Rick Rubin To Produce Weezer

07-23-03 antiGUY
Weezer have called upon the good offices of famed record producer Rick Rubin to be the man behind the knobs for their fifth album, according to a rather cryptic message on Weezer.com, �Album 5 notes: in pre-production: regular and acoustic rehearsals, demo recordings. Rick Rubin to produce album. No start time set yet - possibly summer or fall. Details to come as known.� 

Guitarist Brian Bell was a little more detailed in a conversation with Rolling Stone. According to their report, the band is expected to hit the studio with Rubin within the next few of weeks. 

�Right now we're just playing acoustically," Bell told Rolling Stone. "There might be more textures to this record."

Bell adds, "We have so many songs to choose from and it shouldn't be too much longer before we actually start making the new album."

Don�t expect the 20 some songs that the band gave away to fans via their website last year to make an appearance on the new album. Rolling Stone reports that bell told them that those songs are no longer strong contenders for the new album. "It's all new stuff," he says. "We're still open to suggestions -- especially if Rick says, 'I want you to have a second look at this song you did last year.' It's not likely, but nothing's out of bounds at this point."
The band is also putting the finishing touches on a DVD. Here is what Weezer.com had to say about that project, �Weezer DVD notes: main content finished, in review for editorial changes. projected final runtime over 3 hours. Architecture, menus, packaging coming up next. No  release date set, likely [but not definitely] out by the holiday season '03. � 

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