Rob Zombie Recruits Manson Guitarist for Ozzfest 

(antiMUSIC) Former Marilyn Manson axeman John 5 has been recruited by Rob Zombie for this summer's Ozzfest.  The following announcement was made on John 5's official website: 

John 5 is elated to announce that he will be playing guitar for Rob Zombie on the Hot Topic Second stage at this year's Ozzfest. "I'm totally estatic about having the opportunity to play with Rob on Ozzfest! He has been one of my favorite artists for the longest time. I had the opportunity to play with him a few weeks back, and never thought that I would have the chance to share the stage with him playing the Zombie songs we all know and love!" When asked what this meant for Loser, John's new band, he said, "This will not affect Loser in any way. We are still pressing forward with writing new material for our debut album."

From Rob Zombie- "I haven't really officially said this yet but once again I will be hitting  the road with Ozzfest. This time I've decided to headline the second stage. Main is a drag, man. It's so uptight that it is almost a bore. I can't wait to get away from the f***ing seat and play to all the maniacs that are always trapped up on the lawn. This should be insane. 

There are some line up changes this time around. John 5 of ex-Marilyn Manson fame will be handling guitar duties this time out. I'm totally stoked about this because this guy is a f***ing shredder. I played Thunder Kiss 65 with him at The Arrowhead Pond Arena for a benefit a couple weeks back and it never sounded so f***ing good."

On a different note, I, Chet will be John's guitar tech for Ozzfest still. John and I will keep a very extensive tour diary section on the website. We will try to keep it as updated as possible to let everyone know what is going on from day to day - with pictures, video, etc. Also, there will be a brand new website coming very soon!

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