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(Fanspace) College students nationwide chose their favorite artists and music of the year as mtvU, MTV�s college network, celebrated the �2005 mtvU Woodie Awards� on Wednesday, November 2nd. Taped at Roseland Ballroom in New York City, the first-ever live �Woodies� concert event and ceremony will also be the first-ever music awards show premiered over broadband when it debuts online to the entire world via mtvU �ber at www.mtvU.com on November 9th. On �ber, viewers can stream the entire show, or create a customized version with their favorite performances and moments. The show will also appear on-air on mtvU beginning November 10th at 8pm ET/PT.

�College students are the prophets of new music. With the premiere of the Woodies on mtvU �ber, new music fans everywhere can see first hand who they anointed tonight as the enduring stars of the future,� said Stephen Friedman, GM of mtvU. �Students live their lives online and get their media on command, so it makes perfect sense to premiere the Woodies on �ber and give them the power to create their show on their terms.�

Big winners of the night included Motion City Soundtrack, My Chemical Romance, Death Cab For Cutie, mewithoutYou, The Afters, Muse, Fall Out Boy and the Gorillaz. With surprise appearances by music legend Lou Reed and actor Phillip Seymour Hoffman, the event showcased unforgettable performances and appearances by music�s hottest up-and-coming acts, alongside college students from across the country who appeared to present awards to their favorite artists.

mtvU�s �2005 Woodie Awards� kicked-off with Reed�s surprise appearance and then Hoffman�s introduction of The Go! Team, who performed �Huddle Formation� to an ecstatic audience. The incomparable Matisyahu then took the stage for a highly anticipated performance of his songs �Youth� and �King Without A Crown.� Matisyahu was then joined on stage by fellow Woodie nominee Saul Williams, and performed a powerful collaboration of Williams� hit �Black Stacey.� Following the memorable performance, the audience was introduced to David Melillo, an aspiring artist and student at Valencia Community College in Florida who composed the ceremony�s original score with the assistance of Woodie nominee Fall Out Boy.

The high intensity show continued as rap sensation Little Brother performed their hits �Lovin� It� and �Still Lives Through.� The crowd was then greeted by last year�s �Woodie Of The Year� winner, Coheed & Cambria to present the honor to this year�s recipient, My Chemical Romance. The show concluded with a highly anticipated and resounding performance from Death Cab For Cutie who performed their singles �Title & Registration� and �Soul Meets Body.�

Other artists making appearances at mtvU�s �2005 Woodie Awards� included Aesop Rock, Arcade Fire, Fallout Boy, Green Day, mewithoutYou, RZA, and The Like. Alongside each of the evening�s performers and presenters were college students who were integrated into almost every aspect of the show.

Winners for the second-annual �mtvU Woodie Awards� are:

Woodie of the Year � (Artist of the Year)

The artists who made the biggest splash on the scene and on mtvU, yet somehow huge commercial success hasn�t intoxicated them just yet.


My Chemical Romance (Reprise Records)

The Breaking Woodie � (Best Emerging Artist)

mtvU is where new developing artists are test driven for the first time by the toughest critics around: college students. One of this year�s newest artists will win the coveted
Breaking Woodie.


Motion City Soundtrack (Epitaph Records)

Left Field Woodie � (Most Original Artist)

They�re genre-busters. They came out of left field and surprised us so much, we�d still have no idea what section of the record store to look for them in. They resist all


mewithoutYou (Tooth & Nail Records)

Best Video Woodie � Live Action � (Best Live Action Video)

The music video that�s so incredible, we�d watch it even without the music.


Death Cab for Cutie � �Title & Registration� (Atlantic/Barsuk Records)

Best Video Woodie � Animated � (Best Animated Video)

The music video that makes all of your favorite Sunday cartoons look foolish.


Gorillaz � �Feel Good Inc.� (Virgin Records)

The Good Woodie � (Greatest Social Impact)

The award for the artists whose commitment to a social cause has effected the greatest change this year.


U2 � DATA: Debt AIDS Trade Africa

Road Woodie � (Best Tour)

For those artists who take to the road and never let up, always giving that memorable live performance.


Fall Out Boy (Island Records)

International Woodie � (Favorite International Artist Award)

mtvU embraces musicians from all over the world and honors this year's crop including artists from Africa, the UK and more.


Muse (Warner Brothers Records)

Alumni Woodie � (a.k.a. The You�re Still OK in our Book Award)

For the artists who�ve graduated into the wide world of mega-stardom, but who haven�t forgotten where they came from. And we�re proud to say, �We knew them when��


Green Day (Reprise Records)

Streaming Woodie � (Most Downloaded)

For weeks, your favorite artists went toe-to-toe on mtvU.com to battle it out for the Streaming Woodie.


The Afters � �Beautiful Love� (Epic Records)

mtvU�s �Woodie Awards� originates from the indie tradition of giving a wooden record to those artists who generate a passionate response to their music. They honor those breaking musicians who captivate the college audience, and are decided by students through online voting at mtvU.com. This year, the Arcade Fire grabbed the most nominations with five, including �Woodie of the Year� � Best Artist, �Left Field Woodie� � Most Original Artist, and �Road Woodie� � Best Tour. The Arcade Fire joined Gorillaz, M.I.A., Matisyahu, Death Cab For Cutie and 39 other emerging and influential artists that were voted on by the college audience.

Last year�s first-annual mtvU Woodie Awards was a resounding success as college students declared their favorite artists and bands, propelling them to mainstream success with record album sales, sold out tours, and accolades at other award ceremonies. Modest Mouse and Coheed & Cambria were the big winners, each walking away with two nods. Modest Mouse was recognized with the �Woodie of the Year� award for Best Artist, and the �Silent But Deadly Woodie� for Best Music Video honoring their single �Float On.� Coheed & Cambria won �Soundtrack of My Life Woodie� honors for Best Album with their release �In Keeping Secrets Of Silent Earth: 3,� and the �Road Woodie� for Best Live Performance. Other winners included N.E.R.D., Taking Back Sunday, Sum 41, Incubus, as well as The Killers and Fall Out Boy who both won honors at this year�s MTV Video Music Awards.

Ross Martin is the Executive Producer for the �2005 mtvU Woodie Awards.� Eric Conte is the Supervising Producer. Tracy Hellerud is the Producer. Liz Patrick is the Director. Joe Buoye is the Line Producer. Mandana Massiha is the Supervising Producer for mtvU.com and Brian DeCubellis is the Senior Producer for mtvU �ber.

For complete information on the mtvU Woodie Awards including winners, programming information, news, details on the nominees, presenters, performers and much more, visit www.mtvU.com.

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