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(PR) EVERYONE STARES: THE POLICE INSIDE OUT, the directorial debut of five-time Grammy Award-winning composer and drummer Stewart Copeland, will be released on DVD exclusively by Universal Music Enterprises in September 12, 2006.

EVERYONE STARES is a first-person account of The Police's ascent from obscurity to worldwide fame as well as an astute and sometimes hilarious commentary on the pop culture of the late 1970s and early 1980s. Culled from over 50 hours of Super 8 movies he shot during the acclaimed trio's heyday, the film offers an insider's perspective on touring, the other band members and the adoring fans that puts the audience in the drummer's seat. Copeland's kinetic and artful camerawork forms a visual ode to the rhythm of the road: a surreal swirl of hotel rooms, bus rides, press conferences and record signings punctuated by nightly flashes of electrifying on-stage exhilaration.

Copeland's breezy narration and onscreen annotations provide a wry, sometimes self-mocking perspective on the group's high jinks, from a lip-syncing session on skis for an early music video to their later travels throughout the Third World. Edited with a percussionist's precision timing and a composer's ear for the inherent pulse of each scene, Copeland scores the film using a pastiche of de-constructed studio and live versions of The Police's extensive and memorable repertoire.

EVERYONE STARES: THE POLICE INSIDE OUT is directed, produced, written and edited by Stewart Copeland. He is also the film's cinematographer, music editor and narrator.

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