Idol Porn Vandalism

(Submitted News) A video has surfaced on You Tube this weekend that shows Kelly Clarkson riding in the back of a van with known adult filmmaker and singer for Society 1 Matt Zane en route to vandalize Evanescence's lead singer Amy Lee's house. The clip seems to be an excerpt from a reality show entitled "In The Studio" During the teaser Kelly actually throws numerous rolls of toilet paper into the trees and over the house while laughing.

It is unclear how Matt Zane and Ms. Clarkson ended up in the van together but even Zane seems surprised when he states "I can't believe American Idols Kelly Clarkson is riding in the back of a van going to commit vandalism!"

Ron Jeremy and other varied guests make appearances throughout the 4 minute clip but nothing seems more puzzling than the pairing of Zane and Clarkson. Check it out at the full story link. The clip is also Posted on Zane's Myspace: www.myspace.com/mattthelordzane[ - Click here for the Full Story

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