antiTainment NEWS: Robert Blake Fingers Brando’s Son For Wife’s Murder

02-04-04 Keavin
The key to Robert Blake’s defense strategy appears to be attempting to pen the blame on Marlon Brando's son, Christian. Blake’s attorneys were dealt a blow during a court hearing on Tuesday when their attempted to have evidence and a witness cleared for the eventual trial that reportedly pens the blame on Brando and a convicted robber. 

Blake, 70, has been charged with the 2001 fatal shooting of his wife, Bonny Lee Bakley, 44, as she sat in a car outside of Vitello's Italian restaurant in Studio City. The shooting took place after the couple had dined at the restaurant. 

Blake’s attorney, Thomas Mesereau Jr., feels that Brando should be the prime suspect for the murder and not his client. 

The victim, Bakley, was romantically involved with Brando before she meet and married Blake. 

During the hearing on Tuesday, the defense offered evidence of an alleged speaker phone conversation between Brando and stuntman Ronald "Duffy" Hambleton that was reportedly overheard by a female acquaintance, Diane Mattson. 

Mattson claims she heard Brando say that Bakley deserved to have a bullet put through her head. The Judge ruled that the woman’s testimony could not be used in the trial and that authorities said Brando was at home in Kalama the night Bakley was fatally shot. However, the judge reportedly ruled that the defense could call the stuntman and question him about the alleged phone conversation. 

Blake’s attorneys argue that despite the alibi Brando could have hired someone to kill Bakley. 

The judge is still considering a ruling on whether a reported taped conversation in which Brando is said to have made the comments could be used in court and also held a ruling on whether the defense could use evidence about a man that was convicted of robbing a couple outside the restaurant. The defense appears to think that Brando may have hired the convicted robber, Kevin London, to murder Bakley. 

"We think there's a compelling case far stronger that (Brando) did it, than that Mr. Blake did it," Blake’s attorney, Thomas Mesereau Jr., told reporters after the hearing. 

Mesereau told reporters that Brando is currently a fugitive from justice for a probation violation in Washington State. 

However, the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office said they could find no evidence of an outstanding warrant for Brando. 

Then again, Blake may be contemplating an insanity plea. How else do you explain his serenade on the steps of the court house on Monday?