Suicide Bombers Kill 20 At Moscow Music Festival 

07-7-03 antiGUY
20 people are reportedly dead and 50 injured following a suicide bombing attack on the Krylya (Wings) Festival in Moscow last Saturday. 

Press reports vary in the amount of people killed during the blast. The latest numbers reported state that 20 people lost their lives after two women ignited bombs strapped to their bodies at two separate entry gates to the Tushino airfield in Moscow. 

Close to 40,000 people were attending the concert festival which included some of Russia�s top music acts.  

Security guards were reportedly suspicious of the two bombers and refused to admit them. One women set off her bomb at one entrance and then 10 minutes later, the second woman set off her bomb at another entrance, while people were streaming through, evacuating the venue. It was the second bomb that caused most of the casualties. 
At press time, no group has claimed responsibility for the attack but there have been reports that a passport was found at the scene that shows that one of the bombers was a Chechen. 

That was enough proof for Russian President Vladimir Putin, who blames Chechen separatist for the terrorist attack and has called for targeted action against the group. 

Putin met with his Cabinet today (7-7) and said in part, �today, after the latest series of terrorist acts, we can say that the bandits active in Chechnya are not simply connected with international terrorist organizations, they have become an integral, maybe the most dangerous part, of the international web." 

These comments lead many to speculate that Putin may be planning to send Russian military forces back into Chechnya.