antiTainment NEWS: Reality TV: Amish In The City

01-19-04 Keavin
Just when you thought Reality TV had been run into the ground with strange ideas, the little network that could (UPN) announces their new idea to enter the crowded TV schedule; “Amish In the City”. 

UPN Entertainment President Dawn Ostroff and CBS CEO Leslie Moonves announced during the Winter Television Press Tour that UPN would give viewers a glimpse of the ultimate fish out of water story. 

The plans for the show include taking five 16-year-old Amish kids and sticking them in a house in a city with five mainstream kids. The required viewing factor will supposedly come from watching these young Amish kids encounter things and circumstances that most people deal with daily, including decadent temptations. 

The idea for the show springs from an Amish tradition called “Rumspringa”, which translates to “running wild”. When Amish youth reach a certain age they taken outside of the close knit Amish community so they can subject themselves to the temptations of the outside world, to determine if they’re faith is strong enough to become a full fledged member of the church. 

The location for the show has not been selected yet and “Amish in the City” is only the working title, but UPN is eyeing the new series for a summer run.