Kelly Duets With Ozzy � Booed Off Stage In The UK

07-7-03 antiGUY
Kelly Osbourne has once again faced a hostile crowd that appeared to get the best of her. This incident took place on June 21st at the Millennium Dome in London. 

Kelly was performing her song �Shut Up!� and the crowd seemed to agree with the sentiment and pelted her with plastic bottles. The irony of course, is her legendary father is known for throwing water from the stage at the audience, instead of having water bottles throw at him. 

Kelly responded by yelling at the audience, "F*** off! OK, you might f***ing well hate me but I'm here for another half an hour."

The crowd didn�t let up and continued to throw things at her, ten minutes later she stormed off the stage with one departing shot at the audience, "F*** you and your mothers. " She also reportedly threw drum sticks at the audience at that point. 

Maybe these audiences are trying to tell Kelly something? That something isn�t lost on her father, Ozzy Osbourne, who appears to be the only one in the Osbourne clan with a sense of reality when it comes to Kelly�s �singing career�.  When asked about upcoming UK dates where Kelly will open for him, Ozzy said, "I don't think her music and my music are anything like each other," he admitted but then his paternal instinct kicked in and he added, "but if anyone throws one f***ing thing at my daughter, I'm on that stage with a baseball bat." 

Those comments came from Ozzy when he disclosed that he had teamed up with daughter Kelly for a duet. It turns out that Ozzy has recently recorded the Black Sabbath classic �Changes� as a duet with Kelly, to be released on his next album.  

Ozzy appears to have kept his sense of humor over the circus that The Osbournes has made of his life, career and reputation. After disclosing details about the duet he joked, "The only thing left is 'The Osbournes on Ice.� 

Ozzy will still go down as a Godfather of Heavy Metal but he may also go into the rock n� roll history books as an example of what can go wrong when you have a family member for a manager who is determined to make your daughter a pop star, even after the public had rejected the idea. 

This isn�t the first time Kelly has been met by a hostile crowd with jeers instead of cheers but it appears that the Osbourne Company is determined to make sure this isn�t the last time either. 

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