozzy had come down with laryngitis.  "After struggling through his performance in San Francisco [last Tuesday], Ozzy Osbourne was examined by his personal physician this morning and was diagnosed with having severe laryngitis," said the statement. "Ozzy's doctor has ordered him to rest his vocal cords for the next few days." 

There is no official word at press time on when Ozzy will rejoin the tour. 

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