Deftones Singer Derailed By Groin Injury

07-30-03 antiGUY
It�s a good thing for Deftones fans that the Summer Sanitarium had most of the week off. Deftones frontman Chino Moreno reportedly injured himself during last Saturday night�s performance in Chicago. Unlike the Limp Bizkit crowd who when not getting pelted with garbage and being booed off the stage, are hurting their backs doing God knows what, Chino apparently pulled his groin. 

There are no details on how Chino injured this most sensitive area. He has made headlines lately by mouthing off about other bands, even some on the Summer Sanitarium tour, but those offended bands publicly brushed those comments aside. But who knows? Maybe when Chino was least expecting it, someone backstage got payback with a knee to groin? Or was it an over enthusiastic groupie? The mysteries of rock abound. 

Meanwhile, Chino and crew are expected back on stage this Friday when the tour hits Denver. 

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