Korn Gets Tagged

(Tagworld) TagWorld's Director of Music, Patricia Dao meet up with Jonathan in his tour bus after KoRn's Family Values performance at Hyundai Pavilion in San Bernardino. They sat down and talked about his new record label, The Family Values Tour, the internet, and gave words of wisdom to unsigned bands that are trying to make it.

Patty- Tell us about your record label? Jonathan- I have my record label which is Elementree Records. It's basically an imprint now and I'm looking for a band that I really believe in and I can get behind. I hooked up with, and have always been a huge Deadsy fan and I've always taken them when they've been on different labels. I got them signed through Immortal, which is the label that signed us when we first started out with "Happy". .

Patty - What's the future for Korn after "Family Values"? Jonathan- After "Family Values" I think we're going to be going back into the studio and making another record. So, we're planning on getting another one out there and then touring in Europe starting next year, and then we will be touring again for another year. [see full story for more including some exclusive live clips from that show]
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