Pantera To Unleash �Vulgar Hits�, Phil Admits �Falling Out� With Ex-bandmates.

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Pantera may have parted ways but the fans will get at least one more dose of the band�s patented Great Southern Trendkill on September 23rd when Elektra/Rhino records unleashes "The Best of Pantera: Far Beyond the Great Southern Cowboys' Vulgar Hits!"  

Fans will not only get 16 pounding Pantera tunes but also a bonus DVD featuring 12 videos and 2 live performances. Apart from the album cuts �Vulgar Hits� will include covers of Ted Nugent�s �Cat Scratch Fever� and Black Sabbath�s �Hole In The Sky�. 

In related news, Pantera frontman Phil Anselmo revealed to Revolver Magazine that he is no longer speaking with his former bandmate, Dimebag. 

Blabbermouth ran the following excerpts from the interview: 

�They�re doing it [already],� Anselmo told the magazine, referring to Darrel and PANTERA drummer Vinnie Paul�s new project, provisionally called NEW FOUND POWER. �They�re gonna name it something else [other than PANTERA], but they�re doing it, and best of luck to them. I have no bad feelings toward those guys at all.�

Asked if he thinks the other guys harbor any resentment toward him, Anselmo replied, �Sure. Absolutely. They won�t talk to me. I speak to Vinnie maybe once every blue moon. But I think Dimebag and I have had a falling out that�s going to be a little tough to reconcile. I�m not even sure what the hell it�s about.�

When questioned if the disagreement between him and Dimebag is of a musical or personal nature, Philip said, �Both. He�s got a lot of resentment in his heart, and I don�t really know where it�s coming from.  I�m not sure he�s mad at me at all, you know? He�s got a lot of personal issues in his life that he has to face, and once he does, I really, truly hope he becomes a better person � the beautiful person that I came to know and love.�

With regards to whether doing another PANTERA record is where his head is at right now, Anselmo said, �No, it�s not. It�s not the right time.  One thing you�ve gotta understand is, with PANTERA I�ve always been the one to question things. I�ve always been the one to say, �Are you sure you wanna do this?� �Are you sure this is right?� And they listen to me, they hear me out. And by no means am I saying that I�m the brains behind the entire thing. But I am saying that when it comes to music, due to my knowledge and very natural connection to what the underground scene is, I had to enlighten them several times over.  Without me, it�ll be real interesting to hear what they come up with.�

Asked if he is interested in hearing the final product once it�s completed, Philip said, �I�ll listen to it when it comes out. And sure, it�s gonna sound like PANTERA in a bunch of spots musically. And I�m also sure they�ve got a singer who � if it�s Dimebag Darrell�s dream � is gonna be a cross between Philip Anselmo and a guy who can hit, like, Rob Halford-style extreme high notes and s***. That�s just a wild guess. But as for me being interested in it, what I�m really interested in is SUPERJOINT RITUAL. That�s what interests me right now.�

The complete track listing for "The Best of Pantera" is as follows: 

01. Cowboys From Hell
02. Cemetary Gates
03. Mouth for War
04. Walk
05. This Love
06. I'm Broken
07. Becoming
08. 5 Minutes Alone
09. Planet Caravan
10. Drag the Waters
11. Where You Came From (Live)
12. Cat Scratch Fever
13. Revolution Is My Name
14. I'll Cast a Shadow
15. Goddamn Electric
16. Hole in the Sky

Bonus DVD:

01. Cowboys From Hell
02. Psycho Holiday
03. Cemetary Gates
04. Mouth For War
05. This Love
06. Walk
07. 5 Minutes Alone
08. I'm Broken
09. Drag the Waters
10. Domination (Live)
11. Primal Concrete Sledge (Live)
12. Revolution Is My Name

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