Tramp Resurrects White Lion 

(press release) Only a week after the end of Mike Tramp’s European tour, Tramp is announcing that this is the end of Tramp playing both White Lion and Freak of Nature songs in his solo live set. But, at the same time, Tramp is announcing that he is forming "Tramp’s White Lion", a band dedicated 100% to the original
sound of White Lion.

Says Mike Tramp, “Now is the time for me to make the separation for real and make it all clear to everyone what it is I am doing. My solo career was always going to be a departure from both White Lion and Freak of Nature, and I felt I did that well with my first album ‘Capricorn’, but I feel that because I have been playing a mix of songs in my live set, I have also taken steps backwards in my solo career, when what I wanted to do was take many steps further away from what I was known as. 

"With 'Tramp’s White Lion', I now can perform that classic sound with no compromise, and at the same time take my solo career to the musical place that I want to go.”

Tramp says he never got the chance to clear up last year’s mess with the White Lion reunion, but now has the perfect way to set things straight.

“Everybody jumped the gun last year before we even had a chance to confirm anything. Yes, Vito and I were talking back and forth about a possible reunion, but from the first conversation and till the last, he always told me he would not do it. Before I knew it, I saw the band’s name announced on festivals throughout Europe. I heard other guitars player’s names mentioned as replacements and so on. But nothing was ever confirmed from our side.

"I am now making the final statement. There will never be an original White Lion reunion, and the only one performing White Lion will be 'Tramp’s White
Lion'. I am personally contacting promoters around the world to let them know that this is the way it will be. I will also be handling the managing of 'Tramp’s White Lion' myself. At this moment, I am talking to several players to take part in this band, but if the band will ever perform, it will totally depend on the interest of the promoters and the demand of the fans. But rest assure Mike Tramp is moving forward, no matter what.”

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