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Britney Spears is a bit peeved with the New York Post after the paper published photographs of the pop star with a drink in her hand that the paper labeled as “whiskey”.  Spears is reportedly demanding an apology, a revocation of the story and a financial settlement from the paper, or her attorney will file a lawsuit. 
The photograph was taken as Spears and her fiancé were leaving Joe's Liquor store in Malibu, Ca. Spears is reportedly pictured drinking from a small bottle. The article reportedly suggested that Spears may have a drinking problem as the photo was alleged to have been taken around noon.  

Spears says that the photos were “totally fabricated, fictional and defamatory," because she was actually drinking  a 'Ginseng'  herbal supplement that is said to act as an energy booster.  The clerk that sold Spears the beverage reportedly backs up the pop star’s story. 

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Spears attorney Martin Singer issued the following statement: "Ms. Spears intends to file a lawsuit against the New York Post and Bill Hoffmann, the writer of the article, unless the paper immediately issues an appropriate retraction, apology and financial settlement," her lawyer Martin Singer was quoted as saying.”

Wow, a celebrity accused of drinking!  The scandals keep coming, the next thing you know Spears may be accused of smoking a cigarette. 

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