Snoop Brawl

(antiMusic) Snoop is in the dog house in England after he and his entourage where at the center of a brawl with police at Heathrow airport that left seven officers injured and Snoop in the big house.

Snoop Dogg was released on bail Thursday afternoon after being held overnight at a London police station. Snoop and his posse stopped off in Heathrow on their way to South Africa where Snoop was scheduled to perform at The People's Celebration Concert.

The brawl reportedly started when members of Snoop's posse were denied entry to the first-class lounge of British Airways, according to the Times Online. Members of the posse allegedly started throwing whiskey bottles at a duty free shop and began arguing with staff members. Police arrived and reportedly told the posse they would not be allowed to board their flight. That's when all hell broke loose and the mob became "abusive and pushed the officer," according to a British Airways spokesperson.

The Time Online reports that "Snoop's bodyguards was reported to have 'gone berserk' and attacked six officers. Snoop and the five men were arrested on charges of violent disorder and affray and spent the night at two west London police stations."

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