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(Adrenaline PR) Make no mistake about it, LAMB OF GOD are the current supreme rulers of American Heavy Metal; and on December 13th LAMB OF GOD are set to release �Killadelphia� (audio). The disc contains the live concert audio from their Killadelphia DVD (2005, Epic). With "Killadelphia" DVD sales reaching Gold status after just nine weeks, Epic Records now releases; LAMB OF GOD �Killadelphia� (audio) including close to 10 minutes of never before seen bonus footage, from the concert previously unreleased plus additional audio; this content will be available via Connected technology; where the CD acts a key to unlock the visual content at a secure website. �Killadelphia� (audio) is available in two formats with brand new packaging unique to each format; as a solo CD, or combined with the original DVD in DVD packaging, so, Killadelphia� will be available in every configuration possible to keep fans from double spending. All formats will be stocked in CD and DVD sections at retail outlets.

LAMB OF GOD's �Killadelphia� (audio) highlights every facet of the bands unforgiving live performance recorded from two unforgettable Sold-Out concerts at Philadelphia�s legendary Trocadero. This blistering live documentation features lead singer Randy Blythe�s storming vocals, the buzzsaw guitar slaughter of both Willie Adler and Mark Morton along with the powerhouse rhythm section of Chris Adler (drums) with John Campbell (bass). �Killadelphia� (audio) boasts live versions of tracks from the entire LAMB OF GOD and BTP catalog, including: Laid To Rest, Hourglass, As The Palaces Burn, Now You�ve Got Something To Die For, 11th Hour, Terror & Hubris, Ruin, Omerta, Pariah, The Faded Line, Bloodletting, The Subtle Art Of Murder & Persuasion, Vigil, What I�ve Become, and the utterly classic Black Label; which inspires crowds worldwide to part seas for the infamous �wall of death�.

"This period of our career, captured in this DVD/CD, has become something no one ever expected. It not only gave us something special to remember forever, but it also helped show how a band that believes in themselves and their music can help make a dent in the industry that thrives on image. No one expected us to be able to pull this off, and the best part is that all we did was be ourselves. We get questions all the time about extra footage or a audio CD from the concert and we liked the idea, but we wanted to make sure that our friends and fans weren't gouged having to repurchase the same thing. Extras or not, we're all music fans too and we hate when bands or labels do that to us. We came up with the idea of splitting it up as much as possible so if you have the DVD, you can get the CD separate, and if you don't have it, you can now pick them up separately or together. We hope you enjoy it as much as we have - so on December 13th get yourself a cold one and turn it up...way up! Thanks and Stay Metal!"

Chris Adler

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