50 Cent Agent of Satan? 

(antiMUSIC) Former Korn Guitarist Brian "Head" Welch is convinced that 50 Cent is a "huge force for the devil". The outspoken guitarists has made headlines with his religious pronouncements since leaving Korn and this is the second time that he has focused his preaching toward the controversial rapper. 

Welch made headlines a couple weeks ago after going public with what he called "a personal letter from God" to 50 cent.  Welch told MTV that God instructed him to write a song for 50 Cent. Welch has followed up with a new open letter to the rapper which includes lyrics to the song which he titled "A Cheap Name". 

According to MTV, some of the lyrics include, " My little boy/ Bow your head in shame/ You've disgraced your father's name now/ It's time for you to lose," the lyrics read in part. "Your little toys/ Won't save you from shot 10/ Without me you will not win, no/ I swear you'll lose." 

Welch explained in the letter that he wasn't attacking 50 Cent but just relaying a message from God. Welch warned 50 cent that if he didn't change his life we would be in danger because, "God told me there will be many attempts made to kill you by the enemy."

Then Welch explained how the "enemy" might pull this off, "The devil sends evil spirits into people's minds to make them want to do harmful things to ... other people. For instance, some fool shooting at you to kill you," Welch wrote. "If you die, the enemy wins. If you don't come home to God, you will get killed by one of the bullets that keep coming your way. You're a huge force for the devil right now. He's going to put demons around you that tell you I'm crazy and God is for punks ... to convince you that money, fame and power are the things you should worship."

Some speculate that Welch is pulling one over on the public with his public conversion to religion and claims of speaking with God.  But who knows maybe he really is a modern day prophet?  Not likely but image the force of Head and 50 Cent if they joined forces in the army of God. 

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