Hendrix Brother Loses Court Ruling Over Estate 

(antiMUSIC) Jimi Hendrix brother is not entitled to any money from rock legend's estate. That was ruling of a Seattle judge this week. When Jimi Hendrix died in 1970 his $80 million estate went to his father Al Hendrix. Al Hendrix died in 2002 and left the majority of the estate to his stepdaughter, Janie Hendrix. The brother of the guitarist, Leon Hendrix and other family members went to court seeking to invalidate their father's will. 

Leon Hendrix and other members of the family filed suit, claiming that Janie Hendrix had unfairly influenced Al Hendrix to cut the other members of the family out of the will. 

The Seattle judge ruled against Leon and the other family members, but also found that Janie Hendrix had mismanaged the trust fund money set up for the family and ordered that she be removed as trustee. 

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