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(Drive-Thru) Drive-Thru Records will release Listen To Bob Dylan -- A Tribute on August 16, 2005. The double disc CD features 21 Bob Dylan tunes covered by a variety of artists including Jason Mraz, Something Corporate, Steel Train, I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody�s Business, The Format, Anberlin, Socratic, and Days Away.

This ambitious project is a labor of love for Stefanie Reines, owner of Drive-Thru Records. Reines has been an avid Dylan fan since the age of sixteen though she wasn�t always a lover of his music. In fact it took an introduction to Dylan�s music by her favorite band at the time, The Alarm to bring her around: �Every single show they (The Alarm) played, they would cover Bob Dylan�s �Knockin� On Heaven�s Door� which I hated. When I found out that they were touring with Dylan I wasn�t too pleased. I had no idea that about six shows into the tour, something inside me would change. It was an amazing, fun and insightful discovery and I completely fell in love. � As a result, Reines is now a devout Dylan fan and has seen him perform over seventy times. Inspired by her own experience, Reines decided to spearhead this project intended to introduce a new generation to Dylan�s music through artists that they love.

With the intent of exposing new fans to Dylan�s work, Reines began thinking about the bands for the tribute. She knew she wanted artists that made timeless music, as Dylan himself does. She hand-picked a majority of the bands, but some contacted her and really wanted to be involved. �I felt if the band really loved Dylan, then they belonged on the CD,� says Reines. At one point there were so many bands turning in beautiful covers, she couldn�t say no to any of them and she decided to make the tribute a double disc. �I had to include them all because they were so great and done with a lot of thought.�

She made a list of forty of her favorite Dylan songs for the bands to choose from. A few picked outside the list, but all the musicians chose their cover based on their unique experience discovering Dylan or personal connection to the music. Jack Antonoff of Steel Train remembers Dylan from his childhood. �I chose this song (�Don�t Think Twice�) because it was the first song I ever heard, not just Dylan, but music. My father used to play it to my sisters and me before we went to bed.� For Jason Mraz, it was the lure of Dylan�s timeless lyrics that enabled him to decide. ��A Hard Rain�s A-Gonna Fall� is a timeless classic and will never be duplicated, but its references are as vital today as they were when originally scripted by Bob himself over 40 years ago.�

The result is a double-disc filled with beautiful interpretations of Dylan�s music by artists of diverse backgrounds and musical styles. �Everyone is expecting a punk rock tribute and it�s so far beyond that,� says Reines, �Everyone I�ve played it for has been very pleasantly surprised.� Each outstanding track is a thoughtful and sincere tribute to one of the most influential songwriters of our time. �This is a very personal project for me,� says Reines, �I'm so excited just to see Bob Dylan's name and the Drive-Thru logo on the same CD!� It is her greatest hope that Listen To Bob Dylan � A Tribute will turn-on a new generation of fans to Bob Dylan�s music. �This project is all about love. I really want kids to experience what I do when I listen to a Dylan record. He�s an acquired taste, but once you get it there�s nothing in the world that is better or that you�d rather have.�

Heed the call and listen to Bob Dylan!

Listen To Bob Dylan � A Tribute Complete Track Listing:

Disc 1
1. Don't Think Twice (It's Alright) - Steel Train
2. Like A Rolling Stone - Anberlin
3. Mr. Tambourine Man - Roark
4. Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You - Socratic
5. Blowin' In The Wind - House Of Fools
6. Girl Of The North Country - As Tall As Lions
7. Man In Me - Jenoah
8. I Believe In You - Cerys Matthews
9. Simple Twist Of Fate - The Format
10. A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall - Jason Mraz

Disc 2
1. Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 - Rock 'N' Roll Soldiers
2. It Ain't Me Babe - Dave Melillo
3. Positively 4th Street - I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody's Business
4. Just Like A Woman - Something Corporate
5. She Belongs To Me - Kisschasy
6. To Ramona - Days Away
7. Boots Of Spanish Leather - Julia Haltigan
8. I Want You - James Blunt
9. I Shall Be Released - Steel Train
10. The Times They Are A-Changin' - The Stay At Home Joneses
11. The Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll - RX Bandits

Created and led by brother and sister team Richard and Stefanie Reines, Drive-Thru Records has been at the forefront of discovering unique musical talent since 1996. Originally signing artists such as Dashboard Confessional, New Found Glory, Something Corporate, Finch and The Starting Line, their current roster includes Halifax, The Early November, Steel Train, Home Grown, HelloGoodbye, Jenoah, Socratic, An Angle, RX Bandits, Adelphi, Allister, I Can Make a Mess Like Nobody�s Business, Hidden In Plain View, Morning Call, Dave Melillo and I Am The Avalanche. Since its inception, Drive-Thru Records has soundscanned over 4 million records. In December of 2004, the Reineses launched a sister label to Drive-Thru called Rushmore Records. The Rushmore Records� roster includes Houston Calls, Self Against City, Day At The Fair, The Track Record, and The Mile After.

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