musicNEWS: Derek Frigo RIP - Enuff Z地uff Guitarist Dead At Age 37

05-29-04 Keavin
Derek Frigo, former lead guitarist of Enuff Z地uff was found dead on Friday. The cause of death is not known at this time. Frigo was reportedly found outside his girlfriend痴 Beverly Hills home. 

Derek was the son of legendary Chicago violin virtuoso Johnny Frigo. He rose to fame in his own right as the lead guitarist of Enuff Z地uff on their first three major label albums. Rolling Stone named Enuff Z'nuff best new band in 1991. During his time with the band, Derek was praised for his distinct tremolo infused guitar solos. He left Enuff Z地uff in 1994 and played in a number of groups since, the latest projects included gigs with his fellow former Enuff Z'nuff bandmate Vik Fox in Los Angeles based rock band Logan痴 Heroes and playing with punk icon Texas Terri. 

Last year, Frigo reunited with Enuff Z地uff frontman Donnie Vie and original drummer Vik Fox for a couple of Los Angeles area shows. There was talk of an Enuff Z地uff reunion tour later this year. Derek joined Donnie Vie in his home studio a few weeks ago and laid down tracks for the new Enuff Z地uff CD. 

[Having personally known Derek this news hits extremely hard. If it wasn't for Derek there wouldn't be an antiMUSIC as Enuff Z'nuff inspired our sister site Rocknworld.com, which was named after a song off of the 1993 Enuff Z'nuff album "Animals With Human Intellegence", and was the first site in what would become the antiMUSIC network. The world lost an exceptional person and gifted musician. Derek's sound was a hallmark of those early Enuff Z'nuff albums. This is a tragic blow to the Enuff Z'nuff family. On behalf of everyone here at antiMUSIC, I wish to extend condolences to Derek's family and friends. We will never forget Derek, the man or his music. - Keavin] 

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