Live Debut for Weiland / Guns N’ Roses’ Velvet Revolver

06-23-03 antiGUY
A new supergroup, the band formerly known as "the project", official kicked off last week when Velvet Revolver made their live debut at the El Ray Theatre in Los Angeles on Thursday night. 

Velvet Revolver features former Guns N’ Roses members Slash, the Duff McKagan (bass) and Matt Sorum (drums) as well as Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland and Loaded /former Wasted Youth guitarist Dave Kushner. 

There was definite chemistry within the group as they took the stage to perform a variety of original material as well as favorites from their former bands and others. 

Weiland and Slash made for a strong frontline guitarist/vocalist paring and this collaboration seemed to fire on all cylinders as they rocked the El Ray’s star studded crowd. 

The group kicked off their set with full throttle cover of the Sex Pistols’ “Bodies” and then performed their current hit single “Set Me Free,” which is featured on the “Hulk” soundtrack. 

The “Hulk” director Ang Lee was one among many celebs who rocked out to the group’s set.  Dave Grohl, David Spade, Shane West and Vincent Gallo were also on hand to witness Velvet Revolver’s debut. 

The set alternated between new original tracks and past favorites including STP’s "Sex Type Thing," GNR’s “It’s So Easy,” Nirvana’s “Negative Creep".  

The band took questions during a short press conference before they hit the stage.  Slash elaborated on how Weiland landed the lead singer spot within the group, "The chemistry is perfect. It just fits. It's like all of a sudden we are just us, all five of us, and it just happened like that." 

Duff added, "And we really bonded as friends, as brothers, in a relatively short time." 

Scott said that he, Duff and Dave, “spent a month together in the mountains in Washington in a secluded area, just recently so we've gotten to know each other pretty intimately."

Weiland also spoke about a realization that came to him as the group were doing their soundcheck earlier in the evening, “We were in the middle of our set and I just kind of went over to those guys and went, 'I feel like we've been on tour for about a year now.' The chemistry's there. It's a band." 

The group also addressed Weiland’s recent run-in with the law and the future of Stone Temple Pilots. 

"What happened to Scott Weiland a few weeks ago, it really could happen to any one of us," Duff said. "It has happened to all of us."

"Everything is pretty much on hold now," said Weiland. "I know that there is talk about a greatest-hits album for STP, but I don't know anything about it really, because my heart and soul is into Velvet Revolver right now”. 

The group reportedly has five songs completely written for their debut album, which they hope to have out by Christmas. In total, they have around 50 songs in various stages of development, including around 10 songs written by former Guns N’ Roses chief songwriter and guitarist Izzy Stradlin. 

The band has yet to ink a label deal but said that they are playing together daily and will most likely record the album on their own before shopping for a deal. 

You can view portions of the show by clicking here 

Here is also a link to an MTV interview video with the band.

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