Metallica Want To Extend Sanitarium Tour Into Winter.

07-30-03 antiGUY
Metallica are having so much fun (or are they making so much money?) on the Summer Sanitarium Tour that they are mulling over doing it all over again this Winter in the more interment settings of arenas instead of stadiums. At least that�s what Lars told Launch.  

"I think you could take the concept out of the stadiums and you could do Winter Sanitarium," Ulrich told Launch. "I mean there's a lot of things you could do with the name Sanitarium. So, I just don't want to get stuck into kind of stadiums in the summer because obviously that's a special thing every couple three, four, five years or whatever when it feels right. And after this tour, which is obviously turning out awesome, but now we want to play indoors."

The Launch article speculated that the band was in the process of setting up North American arena tour dates to kick off in February. 

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