Roadside Burial vs. Corpsickle

(PR) Grindhead Records just released Blood Binge / Unleashed on the Deceased A split CD of brutal and uncompromising old school Australian death metal and gore grind.

Hailing from Sydney's west, Roadside Burial are a pure-f**king-Aussie gore grind group with members of Bludgeoner and Volatile; brewing a no-bulls*** style of grindcore inspired by the simple things in life - beer, sluts and meat.

Corpsickle, the undead desecrators of death metal have risen from their fetid tomb to unleash a plague of sickening death metal. The debut recording of the Zombie of Necrophilia and Corpsemaster General was carefully obtained through a meticulously placed dead walker capturing torture device. Fear the death metal disease of these drunken reanimated zombies. [see full story for more]
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