Impious Holy Murder Concept

(Metal Blade) Swedish Powerhouse Impious has finished recordings for their forthcoming new album "Holy Murder Masquerade" in stores January 23rd, 2007!

guitarist Valle Adzic: "Holy Murder Masquerade" is a concept album, a real bloody one indeed. "We hired this Italian guy Andrea Cavaletto who does horror comics for a living. The whole booklet is made like a comic book, with the lyrics inserted in those speech balloons just like in an ordinary comic book. We also hired professional voice actors to bring life to the characters. The story is about this guy, Trent, who is a true servant of God; at least according to his own sick mind. He's soon to complete his work and the listener/reader gets to follow him as he arrives at his final destination. There are a lot of deaths, violence, blood, etc... It's a brutal story indeed."

"I actually came up with the comic idea after reading a review where it said the music was very good, but not original. That got me thinking´┐Ż I didn't want to change our music, so what was there more to change? Well, the lyrical part! And from that moment everything just came to me. Why not make a concept album where the listener can follow the whole story both sonically, lyrically and even visually?? So we did! It took us thousands and thousands hours of work, but we did it! This way you get a whole new experience, and you definitely miss out on very much if you just download the album on the internet."

Track listing:
1. The Confession
2. Bound To Bleed (For a Sacred Need)
3. T.P.S.
4. Bloodcraft
5. Holy Murder Masquerade
6. Death on Floor 44
7. Slaughtertown Report
8. Three of One
9. Everlasting Punishment
10. Purified By Fire
11. Dark Closure

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