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(Adrenaline PR) It�s been over 17 years since The Smashing Pumpkins formed in Chicago; with their intention of bringing together the group�s love of progressive, goth, psychedelic, glam, and arena rock into a potent mixture that had designs on assaulting the pop charts. In those magical moments of music in the late 80�s and 90�s; the members of this four piece phenomenon didn�t even look like the popular bands coming from the hair-rock mecca of Los Angeles. Even their name sounds as subversive as it does antagonistic�hardly suggested the machismo of contemporaries like Guns N� Roses, Motley Crue, or Warrant. Hell, the Pumpkins had a female bassist, a guitarist who had never even picked up a guitar before he joined the band, a drummer with talent bordering on preternatural (who also had brushes with substance abuse), and a singer/lead guitarist who gave the term �control freak� new meaning. Yet, with the release of the band�s first record, Gish, and later their breakthrough album, Siamese Dream, the gave the world such hits as �Today,� �Disarm,� and �Cherub Rock,� among others.

Even though The Smashing Pumpkins� recorded output was slim, the band left an indelible mark on genres as diverse as punk rock, mainstream pop rock, and the burgeoning emo/screamo scene currently ravaging its way across the world.

Reignition Recordings, a label out of New York City, spawned from the late Law of Inertia Records (long association with the magazine), brings the world their second tribute CD, but arguably their best: The Killer In You: A Tribute To Smashing Pumpkins.

With some of the most exciting cross-genre bands in the country covering Pumpkins songs, this record is white hot. Featuring a diverse cast, like the California-by-way-of-Miami hardcore band Poison The Well (Atlantic), whose version of �Soma� will lull you to sleep before rising you up to the stars; Armor For Sleep (Equal Vision), who turn out a spot-on interpretation on �Today� that seems to bridge the gap between the current state of teen-oriented rock and the Pumpkins themselves; A Static Lullaby (Columbia), a band that gives us an updated take on �Everlasting Gaze� that will peel paint from chrome; and Hopesfall (Trustkill) whose recording of �Eye� is haunting, groovy, and powerful all at once. Rounding out the cast is Eighteen Visions (Epic), Murder By Death (Eyeball), A Thorn For Every Heart (Interscope/Kickball), Roses Are Red (Trustkill), Emanuel (Vagrant), Vaux (Lava/Atlantic), and 32 Leaves (Double Blind Music).

On the heels of Reignition (then known as Law of Inertia Records) Recordings� highly successful Bring You To You Knees: A Tribute To Guns N� Roses, which set the benchmark for tribute compilations with covers by Every Time I Die, Bleeding Through, Death By Stereo, God Forbid, Most Precious Blood, and more, The Killer In You: A Tribute To Smashing Pumpkins is an honorable mark of respect. The Smashing Pumpkins have influenced almost every rock band in the nation today�from super groups to nu metal powerhouses, aggressive music, to weepy cardigan-wearing emo kids�so a tribute to them is the next logical step before the real band gets reformed.

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